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Az Hakime Conspiracy Continues

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  • Az Hakime Conspiracy Continues

    Once again, Az "the human peice of cancer" Hakeim has probably increased his bank account two-fold this week. Doesn't anybody find it slightly odd that this peice of cancer can fumble 300 times in one season. Hmmmmmm. When is the RAMS orginization going demand an investigation of his money transactions and possible dealings with "freinds" in Vegas!!!!!!

    One would literally have to try to drop this many punts in a season. People, this is most likely NO ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!

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    Not that far...

    No, not a collaborator or part of any consipiracy. I wouldn't go that far. Sure, it makes you wonder what in the world is going on! But dropping the ball intentionally is not part of the possibilities in Rams world.

    It is simply a Hakimian definition of weakness, it is his worst professional fault. And something has been done about it this Moday morning. Coach Martz finally took the much anticipated action on No. 81.
    GO RAMS!!! :lid:

    PS: Welcome to the Clan K-Ram! Enjoy the best NFL site in the world... ;)


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    • txramsfan
      Terry Glenn??
      by txramsfan
      I know I am may be way overboard here, but if the Rams let Az go his own way, would Terry Glenn be available on the cheap? Or some other receiver a team may be looking to dump, like a Joey Galloway?
      -12-23-2001, 04:02 PM
    • Roy G. Biv
      Why I love this site, by Roy G. Biv
      by Roy G. Biv
      Fan boards are a dime a dozen. Anyone can start up a message board out of his mother's basement, and open up shop. And when you spend a little time at the vast majority of these boards, you will find one of two situations. Those boards will either be,

      1. as empty as opening night of "The X-rated Story of Rush & Rosie: The Musical"


      2. a beyotch fest filled with self-esteemed challenged young men who get off to the sound of their own keyboard while convincing themselves that THEY are the story, not just the observer of the story

      Here at ClanRam you find neither (for the most part), and THAT is what I love about it here. Numero uno as mentioned above is never a problem. There's always something going on, and I appreciate those who can keep even the offseason filled with witty threads. It sets this place apart from others.

      On the 2nd note, I can be almost as encouraged. With one glaring exception, this place is free of those practitioners of the verbal masterbatory arts. Nobody, except one, is so pretentious as to think they bring anything more than a fan's eye view to the table. Yet at the same time, everyone, except one, is able to bring a sharp eye with solid, empirical, perceptible evidence worthy of evaluation.

      Kudos to this place. To the posters that bring the proverbial variety being the proverbial spice of life. To the Mods that keep the roses growing while pruning the weeds. To Dez who keeps the life-blood pouring from his wallet into the site. Thank you all.
      -07-13-2007, 11:32 AM
    • Scidog68
      Awfully Quiet Around Here, Isn't It?
      by Scidog68
      Started working nights this past week and haven't been around much. Noticed certain names were glaringly absent, along with most of the post volume. Seems as though much of our posting energies were involved with either rebuffing or calling out certain newly arrived Smackers. :drunk:

      What was the deal with that, anyway? Some of you seemed to be familiar with both the person and the technique employed. From where and why did he seem SO intent on pushing our buttons? :moon:

      I'm really green with regard to Smack, aside from this board, so I was suprised by the vehemence and pointed personal attack method shown. :frown:

      Is this the norm, or not? Thanks in advance.
      -07-08-2005, 05:46 PM
    • ZigZagRam
      Zig has returned...
      by ZigZagRam

      After the most trying 3 months of my short life, I think things have finally settled down. After a wedding (no not me), a funeral, academic issues, and longer work hours which included Rams Sundays, I think things are finally getting back to normal.

      Enough about me, who wants to fill me in on the ClanRam happenings since I've been gone?

      I see the Martz era is over. I've been a huge Martz supporter, you guys know that, but I think it was time to cleanup the mess and bring in a new spark. I was leaning toward Cam Cameron myself but I'd rather have Linehan than Rivera.

      R.I.P. Jack Snow. Recently lost a family member due to the same illness. It's a shame. I'll really miss his personality on Rams Radio. I hope Jim Hanifan will stay on the broadcasts.

      Time to blow up the defense. I'd like to see Jim Bates as the new DC. Bad year with the Packers last year, but who could have a good year with that squad.

      The draft is just around the corner but I haven't been able to keep up with the college football happenings. I do know that Jimmy Williams would still look good in horns but one of the stud LBs might be a better bet.

      Glad to be back, Clan. Hope I wasn't missed too much.
      -01-20-2006, 09:49 AM
    • AZRamsFan1000
      Wanted....New Leadership Needed
      by AZRamsFan1000
      I am new to ClanRam and this is my first ever statement as a fan for over 35 years. I can honestly say this has been the hardist year to pull for them ( yes I include the early 90s)

      I believe a sucessful teams start at the top...i.e Kraft in New England.

      What do we have here...A guy that lives in LA and manages from 2000+ miles away???? An ownerships that cares more about their trust fund more then the business and St. Louis. They are looking to sell, they dont have the passion. It is simple..if you dont care about your business then you are one of two type of idiot or a trust fund baby.

      Here is my suggestion:

      1) Sell the team to people how are interested in making a championship team in St. Louis...(Inbev has cash)
      2) hire good people ( coaches and players)
      3) dont be afraid to spend a takes money to make money
      4) DONT forget your seems like a simple thing to over look but it has happened

      As long as this situation exists, I dont care who is quarterback, running back, coach, etc...they will suck....You need a owner that will promote excellence from the top down....Did anyone see Major League? The Rams remind me of that moive accept they dont have a hot owner and they cant rally to win....otherwise its the same....where is Willey Mayes Hayes??????

      Just my thoughts and I always welcome comments
      -12-10-2008, 06:05 PM