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    The Rams have so much talent on the offensive (and now defensive) side of the football that the guys doing the dirty work often go unnoticed. :mask:

    The offensive line has been outstanding this year, especially of late. Orlando Pace, Tom Nutten, Andy McCollum, Adam Timmerman, and Ryan Tucker have paved the way for Marshall to dance around in the secondary instead of getting hit by d-lineman and linebackers right away. Warner's protection has also improved greatly from the beginning of the year, where he seemed to get hit on every passing play. It's nice to know these guys will be playing together a long time (3 more years I think?).

    Kudos to great coaching by Jim Hanifan and great playing by the men in the trenches. Without them, we wouldn't be nearly as successful. :king:


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    I agree with you completely. Hats off to our O-line. One of, if not the best in the game. :shield:


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      Yes sireebob!...

      Absolutely! Great job by the Ram warriors in the fox holes, pits and trenches.

      Excellent point EDiscoMan, too often these giant guards of the greats like Ram MVPs and other superstars are simply taken for granted. It probably takes old ex-offensive linemen veterans like Dan Dierdorf to really appreciate and comment so positively about our big O line, truly playing great these past several weeks.
      Go Big-O-line! Go RAMS!!! :angryram:


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        On the Timberman...

        E-DiscoMan, this is part of an article that appeared today [Happy New Year!] in the Rams official site Re. a definite positive on our very fine O-line which I thought is appropriate to your thread.

        Tuesday, January 1, 2002 / By D. Bray

        Rams guard Adam Timmerman’s name may never show up in a stat column, but his importance to the St. Louis Rams offense is invaluable.

        Timmerman, in his seventh National Football League season, has been a mainstay at right guard on the Rams offensive line since being signed by the club as a free agent, February 15, 1999.

        Since joining the Rams, Timmerman has won a Super Bowl, blocked for two NFL Most Valuable Players, helped the Rams offense set several franchise and NFL records, and provided protection and running lanes for one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history.

        The Rams offense has been the best in the NFL for the past three seasons and Timmerman’s play has been a huge part of the team’s dominance.

        “Adam has played as well this season as he has ever played here,” Rams head coach Mike Martz noted. “Adam is playing better than 1999, his Pro Bowl year.

        “This division has had such a great reputation for having outstanding defensive tackles and that is what Adam Timmerman brings to us, the ability to deal with those guys,” Martz added. “As you look around, from New Orleans to San Francisco and to Carolina you see the big tackles that they have. If you are going to play in this division you need to have some guards that are pretty stout. Adam has been just exceptional, he has been outstanding all year long.” The Rams have a plethora of offensive stars, but the offensive line is where everything starts.

        “I can’t say enough about those guys,” Rams QB Kurt Warner said. “They go about their business quietly and effectively and that is where it starts, with those five guys up front. I can’t give them enough credit for what they have done.”

        [See for the complete story]

        GO RAMS!!! :helmet: