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    Just noticed they're all wearing the wrong numbers. What's the story there?

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    I was wondering that too. I love it.



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      it was a feature on Sports Illustrated.

      The swapped all the shirts around for the photo shoot, but I am not sure why:rolleyes:

      I think someone posted the reason, before.

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        The did it for solidarity. As a matter of fact, SI didn't include Proehl originally. The others said without 87, we don't do the shoot.


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          Keen attention to numbers...

          As always, excellent attention to detail by MsWistRAM. ;)

          Dez' avatar is in fact from a Tim Keown's article in ESPN Magazine (Dec. 10, 2001), cover story and all. The following links take you there. Good Ram reading!
          And you're right TXRamFan, the inclusion of Ricky Proehl in the picture was a nice solidarity agreement (mentioned also in a Sports Illustrated article after the Rams defeated "Schulter's ninies" this month).
          GO RAMS!!! All of them, every jersey # in the roster! :evilram:
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