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Rams what-ifs: 16-0?

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  • Rams what-ifs: 16-0?

    I cant help but wonder if i am the only fan thinking, geez, if not for a couple of turnovers we'd be 15-0 with just the lowly falcons remaining on deck. but i guess we shouldn't cry over 14-2!:king:

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    Would we really wanna be 16-0?

    13-2 is good enough for me. I like to wonder about all the what-if's too, but I try not to too much. I think the losses put less pressure on the team as a whole, though. If the Rams were 16-0 at the end of the season, I think it would be a little too much pressure going into the playoffs. People would be expecting them to win, and teams would be gunning for us more. I'd rather have it the way it is now, with teams underestimating us, calling us overrated, so that we can come in and prove them wrong.



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      I know this may sound strange,but I think the two losses made the Rams stronger in the long run.Ever since the loss to the Bucs we have been hanging on to the ball better and we seem more focused.I think both our losses this year were definite wake up calls.

      :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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        I agree with EvilDisco but I think teams are gunning for us anyway. In the end 16-0 would have been great. And I do think that they would have done it minus a couple of turnovers. The good out of all of that is of those 13 turnovers in the two losses, they lost by a combined 10 points. The Saints game in particular they scored 31 points and had eight turnovers and still lost by three on a last second field goal. That is really incredible when you think about it. Most teams would lose by 31 points comitting 8 turnovers.

        The two losses this year showed me one thing, even when this team plays bad football they are still competive and in the game until the end. Limit mistakes and no on can beat them.

        TO THE BOWL BABY!!!



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