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  • Receivers on the horizon?

    What receivers do the Rams see on the horizon? We'll lose Hakim this summer, that's my bet, but who will replace him. How about a guy like David Boston? Big, fast, strong. What about a role receiver like Wayne Chrebet? Personally, I think Bruce's days are numbered(two years) and Holt will be the main star to re-sign. Then we need a #2. Who do you think should be the next receiver on the Rams horizon? Come on, not Glenn or Galloway. Be real.


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    Re: Receivers on the horizon?

    Come on, not Glenn or Galloway. Be real.

    Be real? Ok FANS, lets get real. We have been soooo spoiled with our makeup the last 3 years, and now that AZ has fumbled his way out of the lineup, we have to pickup someone with, lets see:

    1. Lots of Speed
    2. Experience running the most complicated pass routes in the NFL
    3. Holds onto the ball
    4. Scores

    You won't get a rookie to perform those tasks immediately, and the way we talk in this forum, we don't want to develop, we want to win now. So, you may have to take a chance on a Glenn or Galloway. Glenn may be a stretch, but lets look at Galloway:

    When he was with Seattle, he was a cap problem to begin with. They were looking to dump him anyway.

    With Dallas, Ismael was constantly hurt, and Galloway was singled out as the ONLY WR on the team, with a practice squad QB throwing the football to him for 3 years.

    Realistically, I don't think we are going to find anyone to suit Rams Fan tastes. Sorry.
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      Out of the top 20 college players in the receiving yards category, 6 were SR's, and 3 were in the 15-20 area of the top 20. Not much out there, FA may be the route. Again, this years draft is a DEFENSIVE draft, not offensive. Looks like LB and DB are the strong points.

      So, what other FA's can we live with at WR?


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        Get Real, really !!!

        Yeah, Joey Galloway, he'll work. Torn ACL, injury prone, slippery hands and runs poor routes. Once, he was great, no longer. He's nowhere near the intelligence level he needs to be to be a Ram and he's nowhere near the skill level he once was. Yeah, let's pick him up and let him run out his final years in the league behind Yo Murphy. Figure it out man.

        Terry Glenn still has some legs under him but he's a Lawrence Phillips look alike off the field. Let's go there.

        By the way, did I mention anything about rookies in my original post? Didn't think so. Pay attention.

        Short term, we need a role receiver to fill in for the lost Hakim (yes lost) and the retiring Ricky Proehl (even if he sticks for another year, he's getting pretty slow).

        Whatever the answer is, it's not going to come from the draft.

        My question remains, who is out there on the horizon that the Rams can look at?



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          What about Darnay Scott? I think he is available, and he is from St. Louis.


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            Potential rookies at wideout

            Marquise Walker of Michigan is supposedly the top WR coming out in the draft. Was the go to guy for the Wolverines this year. Return man on special teams and great run blocker. Not much but deceptive speed and holds onto the ball.

            Andre Davis of Virginia Tech could be available for us at the bottom of the draft and coud be a great pickup. 6-1, 195 runs a 4.25 40, has a vertical leap of 40 inches and averages 22 yards a punt return. Not the best route runner, and sometimes has difficulty holding onto the ball. Not a fumbler on punt returns though, so maybe coaching could help him bring the ball in close. Experts say he would be a great 3rd WR in fast packages. Sound familiar?


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              Bruce...only 2 more years, come on. The guy is still young and he can still dominate a game. Just ask the Saints. Yeah, he hasn't put up the big numbers; but there are several reasons for that. 1) the Rams have many weapons and Warner is good at spreading the ball around. 2) I believe teams are sliding their safety over to Bruce's side. Basically they are making other players beat them in the passing game besides Bruce. And with Warner having a problem on the deep ball this year(thumb injury); its easier for teams to concentrate on Bruce. I think if Bruce was another team he would be putting up big numbers; even if he was covered tightly. Its just that we have a great quarterback that knows how to use all his weapons to beat you. Don't forget, I think we can use Marshall as a WR and put Trung in the backfield or the other way around. But I hope we have Bruce around for quite some time.


