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    Eagles taste like chicken

    Ms Wistrom,
    Sure you can use that "taste like chicken" thing
    I didn't think it up. It was on a fan's sign in the crowd at the last game. The one where we killed the pack!
    I have a small tv just to the left of my computer so I can chat and watch. Lately though I have just been watching. Not in the room because I have been a bit under the weather. I wish the fans would come into the room AFTER the game to talk some chit chat about the game. It is hard to chat during the game because you have to wait to say anything when the game is on. Some of the people are not in America watching it. ( That totally blows me away too btw) They have a delay on the game by about 2 minutes or so. Anyway,
    you know what the cows say " EAT MORE CHICKEN"
    bye for now


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      Hi MsWistRAM, I didn't grow up watching football but was forced into it with my ex-husband. He was so sports crazy, he'd watch anything!!!!! But I got hooked on Football, especially the Rams because I'm originally from LA. I had a crush on Roman Gabriel
      who was quite good looking! But now I am old, ha, ha, and I
      don't have crushes anymore. I'm just still so in love with the
      Rams and I want them to win so badly that I about have a nervous breakdown when they are in the playoffs. My nerves are raw, my stomach is queezy, I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to watch the game, isn't that silly? Anyway, take care!

      GO RAMS, Stay focused and and I'm begging Kurt's front line to please protect him against the evil Philadelphia defense! They're
      out to do damage!


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        Speaking of signs @ the GB game....

        I loved the one "Polley want a Packer"

        He got more then one! Great game by our 'D'!