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    To all my fellow RAM fans in the St Louis area...what is the situation regarding playoff tickets?? Unfortunately Im up here in Viqueen country and I know in the past when they have (cough cough) made the playoffs,there has been a lottery system with season ticket holders getting priority. I know all home games sold out but whats up with the post season? Is there ANY ticket availability outside of paying a scalper?? Any info will be appreciated.:shield:
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    Hey Fargo . . .

    Back in 1999 before the playoff game with the Queens, there were seven people arrested outside of the Dome either trying to purchase or selling tickets to the game. IF things hold true to form, the Pack would be coming to town on either the 19th or 20th which would make the tickets in higher demand. I would suggest a broker to get your tickets, and get them before you know who they are going to play. They may cost you some cash, but they are legit, and you won't get hosed with fake tickets like some poor saps have been in St. Louis this year. Good Luck!

    Try these guys -


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      Couple of ideas

      1) Try E-bay

      2) GREAT SITE to use...they do have tickets ready to buy there


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      • THOLTFAN81
        Rams Season Tickets
        by THOLTFAN81
        I was bored today just browsing the internet and was just looking up Rams season tickets (I live in NJ). I saw that they were relatively cheap for the cost of tickets around here. Cost you an arm and a leg just for a soda and a hot dog at a giants/jets game like 14$ for the two. If i lived in the St Louis area i would definitely be an owner of season tickets regardless. Was just wondering how many of you on here are season ticket holders? I think next season I am going to be making a trip to a game.
        -02-12-2010, 07:23 PM
      • NFLTopGun
        Rams-Ravens tickets
        by NFLTopGun
        Hey Rams' fans. I have Rams-Ravens preseason tickets available for over 50% off the face value. Here's what I have:

        Section 137, 12th row, 3 tickets. Face value is $99 each. Selling for $45 each.
        Section 125, 4th row, 3 tickets. Aisle seat. Face value is $77 each. Selling for $35 each.

        I live in West County of STL, so I can meet. Or I can mail the tickets if you're out of state. I believe Rams has a website where I can transfer tickets to you if you prefer to do it that way. Let me know if interested.

        You can contact me here or email me at [email protected].

        GO RAMS!
        -08-15-2013, 05:48 AM
      • Alec22
        Advice on Tickets
        by Alec22

        I attended a rams game 2 years ago, sat 50 yard line 3rd row up, amazing.

        This year though I will be buying a MUCH cheaper ticket, I was wondering as I do not remember:

        How easy is it to "move up" to better seats, as in How hard do the ushers check tickets?

        Do they not allow you to walk into the section without seeing your ticket? etc.

        I will be going to the home game vs the chargers on 10/17,

        Will this game sold out? Will I not be able to move up at all?
        -10-06-2010, 10:23 AM
      • BigGame
        I got tickets...
        by BigGame
        I got tickets this morning to the Bills-Rams contest on November 21st.

        Anyone else planning on attending this game? If so, mabey we could do a little tailgating, as I'm sure the Rams fans will need to stick together in a usually hostile Ralph Wilson Stadium.

        Unfortunatly, it looks like the Bills did well with season ticket sales, as even though I got my tickets officially 3 minutes after they went on sale, there was nothing available in the lower bowl.
        -07-17-2004, 05:41 PM
      • sarmcl
        I come in peace.....
        by sarmcl
        Hello Rams fans

        Some friends and I were thinking about coming to St Louis for the Browns game October 28th. I was hoping you could help me out.

        Do you have any recommendations of hotels near the arena? I would prefer something within walking distance

        Also--as far as tickets go. Does the team put single game tickets on sale? Or am I going to have to go through a scalper or Ebay.

        Thanks in advance and good luck in the upcoming season
        -04-11-2007, 11:03 AM