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    Which playoff team concerns you the most?
    Tampa Bay
    San Francisco
    Green Bay

    The poll is expired.

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    For me, the choice is easily Tampa Bay. They have handed us one of our two losses this year, and have only gotten stronger since then. We've beaten Philadelphia and San Fran (twice) so they don't concern me as much. Chicago and Green Bay are strong, but both have obvious weaknesses and I feel confident that the Rams can defeat them. Tampa Bay has been on a hot streak, and we need to watch out for them.



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      Tampa also concerns me the most.On one hand I hope they lose to the Eagles,but on the other hand I would love to see the Rams kick the crap out of them.I think the Bucs are a Jeckell and Hyde team,but they are confident when it comes to playing the Rams.They do not have a problem with playing in St.Louis and Sapp is a monster against us.If we have to play them the formula for beating them would beOTS OF FAULK,NO TURNOVERS,AND THE SWARM DEFENSE.Anyway lets hope our Rams are in the MAX Q zone from here on out.

      :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
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        I am not overally concerned with Tampa Bay anymore.
        I think just like the Aints game, we have learned from our mistakes and we will beat the Bucs (if we have to)

        I voted for Green Bay. The Rams come out strong and score big, but every time I watch a Green Bay game, it appears to me that Bret doesn't start playing until the end of the 3rd quarter. This momentum swing he has carries over to the rest of the team.

        This has always worried me about Green Bay.

        Just my opinion


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          Like others, Bucs bug me because of our defeat to them. Of course, that could be the fuel for the fire to show them what a fluke that was. Still, rather not see them in it.


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            I agree...

            I think any of those teams COULD give us a hard time IF we get sloppy or ****y. But, the team I chose was SF. Statistically, it is really difficult to beat a team 3 times in one season. But, I think if any team could do it, these RAMS could.
            This space for rent...


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              The only team I fear in the Playoffs are the Rams themselves.

              None of the other teams have the same depth of talent at the skill positions as we do. Then only thing that beats the Rams are MISTAKES. If we can play 120 minutes of mistake-free football then the Rams will be in New Orleans bar none!


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                Chicago wins in the strangest of ways, so I go with their Mojo over the Packers Mojo.


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                  I said Bucs for history's sake, they've played us tough the past THREE years. They seem to have our number, but like Perthshire said, the only team that can lost it is the Rams themselves.


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                    The BUCS

                    They are a dangerous team and they think they have our number, they play us like the Saints do, but I just cannot stop thinking that if we had held onto the ball and hadn't turned it over, the win would of been there!!!!!!!

                    I just hope they get turned away in Philly

                    :lid: Cannot wait until the 20th!!!!!!!!!!
                    "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                      Squelch the critics

                      Anytime a team successful as the RAMs is examined any flaws or weaknesses get magnified.

                      Earlier this year, there was much speculation about how the Saints, were somehow "superior" in "everyday hard-hitting" football. (remember the bull-crap play comment)

                      For many of the Ram non-believers, there is some belief that somehow, either because of coach Dungy or "team-spirit", the Bucs are actually capable of playing up to Rams level.

                      This kind of thinking is regularly exercised by dreamers in search of an exciting football contest between teams so disparate in talent and execution -- as to leave the conclusion in doubt.

                      The difference between these two teams in waxing, not waning. I would welcome the opportunity for Coach Martz and the RAMs to demonstrate these differences to these "dreamers"in the playoffs.

                      Wake up dreamers, no contest.



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                        I voted for tampa but I like bud4weiser's attitude. The Saints supposedly could play with us, but we kicked major NO ass in their house. I would love nothing better than to kick Buc ass as well, although it may mean the end of Dungy in TB. He appears to be a classy guy.


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                          We Own Green Bay
                          by Guest
                          The media is going to have their lips planted all over the Packers because of one of the most over-rated QB’s in the league. Favre throws more balls up for grabs then any QB I have ever seen. Sometimes he gets lucky and the ball magically lands in the hands of his receivers. (See Packers at Oakland on the day of Favre dad passing.) Other times, especially when challenged he throws up to six interceptions per contest. We own the Packers and that will continue.
                          Who was the first team to beat the Packers after they won the Superbowl? Who whipped the Packers last year?
                          Who spanked the Packers in the Playoffs when Favre threw 6 pics?
                          What team did Ron Brown run Back two kickoffs against in an important game?
                          Who’s ripe for an upset? Who’s hungry for a victory?
                          Some things just do not change and the Rams deed over Green Bay is one of them.
                          Martz is going to figure out what happened against buffalo both tactical and psychological. Martz has been on the edge of the coaching breakthrough we have been waiting for since 2000. It looks like the team will be eating their Turkey dinner on the practice field. (More evidence that Martz is getting it)The Seahawk losses will come and when they do, we have to be standing there with a win not wallowing in our own pity or our own shame. Remember all we have to do is tie with them to win the division. I think Martz is learning more with each loss. He’s learning more and he’s learning faster then in previous years. Maybe because in previous years the losses were not as critical as they are now. He hears the alarm, he sees the flashing lights. He will turn this thing around Monday night. He is what we have and he is the only route the Rams have to the playoffs so we have to believe, we have to fight. The Rams are going to dig deep and so am I.
                          -11-24-2004, 02:28 AM
                        • RamsFan4ever
                          Hasselbeck is having tough time with Green Bay tonite!
                          by RamsFan4ever
                          Hasselback has only thrown 5 passes with 2 being INTs! Green Bay has alreadly scored to make it 7-0 and now they have the ball back in the first with 10 mins to go. If Green Bay keeps playing like this, they will win! If Green Bay wins, Seattle would go to 6-5 with a tough road game at Denver next week. So we could tie next week with the Seahawks for first with both having 6-6 records after the Rams Beat the Tards...

                          GO GREEN BAY!!:seasux: BEAT THOSE HAWKS!!
                          -11-27-2006, 07:16 PM
                        • RamWraith
                          Next opponent
                          by RamWraith
                          Who will we play next week??
                          Green Bay
                          San Fran
                          -01-10-2002, 10:34 AM
                        • RamDez
                          Five Keys to the Game - Tampa Bay
                          by RamDez
                          Five Keys to the Game - Tampa Bay
                          Saturday, October 16, 2004

                          1. Rams’ coach Mike Martz said an emotional win must be viewed the same as an emotional loss. With that said, it is St. Louis’ job to maintain an even keel after its stunning comeback win in Seattle last Sunday. If the Rams can keep their focus on the next game, instead of worrying about the past, it would go a long way toward their fourth win.

                          2. Traditionally, Tampa Bay’s defense has been one of the league’s best, especially against the run. This year, though, the Buccaneers are stout against the pass, ranking second in the league in passing yards allowed, but struggling some against the run. The Rams need to pound away at the few weaknesses Tampa Bay has defensively and open things up for quarterback Marc Bulger.

                          3. Bulger has shown a propensity in recent weeks for the spectacular finish. If he continues to play well in close and late situations, his confidence and his team’s confidence in him will continue to grow. A big part of that is avoiding turnovers and against Tampa Bay’s talented cornerback duo of Ronde Barber and Brian Kelly, that is easier said than done.

                          4. Tampa Bay quarterback Brian Griese will make the start for the Buccaneers. Griese, the former start for the Denver Broncos, has plenty of experience, but is still growing accustomed to Jon Gruden’s offense. The Rams have an opportunity to exploit the slow-footed Griese, who is far less mobile than most of the quarterbacks they have faced this year. St. Louis could use a few sacks and some quarterback pressures early to set the tone and get the Buccaneers’ offense off balance.

                          5. The Rams’ defense might have found a groove in the second half against Seattle, allowing just 85 yards in the second half. Of those yards, 41 came on one play. St. Louis appears to be mixing up packages and disguising blitzes better than before and the play against the run was downright dominant in that second half. If they can continue to improve and use the confidence they gained with their performance in the second half, Tampa Bay will have trouble scoring. The Buccaneers’ offense doesn’t feature many deep threats because of a slew of injuries, giving St. Louis a prime opportunity to make stops and create turnovers.
                          -10-17-2004, 11:38 AM
                        • djccon
                          In case you're worried...
                          by djccon
                          What do all of these #s mean?

                          Baltimore 2-3
                          Miami 2-5
                          New England 2-3
                          New York 3-4
                          Oakland 1-2
                          Pittsburgh 3-1

                          Chicago 3-3
                          Green Bay 4-1
                          Philadelphia 1-3
                          SF 3-3
                          St. Louis 6-1
                          Tampa 3-5

                          If you haven't figured it out yet, these are all the playoff teams' records against OTHER playoff teams this season.

                          To ME they mean everyone but Tampa, Miami, NYJ, and WE played relatively soft schedules, and of the Tampa, Miami, NYJ and US, only WE were dominant against playoff teams. I fear NONE of the remaining teams, but have concerns with SF (because we've beaten them twice this season and they may be extra pumped), GB (because they're fairly balanced on offense), and Pittsburgh because they're so schoolyard.

                          If we turn it over fewer than 3 times in ANY game against ANY of the remaining teams, we'll be celebrating in February. I would LOVE to get Chicago in the championship so they can be exposed for the phonies they are. Wimpy-a** schedule and only 3-3 against playoff teams - and needed a ton of luck to get THAT!

                          As long as KW stays patient, we don't get careless with the ball, and April's fools (a.k.a. special teams - or should I say NOT-so special teams?) give even a slightly-better-than average performance...

                          Regardless of what happens, there is no doubt in my mind we ARE the best team in football, and the only team capable of beating us, is us.
                          -01-13-2002, 12:57 PM