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Good luck, have fun in New Orleans next month

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  • Good luck, have fun in New Orleans next month

    I've raised heck with a lot of y'all on the Smack board, though in the weeks since the MNF game I've been busy with the holidays and family and work. This is probably only my second post on the Ram Talk area.

    Anyhoo...The Rams are clearly the best team in the league right now and they're easy to pull for. The Warners are an incredible success story. What can anyone add to the legend that is Marshall Faulk? I don't recall a one-year turnaround on defense like the job Lovie's done. And...oh how I love to poke fun at Martz! But it's kinda like a rival physicist cracking on Einstein's hair. Funny, but meaningless.

    So take care. Enjoy the Superbowl that you deserve. If you can get to New Orleans, you won't regret it. Two pieces of advice: when booking a hotel, ask about the cost of parking (one that I stayed in recently charged me $20 per night...the room was only $50!) and the seafood-boiled potatoes at Deanie's are addictive!!!

    Take care!

    (slinking back under my rock now)

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    Take care Nick, enjoyed your posts, hope we all enjoy the big game;)


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      cheers nick.

      Look forward to more smack.

      The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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        Originally posted by rampower
        cheers nick.

        Look forward to more smack.

        I've gotta say...

        Your team has (or will have) rings. Mine just got rolled by the stinkin' '9ers and has lost in very humiliating fashion the last four weeks.

        It's gonna be a long time before I smack around.

        Take care of business guys!


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          Wow, that's two, count 'em, two Saints fans that have wished us good luck. My respect for the Saints' organization is restored. It's nice to know there's real football fans out there, especially Saints fans. I guess they had nothing to lose considering we won't play them (probably) until 2007. :upset:

          I'll miss you, Saints.



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            It's good to finally hear from a Saints fan who has class. Smack talk is great and all but it takes a big person to admit when their team isn't as good and we all go through that one time or another no matter who are team is. The Rams happen to be the best right now and I'm enjoying it because it won't always be this way. Good luck to your team during the off season.


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              WOW! That is all class. Thank you, Saints fans and good luck in your new division. Kick the you-know-what out of the yuck-aneers, will ya?


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                You're alright Saint Nick:king:


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                • Guest's Avatar
                  by Guest
                  If I did the math correctly Nick averages over 11 posts a day including Saturday's and sundays. That is over 11 posts 7 days a week! Amazing!
                  -03-02-2005, 08:10 PM
                • RamsInfiniti
                  Farewell and Good Luck!
                  by RamsInfiniti
                  Well, I must say that I have enjoyed posting here and talking Rams football (when it's actually being talked) for the past several months ...

                  With that said, I'm done posting here. It's just not worth it anymore. I'm a diehard Ram's fan, always have been and always will be. Ever since I first put my eyes on NFL football, this has been the team I've followed. I will be in front of that TV, computer, telephone, whatever it takes, more than likely every day possible for the rest of my life following this great franchise: yes, GREAT, franchise. I love football, it is a passion of mine, and I appreciate the fact that I get to take part in it every week for several months out of the year ...

                  Unfortunately, posting here has been more work than pleasure. I'm just tired of reading the same posts over and over again. The same topics pop up time and time:

                  1. Bring Marty Ball to St. Louis
                  2. Hire Cowher
                  3. We're going 0-16
                  4. Bulger sucks, get rid of him
                  5. Jackson has a bad attitude, lets replace him with McFadden
                  6. Linehan dresses funny
                  7. Linehan should be mowing lawns
                  8. The defense sucks, why aren't they getting better
                  9. Let's blow the season to get a good draft pick
                  10. This stat says this, this stat says that ...

                  On top of that, I get tired of arguing with people who obviously have no knowledge of football and don't even watch the games, only to get negative hits to my name. I'm tired of 50 year old has-beens (who have never written a good post) spouting off on this board, and it's ok because its "expected", yet, I argue defense with some clown, and I get slapped on the wrist. I'm tired of the "fans" hoping that we go 0-16. I'm tired of receiving backlash for telling bandwagoners who are jumping off the wagon, exactly where they can go ...

