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Rams at work for 2001-02 Super Bowl

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  • Rams at work for 2001-02 Super Bowl

    Wow Charley is really getting off to a great start already. Man the pick up of Rod Jones is just great. What a year so far. We got to win it all. We look solid all over and all the players picked up seem hungry for a title. With Kurt and Marshall healthy we can not loose. Maybe the undefeated season. Hey i am wishing.

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    Maybe not a perfect season, but a great one for sure.
    I think there's a lot of excitement around the team for how the draft went and for all the FA acquisitions.
    I must admit there was a moment during the off season when i was concerned because all the teams signed all the available FA and the Rams were so inactive, but with the draft approaching and especially in the las couple of days before the draft we made some great deals.
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      I would agree with what has been said BUT

      A perfect season ..... it would be nice but lets be honest. This is a brand new defence .....

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        We have one more preseason game than usual to assemble the new defense. This is a great opportunity that we must capitalize.
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          Masi, I appreciate your upbeat enthusiasm. If only all fans had that kind of positive attitude. With that much positive energy, there's no way the Rams would lose.


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            I'm just enthusiastic to be a Ram Fan
            I supported the Rams even during the ten years of depression, so now i have no other choice to be positive thinking:cool: :cool:
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              I would have to say a perfect season is jumping a little to far, but I also admire your enthusiasm as you are keeping the faith on the Rams. 16-0 would be great but I think 13-3 is more like it. Either record is great though and will win the division and we all hope the conference and then the championship. The big key is Warner and Faulk staying healthy, even with a weak defense last year if those 2 had been healthy all year the season might have ended entirely different. GO RAMS!


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                There's a guy at another site (sorry) with a quote I live by:

                Hope, not Expectation!;)


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                  Top 5 Improvements I Would Like To See This Year:

                  1. Special Teams Play
                  2. Tackling
                  3. Tackling
                  4. Tackling
                  5. Tackling

                  Did I mention tackling?


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                    And m-o-r-e tackling!...

                    Point well taken TXRamsFan! :cool:

                    Cannot emphasize that principle enough. More tackling / more smacking / more agressiveness / MORE "D".

                    I'm another believer in the Rams being very, v-e-r-y close to an unusually successful season this year. I mean, even by their own goals and standards! That translates into even MORE :eek: POINTS from the offense, CONSIDERABLE LESS POINTS against, courtesy of a Rampant-new-D... = MORE WINS THAN IN 2000.

                    As in four more 'W's? V-e-r-y likely.

                    The closer the season comes to the starting line, the more I hear and the more I believe that, as much as the other teams --all of them-- are pursuing their goals and improvements, the St. Louis RAMS have the strongest potential indeed. Think about the potential they already had when healthy! ...(granted, that's an "iffy" intangible).

                    Sure, it sounds too simplistic to accept but, how can one not feel the evidence of Raministic logic?

                    On the other hand, just as Kurt is tired of the same health-related questions from last year's injuries, I wonder when will the media writers bring the "most points scored against in NFL history" line to an end? :mad: That's the last time I mention it! ;)

                    Opener against Eagle's will probably be the toughest.

                    And the RAMS ARE ALREADY ON A ROLL! Today! GO RAMS!!!


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                      I honestly think aggressive D play stirs up the so called "crowd noise". Am I right?


