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  • Falcons Go Lightly

    OK, here it is, within reach. It would be easy to overlook this Atlanta team with nothing to play for and banged up too. That's what worries me. Don't treat the Falcons lightly. On defense, they are better than the Colts. They would love to be the spoiler and they'd certainly like to extract some revenge. My guess is that Vick will start and play the whole game with Chandler banged up.

    Vick, although not a PRO yet, displayed some awesome talent on Sunday. His arm strength is the BEST in the league. I'd put his arm strength up against any QB in the league.

    His mobility is un matched in the pocket and out of the pocket.

    Yes, he's a rookie, and yes he makes mistakes. However, this would be a bad time to drop the ball on game planning. The Rams need this victory and it is THE MOST IMPORTANT game of the year with no exception. Very important for the defense to plan on containment. Very important that our offensive line protect Kurt Warner, very important to get a big lead early and take their hopes away so that we can rest our starters.

    I don't think Atlanta has it in them to beat the Rams, but then again, I didn't think they had it in them to beat the Packers either.

    Don't take the Falcons Lightly and win it all RAMS !!!

    GO RAMS !!!


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    Diving Falcons...

    It's true MX, although the Falcons are wounded they're still flying, and they may actually become dangerous in their dive.

    I saw a highlight of their game against Miami where Vic threw an awesome pass -- make that a real rocket -- while being chased and made it good for a 45 or 50 yard completion! And that was no "floater." That rookie has an arm!

    Granted, he's still very green but Dan Reeves isn't. They have more than one issue to prove to themselves, so... bottom line: you never know! That's what ugly upsets are made of.

    Fortunately the Rams are well aware of all this. And of course, it IS an important game for St. Louis to win.
    GO RAMS!!! :angryram:


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      The Dirty Birds do have the talent and motivation to upset the Rams, so we should be aware of that. In the first game against the Falcons, Chandler started the game. He is known as a pocket passer, and is deadly accurate. When he left the game with an injury, Vick came in. He's obviously known for his running ability and has a cannon for an arm, and is harder to defend than Chandler. However, our defense adjusted wonderfully, shutting Vick down. I have faith that our defense will do the same again, as we have the speed to match Vick's. But we cannot let this one game ruin our chances for home-field advantage. I'm sure the team is aware of this and will come out fired up and ready to RAMble. :evil:



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      • Nick
        Falcons drop to 5-6 after four straight losses
        by Nick
        Atlanta just lost to the Saints and dropped to 5-6. Ouch!
        -11-26-2006, 01:27 PM
      • AugustaRamFan
        Looking down the Road ... The Falcons
        by AugustaRamFan
        Here is a snipet from the Falcons Team Site.

        Apparently, the Falcons are an early preseaon pick to make the playoffs. Hmmm!! I did not know that.

        Game 2 could be a good test for the defense. The offense may have a better fate. Look for a high scoring battle. Last team with the ball may win.

        Aug. 30, 2004

        Although there is a buzz around the Falcons as being a contender to reach the playoffs, there still is plenty of cause for concern in Atlanta. QB Michael Vick may be healthy — well, relatively healthy following his minor hamstring problem — but the play of the Falcons’ defense has thrown up a red flag. Despite undergoing a coaching change — Wade Phillips is out, Ed Donatell is in — and a shift in schemes — bye-bye, 3-4; hello, 4-3 — this year’s Falcons have been giving up big plays and many points during the preseason. We’re told the problem goes much deeper than just a team adjusting to a new system. Although veterans Ray Buchanan, Tyrone Williams and Juran Bolden were dumped in favor of Jason Webster and rookie DeAngelo Hall, the changes haven’t really improved the “D” much. Hall is very talented, but he’s raw, and Webster isn’t exactly a star. Donatell hopes to get things straightened out, but he will have to get a bigger pass rush to take some pressure off the secondary.

        ...Keep in mind Hall we be out for 4-6 more weeks - minimum.

        -09-03-2004, 06:10 AM
      • Guest's Avatar
        Rams Upcoming Opponent: Playoff Bound Atlanta Falcons Baby!!
        by Guest
        My Atlanta Falcons are going to the playoffs! Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus!

        Hopefully you guys can turn around your team in short order as well. Here is your recipe:

        1) Hire Scott Pioli and pay him whatever it takes (the "Patriot Way" worked wonders in the A-T-L with Thomas Dimitroff)

        2) Hire a great coach (Spagnuolo, Schwartz or maybe Josh Johnson the OC of the Pats.

        3) Sign free agent QB Matt Cassel to come in an anchor the offense.

        4) Draft an offensive lineman....

        Watch the turnaround and
        -12-21-2008, 06:22 PM
        Falcons Return with Familiar Faces
        The upcoming matchup is a throwback considering all the changes in Atlanta.
        With the additions of Jim Mora Jr. and Ric McKay in the front office. It sort of feels like we have seen these folks before.
        The only thing really hyped for this team so far is the slim edge win versus Coach Mora's former employer. As for Michael Vick, the coaching staff is hoping for a solid and healthy status. Last Year was a memory no Falcon fan wants to recall. With the 2-10 record without Vick in the starting lineup. With Warren "Little Train" Dunn in the running scheme, Mora is hoping to pound the ball.
        As with the San Francisco Matchup win. The Falcons are looking to contain the Rams new one two punch in Marshall and Steve Jackson. Both backs looked great. And with a secondary that needs to step up to put pressure on Vick,the Rams will count on Archuleta and Williams once more to make a solid impact.
        Offensively, the Rams are confident that they can burn the Falcons secondary and corners with Bruce and Holt. The Falcons did not show a solid D line, but it is still early.
        Let's hope this not a kickers matchup when it is all said and done.
        I Think Rams win by a touchdown once more. Rams 24-17.
        Any comments email [email protected]
        -09-17-2004, 12:16 AM
      • PandaRam
        Bring on the Falcons
        by PandaRam
        With Minny's win over the Pacs, the Rams will now play the Altanta Falcons in the Divisional Playoffs. I think the Rams will have a good chance to win, if we play like we did in the first quarter of the Seattle game, and eliminate our careless mistakes, we should be able to reach the NFC Finals.

        Share your thoughts...
        -01-09-2005, 04:48 PM