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WR's who will be Free Agents next year

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  • WR's who will be Free Agents next year

    1. Marty Booker
    2. Germaine Crowell
    3. Sean Dawkins
    4. Tim Dwight
    5. Bobby Engram
    6. Willie Jackson
    7. Wane McGarity
    8. Michael Westbrook

    Chicago will probably sign Booker, the rest who knows. Tell you what, if the Saints want to give up on Willie Jackson, that would be a nice sign.

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    I say no to all of them, i don't think they'll fit the system, plus i still say we draft a wide receiver and i think that's what martz will want to do too.


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      I think I am with you DJ. If there isn't a rookie out there, Az may have to be one of those things we live with.


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        I agree with you DJRamFan!!
        None of those receivers would fit the Rams' system.
        But I do feel that they have to strengthen this part of the offense.
        Tory Holt and Isaac Bruce are both great receivers and when
        Ricky Proehl plays as well as he did this sunday, he is without doubt an outstanding receiver, who in my opinion should start as 3rd in the offense.
        Az Hakim has moments where he is great in the wide-receiver position, but he also has games, where he drops easy balls.

        The Rams has the reputation of having the greatest offense in the world(here in Europe too!) and I think it should stay that way.
        This is in my opinion assured by drafting a wide receiver in one of the first rounds of the 2002 draft!

        But the question is, are there any receivers who would improve the Rams? I'm not able to follow the College matches, therefore I don't know any of the players, who will be available when the draft starts!! :upset:

        GO RAMS!!!


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          I think you guys are right on,but I do think Tim Dwight would fit the Rams system.He is tough,fast,and has a good attitude.I'm just not sure if we would be able to sign him.
          (Hey,I know some would say that Dwight is injury prone,but he finished a game with a punctured lung.He reminds me of Arch on the offensive side of the ball.)

          :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
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            Tim Dwight also returns kicks and is a heck of a special teams player. I think I like this guy. If Proehl does retire he could be a nice replacement.


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              2001 proved what a crap shoot drafting WRs can be...I'd rather take Dwight, and have the depth at WR and a reliable return guy.
              I'd like to see the first draft pick spent on a corner...we're seeing problems with a lack of depth in the defensive backfield, and I've yet to be convinced that Bly is as good as we'd like back there. Center wouldn't be a bad idea, either.


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                How do we know?

                First off, I think Tim Dwight would be a great fit for all of the above reasons already metioned. However, what is it about all of the other receivers that you all don't think would "FIT" the Rams system? Are they completely uncoachable? Are they stupid? Are they old? What is it?

                I think you are making some strange assumptions saying that they wouldn't fit into the Rams system.

                Germaine Crowell for example, great receiver dying for a good QB to hit him in stride. A little injury prone would be my concern with him.

                Michael Westbrook, a good deep threat with great hands and runs solid routes. Again, an injury risk.

                Willie Jackson, good spead, smart player, good at running after the catch, perhaps the best pick of this list. The Saints will re-sign him almost certainly.

                Sean Dawkins, great all around receiver who is tough and sturdy with good intelligence. Playing for Holmgren, he learned complex offensive sets. He'll never be available.

                I do agree with your summation that the draft will be the best overall option, but not because these receivers wouldn't work great, in fact they would I believe. I agree because of salary cap. The Rams, who have managed the cap relentlessly, mostly because of lucking out with Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk in the same year, will see the cap catch up with them in the 2002 off season. This will dramatically effect their ability to sign a quality receiver. Thus, the draft.

                Tim Dwight, having been in the league for a while, may have lower salary requirements in an effort to play for a championship team. He's a strong, smart, fast and versatile player. My mind says go after him first.

                GO RAMS !!!




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                • mxbrian
                  Receivers on the horizon?
                  by mxbrian
                  What receivers do the Rams see on the horizon? We'll lose Hakim this summer, that's my bet, but who will replace him. How about a guy like David Boston? Big, fast, strong. What about a role receiver like Wayne Chrebet? Personally, I think Bruce's days are numbered(two years) and Holt will be the main star to re-sign. Then we need a #2. Who do you think should be the next receiver on the Rams horizon? Come on, not Glenn or Galloway. Be real.

                  -12-24-2001, 10:30 PM
                • RamWraith
                  Wagoner's Mailbag
                  by RamWraith
                  Tuesday, March 7, 2006

                  Paul Clarke, Oxford, England: I don't understand what the process is with restricted free agents, what happens if they are not resigned with the rams. Is there any sign that the restricted agents will be re-signed by the rams, because I would like K.Curtis to come back now Bruce has been cut. Could you explain the process to me.

                  NW: Sure, Paul, here's the short-hand explanation. A restricted free agent has been in the league for four seasons. After those four years, the team has the ability to "tender" them an offer. That offer can be from three choices. One choice is to tender at the highest level (i.e. the most amount of money). The next level is original draft level. This level is slightly less money. The bottom level is no compensation level and the cheapest amount. Now, here's the twist. A team with restricted free agents has the ability to match any outside offer from another team so long as the original team has tendered the player at any of the three levels. If the team chooses not to match the offer, it receives various compensation based on which level the tender offer was. If you tender someone at the highest level and another team signs your player, you get a first-round draft choice. If you tender at the middle level and someone signs him and you choose not to match, you get compensated at the level of the original draft position of the player beings signed. If you have a player signed from the lowest level, there is no compensation if the offer is not matched. So, for a quick example. Kevin Curtis is a restricted free agent this year. He was tendered at the highest level. So, if a team wants to sign him, the Rams have the right to match the offer and keep him in St. Louis. If they don't match, the Rams are compesated with a first-round draft pick. If the Rams had tendered him at the middle level and Curtis signed an offer sheet elsewhere, the Rams would be compensated with a third-round pick, the round in which Curtis was drafted. Hope that explains it. Chances are good that Curtis will be back since it is unlikely anyone will want to give up a first-round pick for him at this point.

                  Eric Telmer, Ballwin, Mo.: One of the reasons La'Roi Glover signed with the Rams is because of his having played for Coach Haslett and in his system.
                  My question - Are there other quality cut players or free agents who have a "history" with Coach Haslett or any of the other coaches, defense or offense, who might be inclined to want to sign with the Rams for similar reasons?

                  NW: Good question, Eric. There are plenty of players with connections to this coaching staff all over the league. Some of those bonds are stronger than others, but there are some intriguing possibilities of players the Rams could be interested in. There are a few big names with connections to Haslett, including defensive end Darren Howard and center LeCharles Bentley. It seems,...
                  -03-07-2006, 04:49 PM
                • RamsFanSam
                  It's not the coaches, it's not Sam...
                  by RamsFanSam
                  It's our recievers - including the tight ends and running backs. I don't know if they changed the footballs this year to make them less "sticky", or if the gloves are different, or what. All I know is that last season, with many of the same guys, Sam was firing the ball a heck of a lot faster and it seems like there was more balls that were caught.

                  This is kind of a little off the main subject, but I noticed something peculiar...last season, every time Sam threw a pass, you could hear the sonic boom as the ball left his hand. This year, it seems as if the ball is thrown a tiny bit slower...could this be the result of being more comfortable in his second year, or is this due to a concious effort to make the balls more catchable for the recievers?

                  OK, back to the main subject...

                  Bradford has it in him to be a great QB. Right now, he's good. Dang good. If he had Faulk, Proehl, Holt, and Bruce to throw to, he would make everyone think Kurt Warner had a clone. It is RARE that I praise anyone so much...Avenger can verify this, as he heard me complain about everyone and everything during the Rams/Eagles game. My problem is the recievers. I don't think there are, in all honesty, more than ten current wide recievers in the NFL that are as good as Bruce and/or Holt were back in '99-'04.

                  There's not that many that I know of that will be coming up for the draft next April that look like true #1 recievers, either.

                  If we were to sign a FA or trade for a current player, the cost may be too high for the return. We don't really have any "good" players that we can afford to trade. No one wants to get rid of Jackson or Long or Bradford or Laurainitis. That means we would have to likely trade multiple players to get a true #1 WR. This may sound OK, getting rid of 2 or 3 of our "lessers" for one good one, but there is the "what if" factor: for instance, what if our "#1" was injured, and we had traded Amendola and DX to get him? We'd be up that famous creek without a propulsion device. Even if we signed a FA, where would the money come from? We'd have to either cut player salaries or just cut players to get there...and trust me, if you are working for someone who cuts your pay and expects the same work out of you, they aren't going to get it. So, there's that negative aspect, too.

