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  • getting tired of it

    I am starting to understand the feeling Dallas and 49er (TRUE) fans went through in the 80's and 90's.

    Anyone else getting tired of all the negative press, the knit picking by our own fans, the pure hatred amoung the rest of the NFL and its fans.

    I wasn't that long ago folks that we sucked!! I really wish us FANS could focus on all the good things that this team has brought us. Knit picking AZ, the special teams, Martz, int's etc... is really starting to wear on me.

    I love my team...I love what they have done the last three years...if they lose every game from here until 2010 I still love my team. We all are hearing enough negitive stuff from the media and other fans. Lets try and get through the playoffs with positve thoughts and support...maybe this will rub off

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    Contempt breeds hate, which stems from jealousy. Personally, I love it.


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      Yep..everybody LOVES to hate a WINNER. Who gives a damn what the press and the rest of the league think or say. This aint no POLLY ANNA world my friend. When ya find yourself on the top 'o the mountain, EVERYONE wants to knock you off. Im not sure how long many of you have been RAM fans...but Ive been there since the early 70s. This team only SUCKED for a few years. Thats the reality of this game...NOBODY dominates EVERY YEAR. The RAMS were among the NFLs BEST teams thru the 70s and 80s. I grew up enjoying a winner nearly every year,maybe not a title,but ya knew they were a contender.Yes the 90s were rugged but WERE BACK!! Hell,I bought a DSS system in 95...JUST TO SEE MY RAM GAMES!! Believe me...I suffered during the 90s,but I hung in there. Now Im extremely PROUD of these guys BUT I am equally FRUSTRATED at times. I guess thats the nature of things. We strive for PERFECTION. Weve seen this team be ULTRA DOMINANT at times and so SELF DESTRUCTIVE at other times. They are capable of SO MUCH. I just want those 4 RINGS ala Joe Montana and co...I just dont recall those 9er teams ever being so sloppy. NO HARM INTENDED...after all...WERE TALKIN ABOUT A GAME. Now lets cheer these guys on to ring #2!!:angryram: :shield: :angryram:
      "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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        The bottom line is that this Rams team is so good that anything less than a Super Bowl appearance will be a disappointment.I also have been a Rams fan since the early 70's and remember agonizing over quite a few Ram teams that should have won it all and didnt,but this is,by far,the most talented Rams team I have ever witnessed and our boys deserve a World Championship.As posted by many,if we dont turn the ball over we will WIN IT ALL.I understand what J-Ram is saying though.With success comes expectation and expectation is huge right now.Unfortunately,non Rams fans want to see our team fail.Oh well,whatever happens, this has been one hell of a great season and I love this team.The Rams are the best and will be WORLD CHAMPIONS!Gotta be positive,we've come to far to be pessimistic now.

        :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
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          From loyal Cardinal fan to Rams fan

          I get upset with fans booing their own teams....I thought the NEw Orleans game in New Orleans was pathetic...when their own fans starting throwing bottles on the field. I was a LOYAL Stl Cardinal football fan even though they had terrible I am a Rams fan...have been since the day they came to STL. WHen people tell me I've jumped on the band-wagon for the Rams, I show them my ORIGINAL STL Rams shirt from day one and they shut up. I'm a big Nascar fan, too, and I get tired of hearing boos on every driver introduction when I go to the races. I don't appreciate fans turning against their own team in a heartbeat....unless you have Terrell Owens on your team...he's a ****y, rude dude.


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            Sorry, J-Ram. But we got to talk about something, otherwise what's the point of the forum? Got to admit though, I got upset about this at training camp too. Kept overhearing people dissing certain players. I couldn't help but speak up. Suppose to be there to support them, not tear them down or be critical. My apologies.


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              Hear ya #1FBG...

              I keep hearing people ask me if I became a Rams Fan when they won the Super Bowl. I then show them my Rams hat that says "Los Angeles Rams". Had that hat for almost twenty tears now, but was a fan way before that. Grew up in SoCal and our small town radio statio played Rams, Lakers, Dodgers, so that's all I know...

              Also agree with Aries that anything less than SB Champs will be a disappointment, but even if they lose (beating head on wooden desk), they are still MY team... And a GREAT team they are!

              GO RAMS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!
              This space for rent...


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                I think you are all comes down to the DIE HARD fans that know what this felling is and that NO ONE can take it away. I am not on the outside looking in ...I am here living the moment...something I know I will share with my grand kids some day


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                  Bandwagon fans

                  In football, one of the biggest things that gets to me is bandwagon fans. They have no true football spirit or loyalty. When I got into the NFL (only seven years ago- I'm young) I chose a team that was close to Nebraska that nobody else liked, so I could be different. Thank God that team was the Rams, as I have looked into their history, etc., and have found that they are one of the most interesting teams in the NFL. I once thought, in 1995, that eventually my Rams would get to the Super Bowl so I could tell off all of the people that bashed the Rams. I was once the only Ram fan in Nebraska. So much for that. That's why I hate it when people call me a bandwagoner.



