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  • This Week's Winner is....

    ...always and forever, THE RAMS and their FANS!!!!WOOHOO!!!!

    As far as predictions go, we have one that was right on the money! EVIL DISCO MAN predicted the 31-13 score that goes into the record books! Way to go, Man! Big ole juicy kiss and snuggly hug for you dude!

    Runners up would be porkchop 31-17, RamDez 36-14, and ramcrazy and majorram 35-10. Hugs guys!

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    jeez perfect, i hope he had a little wager on that ;)

    I've been close like 2-3 times this year, cheers to everyone that participate and get closer.


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      as a runner up I have to say - yea ha.

      I will see you all at the tailgate before the divisional playoffs.

      go rams


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        Jeez, I should do this more often

        I never really was into predicting scores for games, I always thought it was pointless. ;)

        I decided to do it for fun the last 2 games (if the Rams would've kicked a field goal instead of score a TD in the Colts' game on the last drive, I would've been on the money again). Maybe I should start putting money on it. Oh well, I guess this post will jinx me from now on, don't look for me to be close again.



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          Now thats a serious REWARD!

          Whoa! A Big ole juicy kiss AND a snuggly hug for predicting the exact score? Wow, if I woulda known, I woulda done a lot more research into my prediction!

          Congrats EDM and the RAMS, see you in NO on Feb 3.


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            Hey, I won earlier in the season and nobody hugged me!
            Dez, you owe me!!


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              Big ole HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS for DaddoRam!
              ((((((((((((((((((((((DADDO)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Kiss Kiss


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                Hey Big Guy, you know you'll always get a big ol hug form me mate

                Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                  Hi DEZ

                  DON'T TALK TO MY ROOM MATE LIKE THAT. I'll get jealous:o


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                  • jaydees
                    Kicking Butt
                    by jaydees
                    The message in this forum keeps asking me to post something. Okay OK. My prediction is the Rams are going to spank some teams very hard in 06. I think preseason will go 2-2 but look out after that. Why do I feel this way? Just gut. The rookies, Linehan and a feeling about the D. 11-5 this year and playoffs. There you have it. The Rams are a sleeping giant.
                    -07-27-2006, 05:52 AM
                  • MsWistRAM
                    Prediction Winner?
                    by MsWistRAM
                    Shale at 28-14 and RamDez at a close second at 28-10, only because they are the only ones who predicted that the Rams would score less than 30 points. Ouch!
                    -10-14-2001, 07:11 PM
                  • RamDez
                    Lion Game predictions please
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                    Please post your game predictions here please.

                    I will pick the best and post it on the front page .... so hurry, thanks all
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                  • sonnyjames
                    Can I just say that that fake FG touchdown...
                    by sonnyjames
           the most excited I've been while watching the Rams in a long time

                    It may only have been a little thing in the grand scheme of everything else - and I know there's a long road ahead - but it was great invention and had me up off the seat cheering in a way I've certainly not done all season (and for a fair while before that too).

                    So while people are (and rightly) urging caution and reminding each other that we still suck and we've played a lot of garbage this year, sometimes it's nice to revel in the 'moments' that make sport so awesome in the first place.

                    Great playcalling and execution. Right down to the way we played them with the fake initial setup and timeout.

                    People can write reams about the rest of the season (both played and yet to come), or even on the game itself, but that 15 seconds or so was pure footballing joy.
                    -11-03-2009, 09:26 AM
                  • Guest's Avatar
                    Thanks Mom
                    by Guest
                    For years I watched the local game telecast waiting for the Rams scores to flash on the screen. While I could have gone to my mom's house where we gather weekly to watch the Rams game, I elected to go with my girlfriend to defend our scotch doubles 8-ball championship by attending an annual tournament we won last year.

                    There were televisions there so I told one of the people who were in attendance that I would pay him one dollar each time he reported a change in the score. (Local TV’s were on ***** game). By half time I fired the messenger somehow justifying to myself that it was his fault the score was so lopsided.

                    Consider defending a billiards championship on a Sunday while playing against mostly 49er fans and the Rams getting blown out. Believe me when I say there is allot going on there besides pool and football. Anyone who plays pool knows that concentration is paramount and if you can break your opponent’s concentration then you probably are going to beat them. Fortunately I have studied the mental game and how to keep from being distracted so their efforts to whew my concentration were in vein. Just about the time we were finishing off our last opponent people started talking of a Rams comeback. So I say, “Yea right, forget it guys it isn’t going to work.” They replied “No really were not lying the Rams have just pulled within 3 points.” With these backwoods 49er fans telling me that the Rams had just pulled within 3 points I was forced into the ancient art of concentration. Yes chanting ommmmmmmmm, ommmmmmmm. We won the tournament (Undefeated I might add).
                    I then went to the television and started watching the improbable comeback of the ***** over the Cardinals. When the Rams score flashed it said 27 - 27 OT. I let out a holler that could be heard by people walking around… outside… three or four blocks away. Did I apologize for not believing the fickle 49er fans? Nope! I missed a great comeback but looking back, I would do it the same way and defend my championship. There is something special about watching the faces of 49er fans fall off while your team comes from behind like the Rams did and taking home the local hardware to boot. So how does this equate to thanking mom? Well when I called my moms house she told me that at halftime she was telling one of my sons about the sage in 1999. This of course prompted my son to set some sage on fire and place it under the television. Now according to my son, in the future if there is no sage in the house and the Rams lose we have no one to blame but ourselves. Anyone want to tell him that sage is meaningless hocus pocus? Anyway thanks mom, Dad would be proud of you.
                    -10-12-2004, 01:06 PM