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  • back in time

    I just wonder...

    Pure fantasy, but...

    If we sent these rams back to 1989, I reckoned we would have sorted those whiners out in the championship game.

    Anyway back to this season, I would love to end up playing the bucs in the dome again. sort them out and bury this seasons final hoodoo. No game is a given and I do not think we will automatically win the superbowl, but at the same time, this team should fear no one. THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL. Past present or future!
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    In my opinion, send this team to any year and they'd blast away any team. Of course, I might be a little biased. Anyway, we live in the present so we must not lose our focus. I agree that another Rams-Bucs game in the Dome would be fun to watch. Then the Rams would get a chance to prove to the Bucs that their 2 game winning streak is nothing but a fluke. Raw Power, Ram Power.