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                        by Guest
                        Yes, I shudder at the thought. But before ya'll panic, there are a couple differences between the two. First off, the bravos LOST there first meeting at the Big Show(1991), whereas the Rams WON(99). As a matter of fact, the Bravos lost their second meeting as well. Also, the braves have been there 5, count em' FIVE times and have only one ONCE. Rams of course twice and won once. But this is where the differences end.
                        Braves did, do, great in regular season, have tons of front runner fans, and fizzle out at the end. I see the same thing in the Rams. I'm not saying the Rams "fizzled" last year, but it's pretty close, in sports terms. And even in 2000, when they didn;'t even make it, the Rams started out very strong, then fizzled. The Braves, because they've only got one ring to show for it, look like bums IN MY EYES! The Rams will be picked to win it all this year, just like the braves used to be years ago. "Too much talent" the media says. I hate that connotation!! I DON"T WANT THIS HAPPENING TO THE RAMS!! I BELIEVE THE ONLY WAY TO AVOID THIS COMPARISON IS A SB WIN THIS YEAR. HEY THAT'S A LOT OF PRESSURE, I KNOW, BUT I'D RATHER HAVE 1 MORE WIN IN THE SB, THAN SHOW UP 5 MORE TIMES AND LOSE!!!!!!!!
                        Look, I'll be a Rams fan for life, that's for sure, I just feel it's imperative they don't look like those Bills (sorry DJ) or Braves, who seem to have NOTHING to show for all the talent they supposedly had. Can the Rams be like my great Yankees?!! Do it for me GOD!! But seriously, The Rams are going ALL THE WAY next year BABY!!! AM I ALONE?? NO WAY, JUST ASK YODA!! !;)
                        -04-08-2002, 11:46 AM
                      • MemphisRam
                        How do rank our season Super Bowl or a better season?
                        by MemphisRam
                        :r I think the only way we can get the respect we deserve is to go all the
                        way. A good record would be o.k. but wouldn't earn the respect that is rightfully
                        owed. I'm sick of hearing about the whiner's and seahag's. They've made some
                        o.k. moves but nothing like what the patriots have done, and the card's. O.k.
                        they have a good wr combo and another coach, with a new system which they
                        have to learn and their suppose to be a "breakout team" please spare me the drama.

                        If we can play above average on the defensive side of the ball "We goin to the Bowl"
                        Because the "O" is their, especially with the FA that was brought in good job Linehan.

                        Also Tank Johnson would look great in blue gold.

                        P.S I'm the only Rams fan in Memphis and I Love it.:lFor Life!!!!!!!
                        -07-09-2007, 06:02 AM
                      • Rams13
                        Super Bowl XIV
                        by Rams13
                        We all remember Super Bowl XXXIV really well and talk allot about it. However lets talk about Super Bowl XIV for a moment, what are your thoughts on that game? The Rams really should have won that game and really put a scare into the Steelers. If only that wide open receiver had been noticed at the end of the game we would have won it actually. The Rams knocked on the door so much in the 1970's but only had 1 chance against the Steelers and we came up short. All in all my point is that even though we lost against the Steelers the Rams were one of the best teams during the 1970's but because of only making the Super Bowl once that decade and losing they don't have much to show for it. Us fans will always be greatful for those memories however. GO RAMS!
                        -07-27-2001, 03:56 PM
                      • rNemesis
                        Can our RAMS rise back to greatness once again?
                        by rNemesis
                        This article is what I always think about, and maybe similar to what Bryan Burwell wrote about in a previous thread called " RAMS HAVE CHANCE TO DEFINE SEASON".. I really loved that article and it reminded me of what I want to talk about, and that is the rise of a team to greatness/elite status, whether it be once again, or finally for the first time.

                        Our Rams have been through a lot of ups and downs. Historically, we have been both good and bad; that is, we've been right there at the top and right there at the bottom at any given year. We've had the championship in cleveland in the 50's or 60's or so and went to the bowl against the steelers in the late 70's, went to the NFC championship game against the bears in 85, the eagles in 2001, and a host of other great playoff games. And of course the 90's were fairly bad until 99. But those were all different teams with different identities.

                        Lets look at the GSOT. Now this was arguably the best RAMS team to EVER take the football field, with the closest second probably being that "FEARSOME FOURSOME" rams team, with Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen, etc. The GSOT offense consisted of Kurt Warner at QB ( due to Trent Green's season ending injury), Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Ricky Proehl, and Marshall Faulk. On the defensive side of the ball, they had Grant Wistrom, London Fletcher, Aeneas Williams, etc. We had a team that was offensively unstoppable and defensively capable of getting stops and/or turnovers. Always an opportunistic defense. This was also what I would have called ELITE STATUS in the NFL: winning in the NFL alot and consistently. But, as time passed, bad decision making, poor drafting and personnel decisions, and retirement pushed this team into the abyss for about three years ( 2007-2009), which there was no excuse for.

                        There were other ELITE teams, but I am not sure who to call because at that time most were only GOOD themselves, not as GREAT as what they are now. Teams like the Eagles, Colts, Falcons, Seahawks, Chiefs, Raiders, Ravens, and Buccaneers were all examples of good teams, but I really dont think none were as good overall as the Rams (GSOT) were. Some have stayed perenially good, others have fallen a bit, some have been up and down. But no one has been as bad as the Rams have been through a three year period.

                        We have seen the RAMS as bad as they were for that three year period. And we have seen the GSOT and how GREAT they were. NOW, we are in a rebuilding mode since and have gotten a lot to show for it; obviously not GREAT yet, but decent and respectable, which is all you can ask for when you go 6-42 over three seasons. My point is this. When do you think we can reach that ELITE status again and roam the NFL earth beating foes as we try to climb that mountain to the top?

                        My feeling is, it shouldnt take long at all considering where we at. We've got a nice QB, good MLB, good...
                        -12-02-2010, 12:45 PM
                      • Barry Waller
                        OPTIMISTIC, And Why Not?
                        by Barry Waller
                        Sure, it's some fans only pleasure so it seems, to point out how optimism about one's team is often just pie in the sky, rose colored glasses thinking, not as valid as their wait and see, or" show me" take on the world.

                        The thing is, many times those naysayers are wrong, like those predicting a dismal finish in 1999, that would finally lead to the end of old Dick Vermeil and his outdated ideas about football.

                        Those of us pointing out the additions the team made as a reason for a lot of hope, got shot down as a waste of time to even listen to, This despite the addition of a world class running back, still in his prime, and a great offensive coodinator, known well from his time making Ike Bruce a star as receivers coach, plus what looked to be a second superstar receiver, a great CB/PRer, a potentially starting TE, and others in the draft.

                        That was after adding one of the best linemen in free agency, as well as a starting QB, and other additional added talent, and the return to health of some others.

                        Also after Charlie Armey, a guy known to be a team builder excellance, had had a couple years to do his magic on a roster.

                        So who enjoyed 1999 more, those naysayers, who till Mike Jones made that great play, thought the Rams were a flash in the pan, a fluke? I'm sure when Trent Green went down, THEY threw in the towel, scorning the Rams for just going with an unknown, which surely meant another losing season.

                        When you look at the roster that Jeff Fisher and Les Snead started with, and see what they have done, and what Snead has been able to do on draft day, seen up close and personal by the media, so we know how it all went down for real, I can't see how anyone could not be optimistic, unless the just can't ever be, which is very sad. Hope they aren't Cubs fans.

                        The Rams started with two really good DE, a MLB, and two safeties on defense, and a QB, RB, two just OK WR, one young TE, two decent OL, and that's IT, as close to an expansion team as one could get.

                        They didn't even have a kicker or punter, let alone a sure return guy they could count on.

                        They had 7 draft picks, one very early, and a team that no one felt could attract any free agent who didn't have a personal relationship with Jeff Fisher.

                        Now THAT was reason for pessimism, imagining a rookie punter and kicker, among all the other stuff.

                        Now, with another two first rounder draft still to come, the Rams have no old guys, and no real key young ones up for new deals. The only loss was Jackson, but he qualifies as an old guy anyway, because of the position he plays, and two average safeties, plus a couple receivers destined to be replaced.

                        They have added via draft or FA:

                        2 Pro Bowl caliber CB, and a very good nickel back &1 talented rookie
                        1 really good young OLB, and another who could be a superstar...
                        -05-06-2013, 04:32 PM