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Kitty prediction winners?

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  • Kitty prediction winners?

    This one was hard to call, so if someone sees it different, just chime in.

    I've got DJRamFan with 38-7, Aries with 34-24 (the winner by my thinking), and RMFN with 39-13. No one wanted to think it would be this close did we? Well, congrats to those who were more conservative with their predictions!

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    I'd go Aries for first then RMFN then me (i shoulda won, don't know why they were allowed to score that much.)

    Congrats Aries...


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      Thanks guys!I agree with DJ that the score should have been around 38-10 or something in that area.I have a feeling the games might be close from here on out.Thank God this Rams team has done really well in tight games.

      :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
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      • Dominating D
        Bold predictions
        by Dominating D
        Unfortuantely, I live in the DC area so I listen to a lot of Skins radio for sports news. They have a segement once a week where they make a bold prediction with the area's teams/players/coaches/organization. Thought this could be fun way for us Rams fan to make predictions.

        Just make sure the prediction is bold and it reflects players, team, coaches, and the organization.

        For example:

        Spags will be fired before week 1

        Avery will breakout and lead the league in reception yards

        Here is my prediction......

        The Rams will start the season 4-1
        -06-15-2010, 10:15 AM
      • MsWistRAM
        And the Winners are....
        by MsWistRAM
        ....the RAMS, of course! But as far as predictions go...

        Crumbwell: 42-20 on top! So close!

        There after, honorable mention goes to thoey 42-13, EvilDiscoMan 38-17, and in the ball park was ram3057 41-24, MaxQ 38-13, hank0066 48-17, etc. I was only a TD off myself with 42-10. Next week should be good and then playoffs games after that, and then to top off the predictions--SUPER BOWL!! WOOHOO!

        ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))) all around!
        -12-30-2001, 04:54 PM
        Bold predictions
        by CRAZYHORNS
        Here is how to play. Make a BOLD prediction for the Rams or Ram players.

        For example,

        I predict the Rams will start the season 4-0.

        another example

        Lance Kendrick will be ROY.....

        Now your turn
        -09-04-2011, 08:07 AM
      • MsWistRAM
        Prediction Winners for Jets Game
        by MsWistRAM
        Ultimate winners are the RAMS themselves of course. In terms of predictions, I'd say Jorge came the closest with his 34-16 prediction. Congrats, Jorge! Close second and third go to MaxQ with 31-13 and DJRamFan with 31-17. I think I'll follow your leads from now on. ;) Kisses to all the winners!
        -10-21-2001, 05:18 PM
      • ZigZagRam
        2004 Predictions
        by ZigZagRam
        We all made our pre-camp predictions as to where we see the Rams finishing this season. Now that the pre-season is winding down, I'm interested to see where everyone stands. I'll start:

        Pre-Camp Prediction: 12-4

        Current Prediction: 10-6

        There's no reason why we shouldn't open the season 4-0. But with a tough schedule ahead, I don't think the Rams will win 8 of the last 12. They will take the division from a Seahawk squad that falls flat on their faces, and if they get a few breaks, I still think this team has a chance to do some damage in the playoffs. But doing it on the road will be difficult.
        -08-31-2004, 09:23 AM