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Rams Robbed!! (pro bowl)

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  • Rams Robbed!! (pro bowl)

    For those that havent heard....5 named to pro bowl.


    Not Fletch, Grant or Adam....or Torry for that matter.

    We were robbed....they deserve the trip!!!! Fletch and Adam above the others....MAN:angryram:

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    yeah, WE WAS ROBBED!!

    The Pro Bowl Vote sucked, we're still not gettin' the respect. It was nice when we were a cinderella, but now nothing...


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      It's a tough business...

      Yes, it's a tough business alright. :confused:

      J-Ram, you probably meant Adam Archuleta, for an additional Rams Pro Bowl rep, right?

      According to the Rams NFL Web site, the following are "alternate" Pro Bowl selections:

      [Quote] Other Ramsí players selected as alternates are TE Ernie Conwell, LB London Fletcher, WR Torry Holt, G Adam Timmerman, K Jeff Wilkins, and DE Grant Wistrom. [end quote]

      Maybe we'll get even by winning the Super Bowl, ehy? ;)

      GO RAMS!!! :helmet:


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        Here are some folks I am very glad are Rams this year that aren't on the Pro Bowl list:

        Brian Young
        Tommy Polley
        Leonard Little
        Ricky Proehl
        Dre Bly

        What a TEAM we have. We have the best TEAM in the NFL.



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          Re: Rams Robbed!! (pro bowl)

          Originally posted by J-Ram
          Fletch and Adam above the others....MAN:angryram:
          Ok let me get this straight, here are the NFC Safeties:

          John Lynch - Tampa Bay
          Sammy Knight - New Orleans
          Brian Dawkins - Philadelphia

          Arch has played just as good as them. If only he had made a couple INT's. He had his chances.

          Lets look at the LB's:

          LaVar Arrington - Washington
          Derrick Brooks - Tampa Bay
          Jeremiah Trotter - Philadelphia
          Brian Urlacher - Chicago

          Urlacher is having an MVP year. Very justified. Arrington? 77 solo tackles, 3 INT's 1 TD but just 0.5 sacks. Brooks? 71 solo tackles, 2 INT's, no sacks, no TD's. Trotter? 83 solo tackles, 2 INT's, 3.5 sacks, 1 TD.

          Fletcher's stats are:

          56 solo tackles but 27 assists, no one else had even 20.
          4.5 sacks
          2 INT's but no touchdowns. If only Fletch had scored.


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            Roger that TX...

            Originally posted by txramsfan
            Here are some folks I am very glad are Rams this year that aren't on the Pro Bowl list:

            Brian Young
            Tommy Polley
            Leonard Little
            Ricky Proehl
            Dre Bly

            What a TEAM we have. We have the best TEAM in the NFL.
            Roger that TX. Rams definitely DO have the best all around team! These guys plus the colleagues they rotate with: Zgonina, McCleon, Moran, Archuleta, Jeff Robinson at TE, etc.... truly make a well rounded, strong, winning squad (they remind me --quality/level wise-- of the 1967-70 Rams, Colts [Baltimore] Packers, Vikings ...rugged, solid, tough teams).

            As for the Pro Bowl, I would have liked to seen Torry Holt in place of Keyshawn J. -- for crying out loud!

            THE St. Louis R A M S :ram:

            Hey TX, nice research of those facts/stats too! ;)
            Last edited by RealRam; -01-02-2002, 05:24 PM.


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              To be honest I dont take much stock in the Pro Bowl selections.There are always a bunch of players who get overlooked.We only had one defense player voted in and in a way it could be a blessing in disguise.I think that opposing teams still have a tendency to overlook the Rams defense and not give them the respect they deserve.Thats ok!Once our boys are holding the Lombardi trophy the Pro Bowl wont mean a thing.Our Rams will have a tough playoff run ahead of them and I think both our offense and defense will be up for the challenge.Just my two cents worth.

              :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
              Last edited by Aries51; -01-02-2002, 05:59 PM.


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                at least it's not the MLB all star game where everyone deserving and undeserving gets in, at least we don't have that stupid rule about all teams being present...


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                  That's alright i'll still get to c them here in HAWAII.


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                    The Pro Bowl means nothing.
                    If we win the Super Bowl I wouldn't care if we had no players selected.
                    Probably the reason a lot of Rams missed out on selection, especially on defense, is the team ethic.
                    While good players at the Bucs may stand out on an otherwise unspectacular team, the Rams have so many good players that its difficult for them to get noticed.
                    The Swarm doesn't have to many individuals because they all play hard as a team.
                    Leave the glory and Pro Bowl places to teams who aren't going further than the 1st round of the play-offs. They need it more.
                    The only recognition the Rams need is a 2nd ring.



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                      heard one

                      I heard something that made me laugh that really made me think.

                      How much weight can you really put into the pro bowl.

                      Lets take 11 of the best players from all over the NFL and line them up against the Rams and then lets see who will still win. I would bet the Rams would win 9/10 times


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                        Screw the pro bowl

                        The Pro Bowl is a damn popularity contest. Its a nice bonus for the player Im sure...but the only place I wanna see these guys go in FEB is NEW ORLEANS.
                        It may be a blessing not sending some guys...who can say ROBERT EDWARDS?? A promising career was ENDED at the Pro Bowl weekend. Adam Archuletta to the Pro Bowl?? Cmon guys...Archulettas track record with his health is SHAKEY
                        thus far...he has shown himself vulnerable to concussion...not a good sign for a hard hitting safety. Hes played well as a rook but you cant be going out for two games here and a game there with a concussion. Should this trend continue he will have a BRIEF career. The real crime is not seeing more of the O LINEMEN acknowledged. Without these guys playing as well as they have Warner and Faulk
                        would NOT be LEGITIMATE MVP candidates!! Us OLD SCHOOL FANS can see a REPEAT of SUPER BOWL XIV looming...only no 'hail marys' to STALLWORTH or SWANN this time. NEW ORLEANS OR BUST!!:angryram:
                        "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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                          I would place a wee bet that after the ram win the SuperBowl, most of our guys will be to tired to go to the JokePro Bowl

                          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                            Hey, we all know the probowl selections are subjective. I mean, really, if it was up to us, the pro bowl would only be made up of Rams. Am I right?:o


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                              I just can't believe that we have the number2 rated defence in the league and number1 in the NFC and we only have one defencer going to the Pro Bowl!!!!!!

                              Williams truly deserves his spot, BUT PLEASE WHAT ABOUT FLETCH!!!

                              174 Tackles


                              4.5 SACKS. and the emotional leader of our D

                              I think the RAMS are just NOT liked around the league!!!!!!!!!!

                              O well it's just jealousy WE HAVE THE BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE

                              It won't affect the players from their main GOAL and the SUPER

                              BOWL will be going to the ST.LOUIS.

                              "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                                I dont know about everybody else,but I love the Pro bowl

                                Last game of the season,season sure went by FAST!

                                We get to see some Rams play.

                                Hoping Torry gets MVP.

                                The Uniforms are cool(well at least the NFC unis are cool).

                                I wish they still had the Supe Champs play the college all stars I really miss that.

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                                as pro bowl ending is just about to end, cbs has an article about the guys they think should be on the pro bowl team.

                                In the NFC, there are two :helmet: players listed

                                anyways herez the article...enjoy!

                                NFC offense
                                QB: Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks. Reserves: Eli Manning, Giants; Mark Brunell, Redskins.
                                Comment: This is really a down year for NFC quarterbacks, so Hasselbeck takes the start almost by default. The reserves? Somebody has to go.

                                RB: Starters: Shaun Alexander, Seahawks. Reserves: Tiki Barber, Giants; Warrick Dunn, Falcons.
                                Comment: Alexander is having an MVP-like season, so he gets the start. Dunn edges out Washington's Clinton Portis for the final spot.

                                FB: Starter: Mack Strong, Seahawks.
                                Comment: He's the guy leading Alexander to all those yards.

                                WR: Starters: Steve Smith, Carolina; Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona. Reserves: Santana Moss, Redskins; Joey Galloway, Bucs.
                                Comment: Smith is an MVP candidate, while Fitzgerald has put up huge numbers with the Cardinals. Moss has cooled some, while Galloway is having his best year since 1998.

                                TE: Starter: Alge Crumpler, Falcons. Reserve: Jeremy Shockey, Giants.
                                Comment: Clearly they are the two best in the NFC. Washington's Chris Cooley is a riser who just misses.

                                T: Starters: Walter Jones, Seahawks; Jon Jansen, Redskins. Reserve: Orlando Pace, Rams.
                                Comment: Jones is the league's best tackle, while Jansen gets the nod in a weak right tackle group. Pace is still a heck of a player.

                                G: Starters: Steve Hutchinson, Seahawks; Chris Snee, Giants. Reserve: Larry Allen, Cowboys.
                                Comment: Hutchinson and Jones make up the best side of any line in the league. Snee is a real comer who will be a perennial choice here.

                                C: Starter: Olin Kreutz, Bears. Reserve: LeCharles Bentley, Saints.
                                Comment: When he's not breaking teammates' jaws, Kreutz is a heck of a player. Bentley would get more notice on a better team.

                                K: Neil Rackers, Cardinals.
                                Comment: He has missed one field-goal attempt all season, making 34 of 35. That's amazing.

                                NFC defense
                                DE: Starters: Mike Strahan, Giants; Will Smith, Saints. Reserve: Adewale Ogunleye, Bears.
                                Comment: Strahan lowered his body weight, but his production didn't drop. Smith has quietly developed into a star.

                                DT: Starters: Rod Coleman, Falcons; Tommie Harris, Bears. Reserve: La'Roi Glover, Cowboys.
                                Comment: Coleman is a sack guy inside, while Harris has emerged as a dominant player for a good Bears defense.

                                OLB: Starters: Lance Briggs, Bears; Derrick Brooks, Bucs. Reserve: Karlos Dansby, Cardinals.
                                Comment: Briggs is a rising star, while Brooks is a veteran who continues to play at a high level. Dansby could be a starter in years to come.

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                                Now it counts, Part Deux?...
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                                Are we going to be sending anyone there this year??

                                Pace might make it on his name, but I don't think he has played at that level. Bruce MIGHT and Bulger MAYBE. Holt, I doubt. Could be an ugly year for entries.
                                -12-03-2004, 04:55 AM
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