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How can we be #2 in CBSSportsline Week 15 power rankings?

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  • How can we be #2 in CBSSportsline Week 15 power rankings?

    Alright, someone with a clear head please explain to me why Pete Prisco of CBSSportsline, who gives the power rankings every week, put the rankings in this order:

    1. Pittsburgh
    2. St. Louis
    3. Whiners
    4. Raiders
    5. Bears
    6. Eagles
    7. Packers
    8. Dolphins
    9. Patriots
    10. Jets

    The Rams beat the Whiners, Eagles, Patriots AND Jets on the road; and pasted the Whiners and Dolphins in the Warner Dome.
    If this was a BCS poll, the Rams would have a negative number.

    I just don't see how that anyone can say that Pittsburgh is better than the Rams. Not knocking Pittsburgh, they are having a great year. Our schedule, wins, and record speaks for itself.


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    Maybe the complete and utter domination of the "Champs" in every stat, especially a TOP of over 20 minutes more then the Ravens, the second best D in the league,had something to do with it.

    The Steelers are the # 1 defense and are a pretty good offense. After all, they were without easily one of the best RBs in the game and still whipped some ass. That's counts for something.

    I figured the Rams and Steelers were tied, but you can't have a tie... so, the extra great defense and no Bettis won over.
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      Hey I am happy with the way it is :evilram:

      It would be NICE to be the underdog in the SUPERBOWL

      I feel the Steelers getting a whomping

      And who did I say we would meet in the Superbowl eh eh he hehe

      :shield: :king: :shield:

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        BAH, CBS sucks, i never even bother with their site or channel, ESPN has us at #1...


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          We have been battling back and forth with Pittsburgh and Oakland all year long on power rankings...ESPN has not always had us at #1 either..I believe the reason why Pittsburgh beat us out on CBS is because they beat the Superbowl Champs....

          Just a wild guess though.....:ram:


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            My only thing is we beat 50% of the Top 10, and one of them twice. If strength of schedule means soooo much to these so called "experts", then our record against the Top 10 should speak for itself. Actually, we have defeated more than 50%, we beat ourselves twice.



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              It's the yards per game surrendered that they go by & sorry to say the Squeelers have the edge:

              Pitt. 251.5 ypg

              StL. 273.3 ypg

              There are 3 teams ahead of us in pts. allowed:

              Philly, Pitt. & DA Bears


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                CBS' Opinion

                Think about CBS for a second. They hired Mike Ditka for his football "know-how." Can they really be all that intelligent? I don't think so. and have the Rams #1 where they belong! They'll win it all and show everybody. Including Mike Ditka. Speaking of announcers that are annoying, why does Terry Bradshaw always pick the team the Rams are playing to win?? I hate that. Be for real.:angryram:


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                  Settle it on the field

                  Don't get worked up about Power Rankings; this is the NFL. Unlike the mess of the BCS, the Rams will get the opportunity to prove, once and for all, that they are the best team in the league.

                  And does anyone else think Kordell might not be the second coming that the media is playing him up to be after Sunday night?


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                    longhornrams is right, settle on the field

                    Those power polls are for sportswriters to attempt to entertain us with. They have as much meaning as Bill Clinton swearing on a Bible. We will settle this in New Orleans in February when the Rams beat either the Steelers or Ravens by over 15 points. Then this team will be acknowledged as one of the best ever!