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Hate to say it, but your wrong (Pro Bowl)

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  • Hate to say it, but your wrong (Pro Bowl)

    For the hundreth time, I LOVE the Rams, I love my fellow Rams fans, but Archy is SOOOOOOOOOOO overated. Think he should go to the Pro Bow???? Whatta ya kindin' me?

    He's a roockie, he held out for half of training camp, he has missed a slew of games because he isn't tough enough to play hurt, he is terrible in pass coverage, two of his int's he has gotten he has fumbled back to the other team, he is basically unproven.

    In fact, I would rather have the always reliable Devin Bush at Safety at this point in time. I do think Fletch got robbed, but yall need to stop Archy love affair, he hasn't proven anything.

    Republican Ram

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    a reply

    There is playing with an injury and then there is playing with your career. I am not sure if you were referring to archuleta's ankle injury when you questioned his resolve. If that is the case, then I really don't know the severity of that injury. However, if it was his concussion that you were referring to then you are wrong. In this enlightened age we now know that playing with a head injury is not the same as playing with an ankle sprain.

    From what I have seen Archuleta is a great hitter and as tough as anyone. I don't think he is pro bowl material, but considering he is a rookie and during his last year at Arizona St. he played LB the man is doing awesome. :helmet:


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      He may or may not deserve to be there THIS year, but definitely in years to come...John Lynch should NOT be there.


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        ITA DJ, if healthy he will be there soon enough. I just hope stops leading with his head when he tackles.



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          Say what!?!...

          [Quoted at beginning of thread ] "...He [A. Archuleta] hasn't proven anything." [end quote]

          Fellow Republic Ram:

          While our No. 31 may not be Pro Bowl material (yet), it's not like he hasn't PROVEN his much-better-than-average worth -- even as a "roockie (as you put it)."

          You would perhaps want to reconsider your "your wrong" statements regarding this promising safety:

          "Your wrong" is also mispelled; it should correctly be "you're wrong," i.e., YOU.

          Archuleta HAS proven to be a hard-hitting, tough football player even when injured due to effective, hardnose, rugged tackling.

          Example: that great hit on New York Giant's receiver Joe Jurevicius (6-5" 230 lbs., considerably bigger than Adam) towards their final drive, causing the ball to pop out and to be intercepted by DE Grant Wistrom -- providing a critical, clutch save. :evil:
          Other fine plays by A. A. such as this one have been recognized by veteran Ram teammates, by defensive coordinator Lovie Smith, head coach Mike Martz, ClanRam Warriors, TV sportscasters, home fans, the press, etc. This guy is a hard working athlete! Physically vulnerable? We don't know yet.

          What does missing a "slew of games" mean to you: six?, eight?, five? Do you in fact know how many he missed? Repeatedly did Ram coaches mention they wanted to protect Adam Archuleta from possibly aggravating the concussion; they were saving him for future games because they want him as a s-t-a-r-t-e-r, in itself an achievement for a 1st year man.

          Are you even aware that he played three games with a busted hand, a couple of which he also played with a bad ankle? And you say "...he isn't tough enough to play hurt..." Tsk, tsk, tsk.

          Again, even as a rookie, this young man has been a definite, positive contribution to the remarkably improved defense of the Rams this year. Chances are he will only become a better, wiser safety in years to come.

          I am glad he joined the revamped Rams 'D' this year along with Aeneas Williams, Kim Herring, and all the others. The timing couldn't have been any better.

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            I agree in what Jorge Valdivia is saying about our young SAFETY

            :mad: BOY HELL CAN THIS BOY HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            We would be at 12-3 instead of 13-2 if it wasn't for that bone-crushing hit on Joe Jurevicius which gave us the win when Mr. Wistrom intercepted the ball.......He's a playmaker

            This guy has learn't alot this year and going to be better than GOOD he's going to be GREAT!

            :angryram: MOVE OVER MR.LYNCH
            "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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              I agree with what Jorge Valdivia is saying about our young SAFETY

              :mad: BOY HELL CAN THIS BOY HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              We would be at 12-3 instead of 13-2 if it wasn't for that bone -crushing hit on Joe Jurevicius that gave us the win when Mr. Wistrom intercepted the ball.......... This guy is playmaker and he is learning fast.

              He's going to be better than GOOD! Great springs to mind.

              :angryram: MOVE OVER MR.LYNCH.
              "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                I completely agree with Jorge Valdivia. While he isn't exactly Pro Bowl material this year, he will have many to come. He is perfect for this defense. And as far as Devin Bush goes, he was anything but reliable.



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                  1 more thing

                  Archuletta played most of the Carolina game with a shoulder injury.


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                    Well said Jorge,I think Arch has done a good job in his first year.Adam is a conditioning fanatic and I think he will come to camp in even better shape next year.He does need to avoid the helmet to helmet hits,but I think his technique will improve with time.I believe Adam is a keeper.

                    :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield: