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  • Who stays next year

    Hakim Contract is up next year. Do you renew it or will the younger players step into his role? Keep in mind that Proehl is retiring after this season.:eek:

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    with Proehl retiring, just what is the picture with our WR's?

    I keep hearing good things about our late round pick ??


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      Warner's future receivers

      Both late round picks are doing good, but nowhere near playing status...

      Martz @ Final Mini Camp Practice, June 3
      "On (2001 sixth round draft selection) WR Francis St. Paul’s progress?: Well he’s making progress. Both he and (Milton) Wynn are making a lot of progress. They’re not nearly where they need to be, but they made good progress today."

      The two will probably remain on the practice team next year. St. Paul may see some duty as KR or maybe PR, but that will depend on their progress.

      My thoughts...keep Az, Proehl will be direly missed, wait and see on the two rooks.


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        Here are the rundowns from

        Francis St. Paul
        ROUND 6, PICK 34, OVERALL PICK 197
        5-9, 180, 4.45

        Notes: Has run in the low 4.3s on a superfast surface. High school running back. Did not play early in 1997 while moving to wide receiver but gave up red-shirt year and caught two passes for 83 yards and one touchdown and had 214 all-purpose yards. Team's top pass catcher in '98, when he caught 46-767-7. All-Big Sky in '99, when he grabbed 67-987-13. Was ruled ineligible for six games he played in '99, so he missed six non-consecutive games over the course of the 2000 season. Came back to catch 29-230-2 in five games.

        Positives: Not as fast as 4.3 times but still has really good speed and quickness. Shows some shake-and-bake with the ball.

        Negatives: Small target. Not a superburner. Somewhat inconsistent hands. Played in run-and-shoot and spread offenses that made his size less of a negative and made it easier for him to avoid being jammed at the line. Has returned kicks on a limited basis and has not stood out.

        College Stats:
        Milton Wynn
        ROUND 4, PICK 21, OVERALL PICK 116
        6-2, 207, 4.47

        Notes: Played wide receiver at Bakersfield College in 1996. Transferred to Los Angeles Valley College and ran track (10.7 seconds in the 100 meters, 21.6 in the 200, 48.3 in the 400) and played basketball in '97, but he did not play football because of an injury that according to NCAA records was not recorded properly. Went back to football in '98 and caught 44 passes for 751 yards and seven touchdowns. Enrolled at Washington State in January of '99. Played in the '99 opener and caught 3-20-0. Broke his finger in three places during punt-block practice after the opener and missed the rest of the year. Came back in 2000 to start every game at flanker and to win second-team All-Pacific-10 honors. Caught 52-964-5 and carried the ball two times for 32 yards and one touchdown. Expected to get a sixth year of eligibility and is appealing NCAA's decision not to grant. This player was included in this book because, if he loses his appeal, he could be in the April draft or in the supplemental draft held later in the spring. School has timed Wynn in 4.37 on a fast surface.

        Positives: Excellent size and all-around athletic ability. Big and fast with exceptional jumping ability. Catches the ball well. Can run after the catch.

        Negatives: Not a polished receiver. Needs route refinement. Must be more consistent catching the ball. Could really have used the extra year in college.

        Summary: A little raw but big and talented. May have a chance to be special, but he is not a sure thing.

        College Stats:
        Again, good receivers, but will need a lot of practice.


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          I, for one, am extremely excited about our WR draft picks. I think that with a season under their belts they could be very good guys to have around.


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            If Hakim doesn't hold on to the ball this year, let him go. We are in a great spot draft wise, with the upgrade of the D this time, we can look at the O next year. Maybe a WR from Miami would like to join us next year? Or, there is a WR here at University of Texas named Roy Williams who will be coming to the NFL next year and is just a burner. 6'2, lightening speed and great hands.


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              I agree. Hakim is a bog time player but if he can't keep hold of the ball this year, then maybe it will be his last. You never know what we might draft next year. I thinkit will be a WR or 2, maybe a HB( if candidate is a bust). Its such a shame that we will have to pick so low though!
              The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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                Keep Hakim

                Are those of you who are down on hakim because of the fumble in the playoffs? I was disappointed but he is EXPLOSIVE!! His playmaking ability more than makes up for his fumbles.

                I say keep him until it is no longer possible....


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                  No, not at all complaining about his explosiveness, or his fumbles technically. I am concerned about his tendency to drop a pass that hits his hands right in stride.


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                  • Richbert88
                    Da'Rel Scot RB - A guy I like
                    by Richbert88
                    From Wes Bunting:

                    The stock of Maryland RB Da’Rel Scott is through the roof right now after timing [sic 4.34] forty time at the NFL combine. I’ve heard from several sources of him potentially getting a look late in round one. I don’t buy it personally, but you never know just how high a guy can rise after a good workout.

                    With that in mind I thought I’d do a prospect profile of Da’Rel Scott to see what people are saying about him.


                    5-11 211 pounds. 4.35 40 yard dash.

                    34 inch vertical jump. 9.9 broad jump

                    3 cone drill 7.15

                    20 yard shuttle 4.20

                    20 yard dash 2.55

                    10 yard dash 1.55

                    19 reps on the bench press


                    Career: 430 attempts for 2,401 yards 17 touchdowns

                    2010: 122 attempts 705 yards 5 touchdowns

                    48 career receptions


                    To see a highlight film from different games, it’s here on youtube. It’s being difficult and I can’t get it to show up in this space.

                    This second video is him vs Cal in 2009

                    Scouting Reports:


                    Positives: Great combination of speed and strength… Isn’t big, but has a nice frame and runs low to the ground… Accelerates very quickly, explosive when he gets a seam… Keeps his legs driving, doesn’t go down easily… Very nice balance… A good inside runner… Displays a good burst through the hole… Willing pass blocker… Displays above-average hands out of the backfield… Does a good job of always moving forward, doesn’t dance too much through the hole… Should be a good change of pace back in the NFL in the same mold as Mike Goodson when he came out of college… Led all running backs at the combine with a 4.34 40-yard dash.

                    Negatives: Ball security is an issue, has had fumbling problems in the past… Isn’t particularly shift or creative in the open field, better as a straight line runner.Below average vision, tries to break everything to the outside and routinely gets swallowed up at the line of scrimmage… Major injury concerns, struggled with an ankle injury in 2007, a shoulder injury in 2008, and a broken forearm in 2009… Did not have a very prolific career at Maryland, eclipsed 1000 yards once, in 2008, and has only scored nine touchdowns over the past two years combined… Was suspended in 2008 for violating curfew… