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Bears keep getting better, but so do we

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  • Bears keep getting better, but so do we

    Bears look good, real good. Hitting on all cilinders but playinga real weak schedule. Let them front load, (another political saying) through the regular season, but they will be out of the race by "Super Tuesday".

    The Bears D is good, but so is ours. If we play as good as we did today, we will win out and be celebrating on the landing in early Feb!

    Republican Ram:helmet:

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    Sure, da Bears might look good, and the Buccaneers might look good, and of course the Steelers might look good. Oh yeah, and don't forget the Packers, Eagles, Raiders, and blah blah blah.:confused:

    My point is, don't get too overconcerned with the teams that we might face in the future who stand as a possible stoplight on our road trip to the Big Easy. We are the kings, until proven wrong. :king:

    For now, my fellow Rams fans, let's focus on the Falcons.



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      Now I am not the football expert all of you are, but isn't it possible da Bears will have to meet the Packers again in the playoffs???

      Well, if they do, we know how that will turn out.


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        As good as DA Bears have been this year (a very refreshing change) they lack the one thing that sets the Rams apart from the rest--SOLIDARITY! Maybe next year the Bears can put all their trust into ONE quarterback and be real contenders for the big ring. This year belongs to the RAMS!:evilram:


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 it stands now, the bears could meet the packers in round 2 IF Tampa Bay beats Philadelphia (TB would play Rams) and Green Bay defeats the should be interesting.

          I still have a lot of doubts about the Bears. The defense is good, but if you can stop the A-train and put most of the game on miller's arm, i think he would slip up.


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            I agree with DJ. Stop the running game for Chicago and you stop the Bears.


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              2 words on this

              O-V-E-R R-A-T-E-D



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                There has been much speculation (all season) that the Bears are overrated. ;) Yet they've continued to win games, and that's all that matters. Winning, my friend, is not overrated.



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                  Thanks DJ for the info.


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                    no problem, i hope i had the scenario right, some of the seedings will get determined on sunday.

                    A lot of people thought of us as overrated in 1999, so hmm... I still say stop the run and move the ball against the defense and you should be fine...


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                      If the Bears win out, and the Rams lose to an NFC team, the Bears would
                      win the tiebreaker, as they would have a 10-2 conference record to 9-3 for
                      the Rams.

                      If the Rams lose only to Indy, then they tie with the Bears in conference
                      record and then it goes to common games, where again the Bears would win the
                      tiebreaker 6-0 to 5-1.
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                      I Think We Can Win This One!!!
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                      What's the Rams chances playing in Chicago with only the BEAR necessities?

                      Jay Cutler and crew have had a rough time the past few weeks, losing to Arizona, Philly and Favre.
                      Rumors have it that Lovie Smith is on the hot seat and poor Orlando Pace is just about on his last legs. One wonders how our old friend, Pisa is doing in the Windy City.

                      Hopefully the Rams can find a way to muster up enough strength to go on the road and play like they have nothing to lose!
                      Ramfans will have to grin and Bear it in order to shake the effects of a Grizzly 1-11 season.

                      A healthy Steven Jackson should have continued success against a weaken Bears defense minus Brian Urlacher.
                      Rams need to cut down on the penalties and when it comes to turnovers, DON'T FEED THE BEARS!
                      The Bears aren't who we think they are, if the Rams play it right its a Beary winnable game.

                      I'll say Rams get the win, Bearly, 21-20.
                      A Rams win is sure to give everyone here a BEARY BEARY CHRISTMAS!!!
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                      Wow Linehert Is Balling It Up Out There... This Kid Is For Real
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                      former ram fred mitchell didnt break his jaw falling down the stairs at home. olin kreutz punched him in the jaw.
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