                  So, that really leaves the draft as the only clear option. I'm one who believes that the Rams should draft according to need IF there is a player worthy of the draft position. In other words, if we need a shutdown corner (and we do) and the best one in the draft is at best a second round player, then we don't draft him until that round. Instead, we look at the best player available in the first round, compare the draftee's position and talents against our needs, and then make a concious decision that is best for the team.

                  Since we still have many glaring...
                  -09-20-2011, 04:16 PM
                • Varg6
                  I say no to receiver in the draft...
                  by Varg6
                  At least for day 1...I say no. I don't see the point. The way our offense played last year we basically had Holt, and Bruce and Jackson. Not to mention we could always line up with Klop and/or Byrd, we all know Linehan likes to utilize the TE's. And with Bulger realizing what a beast Jackson is (as he slowly realized all season...) he has been throwing to him a lot, just like a 3rd receiver. I think it not only confuses a defense, but it works for our particular offense. If we're going to draft a WR, I really don't think there should be one seen on Day 1. Too many needs with the defense still to just say, screw it, let's get a really good guy in the 1st or 2nd, even 3rd round...
                  -02-07-2007, 06:16 PM
                • Karl-Baker
                  I Was Thinking....
                  by Karl-Baker
                  It's Saturday AND I'm Bored - Extremely BORED !!!

                  "Evil Disco Man" - I Know You Don't Like To Talk About The Draft, So You Can Stop Reading.... Unless You're Bored Also (He, He).

                  And I Was Thinking....

                  What If, The Rams DON'T Draft A Wide Receiver With Their 1st Pick In The Draft (Number 31 Overall).

                  I Mean, We've All Been Assuming That's How They'd Pick.
                  Or At Least - I Have.

                  But, The Wide Reciever Position Is Very Deep In This Year's Draft.... Or At Least, That What We've All Heard or Read Somewhere (Right.).

                  But, What If (Big Jump Here Karl - You KNOW How Mike Martz Loves His Offense), The Rams Don't Draft A Wide Receiver In The 1st Round.
                  What Position, Other Than Wide Receiver Would They Take ???

                  Offensive Tackle - Probably Not. The Rams Have A Need Here, But They Don't Like To Play Rookies (With Kurt's Health on The Line).
                  Their Philosophy Has Been To Draft Them In Later Rounds, And Develope Them Under Jim Hannifan (Right ??).

                  Cornerback - Maybe. Jacoby Sheppard Is Still on The Roster (Why, I Have No Idea). So There Is A Need Here As Well.

                  Linebacker - Maybe. We'll Have To See If The Rams Sign Anyone Else Here In Free Agency (This Holdman Guy From Chicago).

                  Defensive Tackle - Yes, There Is A Need There. Maybe This Will Be Our First Pick Overall.
                  But We Drafted SO HEAVY Last Year, With Defense..... It's Hard To Think Mike Martz Will Do That Again This Year.
                  It Just Hurts My Mind To Think of It.

                  Quarterback - Probably Not. They Just Signed Jamie Martin To A Two Year Extension, And Marc Bulger Is The New Up-and-Coming Kid on The Block.
                  Well, If Joey Harrington Falls This Far - There'd Be No Way To Pass Him Up. But That Won't Happen.
                  Might As Well Ask For The Winning Lottery Numbers.

                  Long Snapper - No, Not In The First Round.

                  Defensive End - This Is Also Another Possibility !!!
                  I'd Love To Have Julius Peppers !!!
                  But Everyone Tells Me I'm A Bozo For Thinking The Rams Will Trade Up To Get Him.
                  There's A Big Drop Off In Talent After Peppers - So It Wouldn't Merit A First Round Selection.


                  Back To My Question.

                  If The Rams DON'T DRAFT A Wide Receiver With Their First Overall Pick, What Is The Next Type of Player The Rams Will Probably Select ????

                  Please Help Me Out Here.
                  Anyone & Everyone !!!
                  I Want To Know Your Thoughts !!!

                  Thanks In Advance,

                  -03-16-2002, 12:39 PM