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  • you guys!!!!

    Don't murder your fellow Ram fan! First, don't insult my spelling, ever heard of Dan Quayle, you guy's know all to well that Republicans can't spell.

    Second, I have good reason to dislike Adam. The selfish punk held out of training camp despite the fact that the previos year Kurt Warner, who was MVP of the superbowl, mind you, went despite his agent telling him not to go. If you can't see the hypocrasy in that, you should be down in Florida with Warren Sapp and Janet Reno. Warren is busy always talking about "next year" and Janet thinks she can beat JEB for Gov! Yeah Right.

    I know what you will say though, and it's the same reason we lost our title as having the best sports fans in football......ya da ya da da, everybody holds out, ya da ya da ya da, he's young, ya da ya da ya, he is a hard hitter, ya da ya da ya da.

    Adam should have seen that he was on the most classy team in the NFL, the one that set's the bar, not the one that follows it.

    I could go on, but I don't want to create a sports filibuster! I will do plenty of those when I am a Missouri Senator. (Ms. Carnihan;I am coming!)

    Republican Ram

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    What kind of Republican are you?

    I thought Republicans were all about getting as much money as humanly possible? Perhaps Archuleta was embracing the republican way of life with his holdout. Maybe he is going to donate some of his salary to the NRA. Adam could very well be the poster boy for republican ram fans everywhere. Don't sell him short.

    Increase the peace.



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      I must say, that was a great comeback!! Yeah, if anything else, I should like him for that! I do like ALL the rams, Archy included, I just really frowned on his hold out.

      Republican Ram


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        I do agree about the spelling thing. I tend to disagree with you on the Arch hold out for a number of reasons:

        1. He is a rookie. He was just listening to his agent.
        2. First round picks are notorious for holding out. He wasn't holding out for the sake of holding out, he just had to find out what the market was bearing.

        As far as the dictionary police, well, just don't let them bother you.


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          It was just good business for adam to hold out, I'm sure the organisation realise that even if it pi*ses off most fans who would PAY money to get onto the pitch at training camp not hold out for obscenely large salaries and bonuses


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            think about this

            You all have to remember a couple things about the NFL. The NFL is a business first and fun second. A good agent is going to try and get ALL the money possible for their client...remember they more they get the more they make.

            This is a JOB for the players...not a game...they are looking for protection as well. To a certain point you can't balme the players. How many other people can you say have done what Warner did???

            NOT MANY!!! Warner is in another league than ANY player...