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Good Luck To The Rams and The Fans!

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  • Good Luck To The Rams and The Fans!

    Just wanted to drop a quick note to say good luck in the upcoming playoffs and (I'll say it) the Super Bowl. The Rams look unstoppable (and I got $20.00 bucks on them to win it all) and ready to take it all.

    I wish I could say the same about the Aints (yup, I called them the Aints - the have died in December) but after the last three drubbings at the hands of you guys, the Bucs and the 'Skins, my season is over.

    Kurt Warner has always been a favorite of mine. Class guy.

    Take care all and Happy New Year.


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    It takes one to see one...

    It takes a classy individual to appreciate another. Nice doing Saint Fanatik. It wasn't your team's year, obviously -- hey, haven't we "been there, done that" ...for sure!

    Much obliged. Take good care friend, best wishes to you for a prosperous New Year.

    Go RAMS!!! :ram:


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      Was it just me, or did a Saints fan wish us good luck? :eek:

      Nice to know that there are some Saints fans out there who have respect for their opponents. Seeing as how we won't be playing the Saints twice a year anymore, I guess he had nothing to lose.;)

      Only real fans can cheer on their former rivals after their season is over.:king:

      p.s.-have fun watching us in the playoffs!:p



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        You´ve got what it takes to be a great football fan. We all can remember how it feels to miss the playoffs. I hope you´ll enjoy the game nevertheless and have fun watching the playoffs even without your team.



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          Right on !

          Thanks for the good feel. Saints should be smiling, next year, they are in the NFC south, assured to win that division in my opinion. The Bucs are good competition but they still suffer from NO OFFENSE disease and against your DEFENSE, well, need I say more. I'd have to say that we will probably see you in the 2nd round of the playoffs next year. Good luck.

          GO RAMS !!!



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            The real fans have stuck around after losses (and wins) and talked like class guys. The rest just hung their heads and left...cheers to the guys that have stayed...


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            • WhoDat205
              Great Game Yesterday
              by WhoDat205
              I just wanted to drop by and give you guys the ole digital handshake after a great game. The Rams really gave it to my saints; I had this one chalked up as an L. You guys are really just a couple of pieces away from making some noise in a playoff race.

              Best of luck the rest of the way.
              -11-16-2009, 06:23 AM
            • dfarrar777
              Holy Crap.
              by dfarrar777
              Not here to gloat - most of you guys didn't gloat last year, and it was appreciated.

              All I can say is that maybe...just maybe...we have a team that will allow us to have those incredible feelings that the Rams have given their fans in recent years.

              It's a different Seahawks team, to be sure.

              Don't let anyone write your Rams off,'s just that certain years belong to certain teams.

              And personally, I really hope we don't run into you guys again until next year.

              Best of luck, friends.
              -11-13-2005, 05:44 PM
            • RimrockCard
              Good Luck Ram Fans
              by RimrockCard
              I hope you lose...
              But i think You will win..big time
              All you guys have to do is run Jackson on us,we can NOT stop any run game.
              But throw Sam in the mix and it spells disaster for my Red Birds
              we are worse than we were the 1st game and y`all are on the rise
              I hope you
              Heres to a injury free game!
              also Kurt will be doing Commentary..that should be interesting(bet he talks about sam a lot)
              -12-05-2010, 09:48 AM
            • Saint Fanatik
              NFC South - Good For The Saints & Rams?
              by Saint Fanatik
              With the impending NFC West getting split up and the Saints going to the NFC South, do you all think that will “stunt” the growth of our teams’ rivalry? All they’ve (ESPN, Fox, etc.) been saying how this is a new and heated rivalry. Personally, I love the rivalry, although the games give me a coronary, I am sorry to see the conference split up.

              I like Kurt Warner. For that matter, who can’t? The guy has one of the greatest stories in the NFL plus the guy has been through hell and back. He’s a nice guy as well. In the same breath, he scares the hell out of me as a Saints fan.

              Do you all think that when our two team meet up maybe once a year AND in the playoffs, the rivalry will be as heated as it is now with the recent history?

              Prediction: December 17, 2001 - Saints vs. Rams - Highest Rated Monday Night Game of 2001. ;)
              -10-30-2001, 12:47 PM
            • arodgers
              Good luck to your team this season
              by arodgers
              Hello Ram fans just want to apologize for a packer fan trolling your boards and ripping your team. He is a Viking fan in disguize come to find out at our boards looking at his past posts on our boards. We dont have anything against your team and we wish you guys nothing but the best this season. Hope you guys can turn things around, always enjoyed watching the greatest show on turf back in the day. God bless you guys.
              -08-26-2011, 01:31 PM