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              • bruce4life
                What receiver do you guys think will be brought in once Holt is gone....
                by bruce4life
                my guess would be Amani Toomer. Your guys thoughts?
                -03-11-2009, 12:25 PM
              • txramsfan
                WR's who will be Free Agents next year
                by txramsfan
                1. Marty Booker
                2. Germaine Crowell
                3. Sean Dawkins
                4. Tim Dwight
                5. Bobby Engram
                6. Willie Jackson
                7. Wane McGarity
                8. Michael Westbrook

                Chicago will probably sign Booker, the rest who knows. Tell you what, if the Saints want to give up on Willie Jackson, that would be a nice sign.
                -12-25-2001, 04:23 PM
              • eldfan
                Aging free-agent receivers in need of a home
                by eldfan
                Aging free-agent receivers in need of a home
                By Vinnie Iyer - SportingNews
                Mar 14, 4:56 pm EDT

                Buzz up!1 vote PrintIt was lucky to be in the top 13 on the current season of American Idol, but the same hasnít been true for the top 13 NFL active leaders in career receptions. The latest to feel a rocky offseason was now former St. Louis Rams receiver Torry Holt, who was released, appropriately, on Friday the 13th.

                Holt (fifth) is among seven wide receivers on that accomplished list to search for alternate employment, either as a free agent or salary-cap casualty.

                Laveranues Coles (13th) and Terrell Owens (third) didnít need to wait long to get other jobs, landing quickly with Cincinnati and Buffalo, respectively.

                As for Holt and the other four, including No. 1 on the active receptions list, Marvin Harrison, jobs are filling up fast, leaving few teams desperate for aging receivers.


                Holt, because he is only 32, has a good chance of finding a job soon. Saturday marked the end of long wait for another old receiver, so thereís hope for the rest of the notable prolific pass-catchers to catch on as well:

                Torry Holt. The hottest suitor is the *****, who got a pretty good year out of Holtís longtime Rams receiving mate, Isaac Bruce, last season. Whatís strange in the scenario is that Mike Martz is no longer the Ninersí offensive coordinator. Holt and Bruce together would make life easier on whomever San Francisco has at quarterback, especially if itís an early first-round rookie. They also could help Josh Morgan blossom into a fine starter.

                Itís head-scratching, however, why teams such as the Eagles, Giants, Jets and Vikings would all come out early and say theyíre not interested in Holtóunless itís the latest form of misdirection. All those teams have clear holes at receiver, and the draft class isnít looking as deep as usual.

                Joey Galloway. He had a chance of signing with the Steelers, but that didnít happen, which opened the door for the Patriots to grab him on Saturday. Why the 37-year-old had the edge over some slightly younger veteran receivers is he still has great speed to stretch the field. In New England, he becomes a deep ball alternative to Randy Moss in three- and four-receiver sets, where Galloway can streak down the sideline and Wes Welker works the middle.

                Amani Toomer. Toomer is the prototypical No. 2 wide receiveróexperienced with good hands. The trouble he isnít a speed guy, so being a No. 3 slot type isnít an option. So a team either needs to see him as a starter or fourth receiver over a youngster. With the Rams moving on without Holt or Drew Bennett, Toomer could reunite with Steve Spagnuolo to be the right type to work opposite second-year flyer Donnie Avery.

                Bobby Engram. Engram doesnít have too much left at 36, but he would fit nicely...
                -03-16-2009, 08:28 AM
              • Rambos
                by Rambos
                Just reported this wrong.

                The NFLN stated it this way, when I'm done here in two years,Carolina will definitely be the first choice. Sad they have nothing better to do....
                -05-11-2008, 11:12 AM
              • ramhard
                Beating a dead horse - big receivers
                by ramhard
                I think I just need to copy and save this post. For the last three years I have harped and harped for the Rams to draft a big receiver. He doesn't have to be the faster, or even run the super precise routes that Martz loves (the reason I think he doesn't draft or keep the big receivers), but he's physical and can win jump balls (when was the last time the Rams receivers won a jump ball like the ones the ******'s receivers won yesterday). He can shield dbacks with his body and be a big red zone threat. Even with an improved running attack without a big receiver, the redzone's lack of space and lanes shuts down the Rams passing attack and forces Bulger to try to be too precise in there. You know the Rams are small at receiver when Ridgeway, at 5'11 and 212 was considered a big physical receiver... the Lions would laugh at that with their trio of 6'3+ 220+ wideouts.

                Time for the annual "compare the size of the Rams WR to the rest of the league and see how much smaller they are game"....
                -09-12-2005, 06:49 AM