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Marshall should be spelled Matrial

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  • Marshall should be spelled Matrial

    Well, as you guy's know, I am a political science major. Graduating and going to work for Fitzgerald, Ashcroft, Bush, (I hope)

    Anyway, Marshall should be spelled Martial, cause he is just that.
    American politics have a clause know as Martial law. That is, a major event occurs and the military takes over and the police have no authority. Not that the police are bad, it's because the Military is bigger and has more powerful weapons. September 11th, some thought that the "Martial Law" should have gaurded New York and Washington. The democrats in New York would have no part of it though. It did take place after pearl harbor, however, in Hawiia.

    Anyway, the game is on the line, both lines are beat and Marshall just comes in and takes over in the forth quarter and secures the victory.

    So hence, Marshall should spell his name Martial. Just my two cents though.

    Go Rams,

    Republican Ram
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    Good, good... sounds good!

    Ha-ha! Good idea Republican Ram, excellent advertisement too.

    "The NFL's Martial Law, No. 28 of the St. Louis Rams." Sounds great! It would be nice to make it a part of the Rams highlights in the NFL Films for this season.

    Besides, as a RB he is a breed apart, a "Martial art." :ram: