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Falcon game predictions please

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  • Falcon game predictions please

    Well, the last REGULAR game of the 2001 season, SO lets get it on.

    I will stick to my winning ways and go with Marshall and Warner with a point to prove as JOINT MVP's

    Mmmmm, lets see now, ...... Rams 36 Falcons 14 :shield: :king:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Bruce will get his turn this game with a little Faulk to keep them honest

    RAMS 38 FALCONS 10

    HFA then on to the Big Eazy:angryram:


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      It's the Falcons' last game of the season, and they will play their guts out, so that might affect the score. Also, if our score is high enough at halftime, the second and third-stringers might get more playing time than usual. This is a tough one.

      :king: Rams 31
      :confused: Falcons 13


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        Obviously the Rams how much is the question.

        Rams 35

        Dirty Birds 10 :confused:

        Hand off to Marshall......and they won't catch him today.

        Go Rams


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          Marshall, Marshall, Marshall

          I think we will see plenty of Marshall and Warner airing it out. I think Martz has a few things he wants to accomplish for his guys. The defense will send a statement to the play-off teams with this game.



          And that will be mostly in the first half so the stars can come out and not get hurt.:evilram:


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            I think this will be a close game,but only according to the score.Rams get ahead early and Falcons attempt a comeback late.

            RAMS 35 FALCONS 24

            :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


            • #7
              Rams 38
              Falcons 14

              piece of cake, then a week off :evilram:


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                I wuz gonna go with 38-14, but somebody took it, so i will go with 42-16. I'm a little concerned with Vick, but at least he will (should) not be a suprise this week.


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                  Rams 35
                  Falcons 3


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                    Rams will outscore the Falcons!!!

                    Rams 42

                    Falcons 13



                    • #11
                      On a mission

                      Rams 49
                      ATL 10


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                        Bench Please ...

                        Rams use their bench in 4th quarter.

                        Rams 36
                        Falcons 17

                        Ricky Proehl and Isaac Bruce the big play makers.
                        Punt return for TD by Dre Bly
                        2 sacks for L. Little
                        We win the T.O. Battle 2 to 1

                        GO RAMS !!!:o


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                          I think Warner and co will have a field day against their
                          dead last pass defence !!!!

                          Rams 35

                          Falcons 10
                          "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                            This is THE WEEK that Ive been waiting for...the Rams roll OVER the 50 point mark!! Im thinkin 35 by HALF TIME!!

                            Rams 55

                            Birds 14 :angryram:
                            "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


                            • #15
                              I belive weŽll win 42 - 14 against Atlanta.

                              Geert:ram: btw happy new year from Germany to the Rams fans all over the world


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