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    I just submitted the following to the site:

    The St. Louis Rams made a number of milestones for the league and the Rams organization yesterday - yet there is not one mention of them on the site.

    I consistently sense a bias to one of the greatest football teams of all time on your site. And, I am not alone. Visit and you can see other comments such as this one.

    Chicago's lineman makes one play and it's all anyone hears about. Marshall Faulk just set league records - really, where is the justice???

    Always a Rams Fan............

    Rex Allen Markel

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    I say screw the NFL site. Bottom line is that since Elway won the Super Bowl the league has been showcasing the feel good story of the year, ours was 1999, unfortunately, they we will ruin everybody else's feel good story this year. They like to focus on SF and Hearst, Chicago and the Defense, NE and Brady, etc etc.

    Sure it gets old and I'm friggin' sick of it too, but in a couple years from now when we're still sitting atop the league they'll take notice. It's at the point now where our winning has gotten old for the NFL, they need those crappy teams getting good every year.


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      It does seem that some of the media cant wait for the Rams to fail.On the Fox pre-game show it seems like Bradshaw and Howie cant wait for a so-called physical team like the Bucs or Bears to beat the Rams.For some reason many announcers just dont like the Rams.I dont know what it is or why,but I just hope the Rams keep winning.That will be the only way to shut those "jealous ex-jocks" up.

      :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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        it never shut them up the last time we did it

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          97% of ex-football players suck in the press box. I heard a whole heaping pile of **** during last night's game coming from Joe Theisman, throw in Howie Long (who i usually have a decent amount of respect for), Bradshaw, and Collinsworth and you'd be better plugging your ears, those guys are freaking morons. Bradshaw's MVP pick was Kordell, but he said it wasn't cuz he used to play for the steelers - idiot.

          Don't even get me started on John Madden...


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            NFL.COM Teams - Market Share


            many factors, outside the scope of "football" and "football play" determine the content on NFL.COM.

            Demographic statistics relating to "team-market-share" and other advertising revenues are significant in contributing to content posted on the website.

            I'm sure the NFL.COM editors make every effort to present a balance of content from many teams. :helmet:


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              Thanks for your reply.

              (You donít happen to enjoy the King of Beers, do you ?) ;)

              I checked last night and now it seems like there are three articles on the RAMS (??)

              Anyway, I guess I need to display a little more patience.

              Always a Rams Fan............

              Rex Allen Markel


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                Kudos, DJRamFan, I completely agree with you. John Madden is the moron of morons when it comes to commentating (he even surpasses George Dubya in the "stupid things said" category). Other ex-football players in the booth seem to have had one to many hits to the head, as they throw out pointless comments a number of times. The only ex-football player I really understood was Boomer Esiason (even though nobody else liked him and he was supposedly Monday Night Football's "problem").



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