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    Does anyone know how many more points the Rams need to become the first team in NFL history to have 3 consective seasons with at least 500 points scored? Also, how many more yards does Marshall need to be the first player to have 4 consective seasons of reaching 2,000 yards?:king:

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    I think the Rams need 28 against Atlanta to reach 500. Can someone confirm if I heard this right on sportsdesk.


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      Yeah, the Rams need 28 points to hit 500, and I believe Marshall needs 79 yards to hit 2000 total yards. I might be a little off. ;)



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        Yes, we have scored 472 points, so we need 28 to hit 500. As far as Faulk, he has 1214 rushing and 707 receiving for 1921, so as correctly reported above, he needs 79 net yards for 2000. What a stud! Also note he needs 776 rushing yards for 10,000.

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        I know we resigned him when he came over in 99, but does anyone know when his contract expires?


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          Thanks for the info. They are an amazing team. I don't know if we will ever see another team like this. I don't know how long we have Faulk, but hopefully it's till he retires.:king:


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            Faulk's contract

            Marshall is signed through 2005. That's four more years of enjoying the greatest player in football, although there have been rumors of an early retirement. :upset:

            But as long as he's with us, enjoy it. He is one of the greatest athletes to ever hit the gridiron. :king:

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              Good point(S)...

              Hey thanks guys for that good info.

              With the Rams you can give or take a few points here and a few yards there. They are just too powerful right now! Good to know they may well score another 500 by this season's final whistle too. [And to think our D ranks up there among this year's best...]

              Marshall will probably end his illustrious, HOF career as a Ram. He's gotta! :o
              Go RAMS!!! :lid:


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                Warner's Record

                I just recently found out that Warner needs one more 300 yd game to have 10 for the season. That would be a new record. He shares the record at 9 with Marino and I think a few others.:cool: