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  • Az-Zahir Hakim

    Sup Rams Fans...

    I'm wonderin' what y'all think bout Hakim...he is electric but has issues holding on to the damn ball (thanks, Keyshawn). Should we let him go? I have heard his name mentioned with New Orleans. Normally that would be real bad becuase he could burn us next year, but with realignment it doesn't really matter strictly in terms of football.

    If he is let go, who should replace him? Here's one to think about: I heard somewhere the idea of 1st or 2nd round picks for Cris Carter. Thoughts?

    I'm in Seattle and can't WAIT for realignment.

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    I'm not sure whats gonna happen with Az,but as far as giving up 1st and 2nd round draft picks for Cris Carter,I doubt that very much.The Rams are way too strong at the wide-out position to give up that much for an old vet.I've always liked Carter,but I cant see him being a Ram.Just my opinion.

    :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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      In response to your comment about HAKIM, I also think he is a very talented player and electric to watch. But everytime he fields a punt my heart is in my mouth! (oh! there goes the ball!). I think we'll let him go in the off season.

      I think FLETCH and LITTLE will be signed with the cap room we have available, and keep our defence together.

      There's no way that I see the Rams signing CHRIS CARTER. There's some pretty good young recievers in the 2002 Draft. (God I hope ROCK AND ROLL RICKY PROEHL doesn't retire!).

      :angryram: RAMS FOREVER!!
      "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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        Reckon Az will be too expensive to stay. Some team will pay him bick bucks to be their first or second receiver. Good luck to the guy I'd take the money if I had the chance. the only problem is that he may not be a WR1 or WR2 and take the physical side of playing every down.

        The Rams are set with Holt and Bruce , Proehl will hoepfully be back for one more year and that laeves Yo to fight it out with Sorensen the rookie who seems to have caught Martz's eye.


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          Hey welcome to the clanram incredible J...

          We've debated this issue for weeks - including TWO polls. The general consensus is...

          1. He's an explosive receiver and could be many teams' #1 WR.
          2. With every fumble we are getting more and more impatient.

          While there's a split over whether we should re-sign him or not, I think it's near 100% that he should never be allowed to line up deep in punt returns...


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            Sorenson #4

            I think Az is going to be gone. And like the rest, I like the guy. He is a lot of fun to watch; even with his ball handling problems. But, because he will want more money and the handling problems we will let him go. I wish him all the luck and hope he doesn't burn us in the future. I see Ricky coming back and being are #3 guy. He will put up good numbers and probably have more TD's than Az. I also see Sorenson becoming are #4 guy. Martz really seems to like him. Plus he could be a bonus in the red zone. Plus lets not forget about the draft. You never know what Martz might find in there. Hopefully he'll do better this time in picking out WR's.;)


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              Dont let the door hit ya Az

              Frankly I never cared much for the guy. Sure he has made a few big plays...but all in all hes NOT a great WR. Hes supposedly the 3d guy...AHEAD OF RICK(MONEY)PROEHL?? Hes not half the player that Rick is. Hes NOT reliable...when IKE went down vs ATLANTA he basically DISAPPEARED. This is when HE NEEDS TO STEP UP. Thank GOD for R.Money. Az is small so he gets jammed easily,he doesnt run great routes,he sure doesnt have good hands AND he fumbles in the open field often. Plenty of people who can do that for ya. Im sure he thinks he should make more $$ on his next contract as well. Dont let the door hit ya on the way out AZ!!
              In a year or 2 he'll be Eddie Kennison. Maybe he will step up for us THIS YEAR in the playoffs and MAKE UP for that horrible gaffe LAST YEAR in New Orleans...but I wont hold my breath.:angryram:

              "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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                By Az and good luck. We need to spend our money on keeping the rest of the team together.


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                  I for one am indifferent on Az being resigned.

                  He is explosive as our #3, but we do not need him to win provided Ricky Proehl returns. If he is not in the line-up we will have the chance to find and develop a potential #1 or 2 receiver not stay with a #3 guy.

                  Az's contribution to this team is appreciated and will never be forgot, but in the end he is our #3 and at times our #4.

                  See you at the Playoffs,


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                    I'm pretty sure the team is through with him on returns. No worries there. He's still great as a receiver so he has some value there. I'm hoping we can use him for trade to get a draft pick or just let him go and free up some money for a free agent.


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                      I personally like Hakim, particularly when he is pitching the ball to Canidate (did you see the last play of the 1st half when I think they had that same play called, but a Falcon stepped between Hakim and Faulk?), throwing a strike to Bruce, or just running like h***. I'd like to see him stay...his speed is part of the offensive package...While Proehl is a great receiver I think that his lack of speed would hurt the offense.

                      Little and Fletcher are more important to sign...

                      As for Carter, I think he is as much of a cancer as Moss (well, almost as much...). Check out the sideline shots of the Vikings, and Carter is jawing as much as anyone...Stay away from him...




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                        KC coasted much of last year and he did/does take plays off but I think calling him a cancer is a step too far. To be a cancer he would have had to spread his attitude through all the team mmmmmm..... well maybe you have a point.

                        No seriously the guys on the D had a lot of respect for KC, he is a nice guy with a bundle of talent but needs to take a look at how he was playing and get his head set to play like that again

                        The D was crap last year because it wasn't very good the year before and got older and slower together. We got away with it in 99 because in many games the O took a big lead early and because we played a weaker schedule. It wasn't just KC , it was Lyght, Collins, Jones, Lyle as well, they all got too slow. But at least they got slow with a Super Bowl ring on their fingers
                        GO CLAYMORES : DEAD BUT NOT FORGOTTEN


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                          Hakim is a perfect 3rd WR in our system, he has made some great catches as a wideout. Big catches also, this year. He will never be a top WR on any team that wants to go to the playoffs, and what a liability on special teams. If he knows his role as the 3rd WR, fine. Re-sign him. If he wants star status, send him to K.C.

                          That's right MsWistRam, K.C. is now our pergatory. lol


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                            Hey DODRAM, My cancer comment was directed at the cancerous cris carter, not the cancerous kevin carter...

                            Though I agree that KC is not all bad...



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                              Sorry my bad :mask:

                              But I think Chris Carter is a much better person than he was when he came into the league with Philadelphia. I read an article in the last few days where he was questioning what he had done wrong for Moss to turn out the way he has.

                              Kinda non ram related- sorry
                              GO CLAYMORES : DEAD BUT NOT FORGOTTEN


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                                Keep after Carter
                                J. Green
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                                Draft and an average vet. receiver
                                See how Murphy and St. Paul pan out
                                We are screwed
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                                It's good, improves an already awesome corps.
                                Not good, he will be a distraction despite his good play on the field.
                                Not sure, let's wait and see.
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                                At least for day 1...I say no. I don't see the point. The way our offense played last year we basically had Holt, and Bruce and Jackson. Not to mention we could always line up with Klop and/or Byrd, we all know Linehan likes to utilize the TE's. And with Bulger realizing what a beast Jackson is (as he slowly realized all season...) he has been throwing to him a lot, just like a 3rd receiver. I think it not only confuses a defense, but it works for our particular offense. If we're going to draft a WR, I really don't think there should be one seen on Day 1. Too many needs with the defense still to just say, screw it, let's get a really good guy in the 1st or 2nd, even 3rd round...
                                -02-07-2007, 06:16 PM
                              • Fargo Ram Fan
                                Carter To Visit Rams
                                by Fargo Ram Fan
                                Sounds pretty serious at this point. Im sure most have heard that Chris Mortenson(pretty reliable source) reports that Carter is to visit the Ram facilities on Wednesday if talks stay positive thru the weekend. Also read on the AP wire that Rick(MONEY)Proehl has been offered a $750000 one year deal. From what I know of R.Money...he isnt the money grubbing,selfish type of guy who would want to jump ship for a few bucks more. Lets face it....3/4 of a Mil to play with the GREATEST SHOW ON a system he knows intimately...already odds on favorites to return to the big show next the twilight of his career....WHERE DO I SIGN?!?! If these things fall into place the RAMS would have THE MOST FORMIDABLE WR CORPS EVER ASSEMBLED...BAR NONE!!!! Just when you think this offense couldnt get any BETTER!!! Simply add the second most prolific WR in NFL HISTORY and stir!!! Now if we could just get some moron to understand that THE BEST PLAYER IN THE GAME needs more than 17 CARRIES in the SUPER BOWL.;)
                                -03-02-2002, 08:27 AM
                              • Karl-Baker
                                Hypothetical Question....
                                by Karl-Baker
                                I'd Like To Ask All RAM Fans A Question.

                                It's A "Hypothetical Question" - And I Haven't Heard (or Read) Any Rumors About Anything....

                                The Rams Pick 31st (Round 1) In This Year's Draft.

                                The Texans Pick 1st - We All Know, They'll Select David Carr (QB - Frenso State) With That Selection.

                                The Carolina Panthers Pick Second.

                                They've Got A LONG WAY To Go, Before Becoming A Super Bowl Contender (Are We All Agreed On That ??).
                                They've Got A New Head Coach, And He's Said - It's Going To Be A Long Hard Road To Rebuild That Franchise.

                                So Here Is My Question:

                                What Would It Take, For The Rams To Trade UP With The Panthers And SWAP Picks ????

                                Remember - The Rams Have ZERO Cap Room In 2003.
                                They Will Not Have Money To Sign A First Round Draft Pick.
                                Also, If They Win The Super Bowl (This Year) - Their First Round Draft Choice In 2003 Will Be 32nd Overall.

                                So - My Question.... What Would It Take To Swap With The Panthers ???

                                PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME THE MIKE DITKA "The Whole Draft" Scenario. Mike Ditka Was An Idiot For Trading the Whole Draft For Ricky Williams.

                                Also Remember, This Swap Will Not Involve A "Franchise QB" .
                                (i.e.: Michael Vick, Ryan Leaf, Payton Manning).

                                The Falcons Gave Up Last Year's 1st Rounder/This Year's First Rounder/ And A 3rd Round Pick For Swaping Picks With The Chargers - Last Year.

                                So - What Do You Think It Would Take ????

                                Please - I Haven't Heard Anything (Or Read Anything) To Suggest The Rams Are Planning On Doing This.
                                So Don't Flood The Web With This (He, He - Although That Would Be Kind'of Funny).

                                O.K. Rams Fans - Let Me Hear Your Opinion !!!!!

                                Thanks In Advance,

                                -03-11-2002, 07:33 PM