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    Just to say I'm really pleased to see Yo getting a chance to return kicks, Trung may be the No1 pick but Yo is the guy who wants to return kicks.

    It's just a pity he's not had more chances at WR but it's a reflection of how lucky the WR's have been at avoiding injuries so far this year. It must be all that diving before they are tackled that the aints fans moan about.:p :p

    Gooooooo Yo:shield:

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    I am a big fan of Yo Murphy, as he did excellent in the preseason. The possible departure of Az doesn't make me so nervous when I realize we have Yo. He would be a great third or fourth receiver. Just another diamond in the rough that the sharp-eyed Rams organization discovered. He didn't look too great returning kicks, but he was very solid and he will get better the more he practices at it. I'm glad he's getting more chances to play.



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      He was a great player at the Claymore's and I know that means diddly squat but he does have an NFL level of talent. He does also have a GREAT attitude to the game and the fans. I reckon one of the great changes in the Rams over the last 3-4 seasons has been the character of the players they sign.


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      • DODRAM
        Rams re sign Murphy
        by DODRAM
        In other developments, the Rams have signed two exclusive rights free agents to one-year deals: Safety Willie Gary ($300,000) and wide receiver/kickoff returner Yo Murphy ($375,000). Exclusive rights free agents have fewer than three years experience.

        Good to see the ex Claymore and the Claymore to be, getting new contracts. Yo certainly did enough at the end of last season to justify his place on the team
        -02-22-2002, 12:28 PM
      • THOLTFAN81
        Marqise Lee
        by THOLTFAN81
        Question to those who watch college football, what is his deal?

        I remember last year everyone being extremely giddy about him and I myself became enamored with him and wanted the Rams to select him this year after reading up on him last year.

        I now see he has struggled/had injury issues. I remember reading that if he were eligible to come out last year he would have been a top 5 pick and was built like AJ Green.

        To the USC fans who have followed him, what is his deal?
        -11-24-2013, 09:17 AM
      • Guam rammer
        Linny,Vermiel, fans, and the Rams.
        by Guam rammer
        I actually like what was written about Vermeil but i really wish it didnt have to go this far. I was hoping that the injuries from last year were really the cause for a bad 07' And Linny would be credited with a good comeback season. But now that we've come in and performed the way we have these last two games, its evident the team needs to move in a different direction.

        I'm sorry for Linny, its never a good feeling to see someone like him come close to failing. Throughout the entire Jax thing in training camp he never once gave lip service, even if he knew this was the year that would make or break his career. he trusted his gut feeling that the deal would be done, and when Jax got in everything would be uphill from there. We fans did too.

        I believe he brought good coaches here in Haslette and Saunders but things just arent turning into a storybook plot. He's relieved himself of playcalling to manage more effectively during gameday, but the team just isnt executing properly. He's the coach and the blame almost always falls on the coach when things get sour. There's practically nothing he can do to stop it because its the culture of the NFL to produce a winning product quickly, proficiently and effectively. The fans, organization and media demand it!!!And yes!!! as a hard core, crazy-money spending fan...i also am guilty of this.

        For Scott linehan, the phrase "nice guys finish last" is as bright as the sun. But remember, a bright spot always brings new life and that brightness will multiply in huge numbers because of the classy road he's chosen. I can see why the organization brought him in, its because his character is good. He wants to win in a good way with good, classy, players that also have character and morals that represent the community of St.louis Missouri and the Stlouis Rams football team. But his way is unacceptable in this league. We want firey, trashy-mouthed, coaches and players that frequent the local and national media with childish, irresponsible, and meaningless antics to boost up ticket sales and call attention to themselves in their personal off-field lives. This is what sells in the world of sports if not sex. But i'll always pull for the good guys of this game because they make better roll models for our kids and the next generation of players and coaches that will one day roam the sidelines of the game i love to watch.

        If Mr. linehan is let go of his duties and ends up coaching for a different team somewhere in the future, I'll root for him. Because i know he did everything he was allowed, to improve an already troubled football organization. The results are not there, but i know he tried. Thats all anyone could ever ask of any one individual person.
        -09-17-2008, 06:44 AM
      • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
        Are the Rams really that "Devoid of Talent"?
        by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
        Before and after this year's NFL draft, I, and Im sure just about all of you, have been getting the "devoid of talent" in regards to the Ram's roster force fed down our throats. Even after the draft it seems that it has remained a mainstay in in Ram 2010 prospects.

        So my question is, are we really devoid of talent, or experience?

