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K. Carter vs L. Little

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  • K. Carter vs L. Little

    Bite on this Kevin Carter...

    To date as of today's ESPN.COM site.

    Kevin Carter 24 tackles and 2 sacks

    Leonard Little (having missed 3 games) 18 tackles 12.5 sacks

    Hmmmm. Wonder if we'd like Carter back now?

    Once again, the Rams coaching and front office prove their superiority. Consider this highly criticized move plus the drafting of Archuletta, Polley, Lewis and Pickett. Makes you realize that it's the organization that is a success, not just a few star players and a ****y coach.

    Hind sight is 20/20.

    GO RAMS !!!

    p.s. Make a prediction here, watch what Leonard Little does the remainder of the season. He'll be a big name for the Rams in the playoffs. Remember this post.

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    Yes, but can we get him resigned after the season ???

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      We better get him back!...

      Little has proven well to be a successful transition from LB to DE --and you're right MX, definitely more reliable than Carter!

      No. 91 will probably end up as a priority for the Rams to keep next season (perhaps at the expense of Cedric Jones). For now, he should end up sacking 2.5 :-) more against Atlanta and have an average of 1 in each playoff game.

      Let's take Leonard all the way to the Super Bowl! ;)


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        Jorge, I would have said that your prediction whould be right IF Chandler was playing but is he ????

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          Chandler is out, it is all Mike Vick this week. Should be interesting, Little and Wistrom on the outside vs. Vick.


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            I'm gonna love watching Little and Wistrom's speed against Vick's speed. That'll be one of the more interesting matchups to keep an eye on. Seems to me like the Swarm defense is the perfect defense to stop a quarterback like Vick. :evil:



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              I will say this; we have faced some QB's that can move this year and that will help against Vick. Of course, none of them runs like Vick does. But if we keep him in the pocket we should have no problem. The only problem with Little is that he is a specialist. And when comes time to sign is he going to want money of an every down player.


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                I agree with ya'll, Leonard Little is playing great football, love that guy. but mxbrian, what did you call our coach?! I've got respect for Martz, man.
                On another note, wish i lived in your town Jorge so we could celebrate the Rams winning another SB, but since i don't "Salut, TO THE RAMS: Youre the best :lid: ALL RAM FANS: I M PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH YOU ON THIS FORUM, MAKE SURE YOU PICK SOMETHING UP IN THE STORE!! GO RAMS BABY YEAH!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Martz Description

                  The word I used for Martz rhymes with shock-eee and refers to his unmatched confidence. Yes, he's a very confident guy and yes, I do in fact love the guy too. My point was that it is an organizational effort of many many people and that is ultimately what makes a team GREAT instead of GOOD.

                  In today's era of salary cap and free agency, having the possibility to win the SB two of three years is great. Let's get it done.

                  GET IT DONE !!!



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                    You all must remember with Little as well is he only plays about 40% of the snaps. He totals might reflect a lot more woth more time. Kollar rotates people in and out so Littles time is down.

                    I think this kid is another Kearse waiting to bust out....I hope we can resign him.

                    You must also remember Cedric signed only a ONE year contract so he really doesnt figure into things.


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                      Gotcha MxBri.......