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                    ;) Hey y'all. Brand new to this board - just kinda' feelin' my way around. Used to watch Jon Arnett, Crazylegs etc. at the Coliseum when I was a kid.

                    Anyway, been lovin' this team along time, and am treasuring where we are right now.

                    This board is very cool - being able to back and edit something. Like I said, I'm still pushing buttons to see whatthey do - lol.

                    :o RAMS ARE ROCKIN' NOW;)
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                      Welcome aboard Purv.


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                        got us right in the middle of a server swap Purv, glad you found us

                        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                          Jram - brand new here. What do the little bar graphs mean?:upset:


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                            they mean you nead to post more

                            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                              getting used to it


                              There isn't anything I can post that hasn't been said before. But, having the memories of Montana, Marino and Fouts doing their thing, and then seeing Warner pass with even greater skill leaves me feeling too good to give a **** about those who have nothing to do but find fault.

                              True, I havn't followed the RAMS until they were moved to St Louis, but I could go on and on about a coach named Coryell, who was a lot like Martz. A quarterback named Hart and some receivers who kind of resembled Holt and Bruce and Prohel, named Green, Grey and Tilley......

                              Winning, I could get used to it.....


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                                The fans assumption's?
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                                Throughout most of the off-season, the biggest concern of most fans was the lack of talent at the WR's position.???
                                Ironically, the perceived problem is now looked upon with reason for optimism???
                                This just goes to show that certain team issue's, especially with a young, unknown commodity can pleasantly surprise.
                                With that said, lets get behind this team. I am sick of all the negative comments about the team, and players, before the season has even begun.
                                True fans get behind the team, its seems a lot are hell bent on doing the opposite.
                                GO RAMS>>>>>>>>>
                                -08-27-2009, 12:10 PM
                              • RamsFan16
                                Sorry... We have the worst fans!
                                by RamsFan16
                                Ok this is on my opinion and it has nothing to do with you guys. But we have the worst fans at the Dome. I don't think they know how good they have it. I mean there at a Rams game and there Rams fans. I mean some times when the opponet does something good there fans at the stadium are louder than ours. Whenever we do something good it isn't loud at all. I mean I've been watching NFL Shortcuts for the Rams and other teams this week such as the Cardinals. And I find it very offending and embarassing that the Cardinal fans are louder than ours by about 500 times. I want it to be loud... Now please enlighten me. What is wrong with our fans at the dome? Grannit if were losing owell look at all the teams that have losing traditions. There louder than ever.
                                -12-14-2005, 02:50 PM
                              • RamsFanSam
                                Most Irritating Fans - Who Are They?
                                by RamsFanSam
                                Everyone knows that the 'Black Hole' is the home to some really awful fans. Dallas has their share of horse's patoots for fans, and everyone is sick of hearing 'five rings'. Not too surprisingly, during a discussion about QB's, someone was mouthing off about Brady's so-called 'greatness' by counting rings.

                                I had to congratulate him. It's nice to see that Patriot fans are acting just like whiner fans now.

                                I thought a poll would be fun. One thing - when you vote, please tell us why you chose the way you did.
                                Tampa Bay
                                Other (Tell us who!)
                                -07-29-2007, 04:28 PM
                              • hawaiianpunch
                                The Best NFL fans
                                by hawaiianpunch
                                I watched this video today about the best football fans. And it made me a little upset. the part that made me the most upset was Torry Holt saying that the best fans in the NFL are from Pittsburgh.

                                I believe that we as rams fans have to support them. ESPECIALLY FOR YOU FANS IN SAINT LOUIS. Now I know what a lot of you are saying. " We are 1-15 do you really expect us to go to every game?"

                                I may be wrong about this. But the raiders suck. There fans go to all their games. They may not be sold out always but they always go in full force. I drove from Las Vegas to an Oakland game playing St. Louis, when the rams stunk. And the raider fans were in full force. After the rams had beaten them, I had to complement them on coming out for there team. And they really appreciated it.

                                2 years ago when the rams played Pittsburgh and Chicago. I was watching the game and noticed that the rams fans there had dwindled. I heard more cheers on television for the other teams, then for the rams.

                                Frankly I am shocked at our fans. Maybe Im over reacting cause i don't go to games in St.louis, and Im not there to see it for myself. And hey for all I know i could be over reacting so Im just saying my peace.

                                St.Louis rams fans. Please "STEP UP" this year. I really never want to hear a future hall of famer of my team, say that another teams fans is that much better. Get a job, go to a game, be a true fan. If i lived in St.Louis I WOULD BE THERE EVERY GAME. "STEP YOUR GAME UP RAMS FANS."

                                Love you guys though.

                                -09-07-2010, 09:43 PM
                              • itsguud
                                Toronto Rams Fans
                                by itsguud
                                Anyone from the board live in Toronto? I'm looking for other Rams fans to watch the games with. I know zero other rams fans and am getting tired of heading to Real Sports dt and being the only person in the entire place watching the Rams game.

                                Just wondering if there may be a few clannies living in TO that might like to get together to watch a few games.

                                Go Rams
                                -10-17-2010, 09:39 AM