        QB: Before the addition of Sam Bradford we definitively were short on perceived talent. A.J Feeley, Keith Null, and (at the time) Mike Reilly, left much to be desired. With the addition of Bradford, who has been called one of the best QB prospects of the 2000s (behind only Carson Palmer and Eli Manning according to Casserly), the talent question mark has been erased and instead replaced with the experience one.

        RB: Everyone knows Sjax is one of the best backs in the league. Behind him is only a bunch of question marks like Ogbonnaya, Toston, and Darby. None have done anything to say if they have talent or not, and one (Darby) doesn't look to have anything special based on what we've seen of him.

        WR: Here's one of the biggest question marks on the team. What do we really have here? Laurent Robinson has flashed "go-to-guy" ability in a Ram's uniform but has been consistently bitten by the injury bug in one form of another. If he can remain healthy he has the talent to be a number one guy it would seem. He has talent, just not experience

        Donnie Avery is a bit of an enigma. He definitely has talent. With his special speed, he can stretch the field and make big plays. However he seems more fit to be utilized in this role rather than the reliable possession guy. His hands are suspect and so far he has not been reliable enough to be counted on to make the catch. He has talent, just not experience

        Brandon Gibson could be a compliment to Avery. He has great looking hands, something Avery has not shown. He also shows an ability to make YAC with his quick hips and moves. He does not possess considerable speed however. If he can stay healthy, he could be a very effective role player or starter. He has talent, just not experience

        Mardy Gilyard was a steal in the fourth by all indications. He is the classic case of a guy not being flashy on paper (unless you look at his production:eek: ) but just flat out MAKES PLAYS. He is just at 6 feet, if that, and his 40 time isn't eye opening with a 4.5 average, but his agility and quicker than normal change of direction ability makes him a slippery guy after the catch. This also gives him an advantage in route running and returning as it allows him to stop on a dime and make a cut without losing too much momentum. His hands are also fairly reliable, rarely will you see him drop a pass watching the tape. Above all however, the guys is simply a playmaker. He gets behind the defender despite his perceived lack of speed and he is a pain in the open field with his quick hips...
        -06-07-2010, 12:39 PM
      • RamWraith
        Head Coach Scott Linehan--Saturday, September 2
        by RamWraith
        The Quote Sheet - Saturday

        Head Coach Scott Linehan

        (Opening Statement) “We’re in September, you can tell. The weather’s
        changed a bit. I’m sure we’re due some warmer days still, I haven’t
        been through a calendar year in St. Louis, but it’s a pretty nice day.
        Down to 53, so if you have any questions on that certainly ask me.
        Some tough decisions. Probably since my time here, that was probably
        my toughest night. They were all tough, but last night, went round and
        round on a couple, but you’ve got to make decisions, live with them and
        move on. I’m very happy with the group we have. I think we’ve got a
        very good roster. I’m pleased with the fact that we’re very healthy
        going into the first game. Now we’ve just got to go and put out a
        great effort here starting September 10th.”

        (On why QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was chosen over QB Dave Ragone) “I think
        Fitz [Patrick] having some extra time certainly gave him an advantage.
        He played well in practice and most of the preseason. I don’t think
        either one had their best night Thursday night, but it’s like I told
        Dave this morning when I met with him. Not one game made the decision
        for me or for anybody. He worked an uphill battle, and improved, and
        did well, and better every game he played until the last one. I said
        ‘You should have no regrets.’ He’ll have feelers from other people.
        He’s certainly someone who’s been here that is now familiar with what
        we’re doing, so I told him I wouldn’t forget about him. I go a long
        way back with him now and that was a tough one. I’ve done it…I left
        before his senior year when I was coaching him in college, and then I
        had to talk to him about this deal today, which was certainly not

        (On depth being the reason CB DeJuan Groce was cut) “No question. We’
        ve added some real quality depth to our secondary. We needed to. The
        battles were very good there. DeJuan did a nice job for us. I think
        he had an interception early in the preseason, I think I might have
        even been the Indianapolis game, but he did a nice job for us. Had a
        little set back with the hamstring injury, and that held him back
        some. It didn’t allow him to stay in that mode he was in as far as
        competing, but that was another tough one. It hampered him being able
        to help possibly making the team as a specialist because he was never
        100 percent healthy after he got that hamstring injury in training

        (On if the hamstring injury was what kept Groce out) “The hip flexor,
        and then his hamstring was bothering him this last week, so he was
        having some problems with both. He went as much as he could but it
        -09-03-2006, 01:17 PM