                  This used to be a place to talk football and enjoy being a Ram's fan. Now, it's just a doldrum of whiners who don't appreciate what they have. Being boisterous is great. Being a tough fan is great. But not realizing that each week could possibly be the last football game you ever see, is a travesty. It's unbeliavable to me that people boo their own team or wear paper bags on their heads in the stands. Not much that can be done about the booing, but I'll be damned if the paper bag fans ever sit next to me. I'd likely get ejected ...

                  Key is to appreciate what you have. It might be bad football, but it is football. There is NOTHING we can do to change it, other than to continue to believe and support. As much as some people might like to believe, I doubt any Ram's personnel are reading this board. If they are, trust me, they are not going to take your advice ....

                  To some of the posters that I've enjoyed interacting with (RamsAndDodgers, Fat Pang, CFH128, LaRam0, SavageRam, Evil Disco Ram, Rammiser, RamFan_Til_I_Die, RamWraith, AvengerRam, etc.), I...
                  -11-06-2007, 06:57 AM
                • psycho9985
                  You all have been good friends
                  by psycho9985
                  I'm signing off as of tomarrow 5/23/06

                  Going through a tough divorce,and wont be able to afford the internet any longer.

                  Hopefully,once in a while I'll be able to look in on you guys from work just to read some post if I can make time.

                  Its been great being a part of the ClanRam and i'll never forget the friendship from all of you.

                  God bless you all.....psycho9985 out
                  -05-22-2006, 04:28 PM
                • Bar-bq
                  This Is Nice
                  by Bar-bq
                  Is it just me, or are things becoming more and more comfortable here at Clanram?

                  I'd just like to take five minutes out of my day to say how nice it is that things have calmed down over the past couple of months. We're not arguing about petty things. Bizarre, apocalyptic posts are at an all-time low. We haven't heard from BernieM in a while (queue suspenseful Jaws theme music).

                  It's amazing what a few wins will do to cure what ails you. At the moment, things aren't so bad. We're two and two and the arrow is pointing up, and I think that for the most part that's the consensus around these parts. I'm beyond happy about that. Blind optimism, blind pessimism -- blind anything -- is cumbersome. It's pleasing to me that we're striving to find that middle ground.

                  It's really nice to know that in times of relative/promising stability, we're not looking for new things to argue about, as posters are on other message boards. It's a testament not only to the fiery debate we have here at Clanram, but to the level heads that thankfully continue to prevail.

                  Let's look at this moment in time as a record of what life can be like. We're a family. When times are hard, there's bound to be tension. But when things are at least beginning to look up, we're harmonious. That's great.

                  So here's to us! Now sit down, shut up and eat your mac and cheese.
                  -10-03-2012, 06:49 AM
                • TekeRam
                  Entering the 3000 hit club
                  by TekeRam
                  I've passed up replying a few posts the last couple days because I wanted to make this post, my 3000th, special. Since I've joined the board I've watched the Rams go from a team needing to fill some holes and hope that the rookies can fill in as the GSOT players moved on to utter ruin and now they are an up and coming team whose best days are yet to come. We've gone through the flames and have come out a phoenix.

                  Also since joining this site, I've made great friends, both ones that I only know here, but also ones that I have met at the bashes. I'm friends with some of you on facebook and now you are part of my non-Rams life as well.

                  I really have nothing to say football or Rams-wise in this post. I just want to say thank you to everyone for being a great community, great friends, and great sources of knowledge, passion and somewhere that I can easily spend an hour on a simple post, having to go research on a few different sites to get the stats I need to back myself up.

                  Let's win the West back this year and for the next ten, and let's start by crushing the Giants in the Meadowlands tomorrow night!:ram:
                  -09-18-2011, 02:11 PM