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Re:Mark Feilds. I must be retarded?

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  • Re:Mark Feilds. I must be retarded?

    I had no idea that Fields had been losing that much ground this season in the LB corps. I guess I am not very observant? Is Polley that much better, or is Feilds just not getting it done? When I have noticed him, he seems to play alright. I can't complain, although how much do I really watch Feilds? Not that much.

    I remember when we signed him, a Saints fan had told us he would never last. Said he could not cover and was a home run hitter. All or nothing, and couldn't make the routine plays in N.O.

    Thoughts anyone?

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    I was a little surprised, but in retrospect I'm not at all. Fields was big in the beginning of the season, but as kinda been phased out. I think Polley is probably better. Plus I remember reading that Lovey was pissed after the Panthers game and he needed to make some changes. I think it was a good move...


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      Fields of Mark...

      Mark Fields is a very good LB and Polley is getting there with a steady pace.

      Without trying to defend Fields, I think that the injuries he sustained earlier this season (ribs, painful and very slow to heal), plus the timing, might have opened the door of opportunity for Polley -- he IS, after all, playing solid and strong D. Lovie Smith made an intelligent move, a good move but a move that was logical and natural, thus almost obligatory.

      What I like is that Fields doesn't really seem to mind about the starting status. No insecurity or selfishness there; he is part of a close, honest, successful team. A true team, winning big time.

      Everyone in the organization right now is realizing the awesome proximity of home field advantage, and that special ringing [pun intended] of winning the Super Bowl is in the Rams senses so clear and clean they can taste it.

      Go Polley! Go Fields!! GO RAMS!!! :ram:


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        I would have thought that it would have been Davis that would have gotten replaced by Polley. But I must be honest; I have not been paying that much attention to the LB corps. The only ones I ever really hear about are Fletcher and Polley. Anyway, it seemed to work as Polley had a great game. Does anyone know how his stats compare with Bell from Pittsburgh? Last I heard he was the leading candidate for defensive roy.