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Az Hakime Conspiracy Continues

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  • Az Hakime Conspiracy Continues

    Once again, Az "the human peice of cancer" Hakeim has probably increased his bank account two-fold this week. Doesn't anybody find it slightly odd that this peice of cancer can fumble 300 times in one season. Hmmmmmm. When is the RAMS orginization going demand an investigation of his money transactions and possible dealings with "freinds" in Vegas!!!!!!

    One would literally have to try to drop this many punts in a season. People, this is most likely NO ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!

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    Not that far...

    No, not a collaborator or part of any consipiracy. I wouldn't go that far. Sure, it makes you wonder what in the world is going on! But dropping the ball intentionally is not part of the possibilities in Rams world.

    It is simply a Hakimian definition of weakness, it is his worst professional fault. And something has been done about it this Moday morning. Coach Martz finally took the much anticipated action on No. 81.
    GO RAMS!!! :lid:

    PS: Welcome to the Clan K-Ram! Enjoy the best NFL site in the world... ;)


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    • txramsfan
      Terry Glenn??
      by txramsfan
      I know I am may be way overboard here, but if the Rams let Az go his own way, would Terry Glenn be available on the cheap? Or some other receiver a team may be looking to dump, like a Joey Galloway?
      -12-23-2001, 05:02 PM
    • clanram_81
      What's up clan?
      by clanram_81
      Hey everybody ... I am new to the site ... sorda ... my dad introduced me to this site a long time ago and I have periodically got on with him ... but now I am a member and I think I am going to enjoy it ... I have made a few posts already in the past few days ... dont every mean to affend anybody or anything of that nature just wanna get on and talk about the greatest football team to play the game ... I am currently pusuing a college football career and other than that this is what I will be doing with my time ... I look forward to talking with all of you. GO RAMS ...
      -02-02-2005, 02:41 PM
    • AZRamsFan1000
      Wanted....New Leadership Needed
      by AZRamsFan1000
      I am new to ClanRam and this is my first ever statement as a fan for over 35 years. I can honestly say this has been the hardist year to pull for them ( yes I include the early 90s)

      I believe a sucessful teams start at the top...i.e Kraft in New England.

      What do we have here...A guy that lives in LA and manages from 2000+ miles away???? An ownerships that cares more about their trust fund more then the business and St. Louis. They are looking to sell, they dont have the passion. It is simple..if you dont care about your business then you are one of two type of idiot or a trust fund baby.

      Here is my suggestion:

      1) Sell the team to people how are interested in making a championship team in St. Louis...(Inbev has cash)
      2) hire good people ( coaches and players)
      3) dont be afraid to spend a takes money to make money
      4) DONT forget your seems like a simple thing to over look but it has happened

      As long as this situation exists, I dont care who is quarterback, running back, coach, etc...they will suck....You need a owner that will promote excellence from the top down....Did anyone see Major League? The Rams remind me of that moive accept they dont have a hot owner and they cant rally to win....otherwise its the same....where is Willey Mayes Hayes??????

      Just my thoughts and I always welcome comments
      -12-10-2008, 07:05 PM
    • DJRamFan
      Az Hakim
      by DJRamFan
      Az is a speedy receiver and returner, but has an EXTREMELY high fumble ratio (i believe 7 out of 100 catches or something like that). Should the Rams spend a lot of time and money to keep him in St. Louis??
      Yes - his speed is critical in this offense
      No - his fumble problems are too much
      -11-28-2001, 07:22 PM
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      It Begin's
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      The sun was low and the shadows were long, casting themselves over the heather covered hills and mountainís in this northern part of the world. There was little shelter in this land, most of the natural trees having been torn from the earth a long time ago, in a savage rape of the land and those that remained were bent as if in sorrow for their kind who no longer stood. Sharp granite was showing through the heather, here and there, like bone from some prehistoric monster. Lichen grew upon granite,...
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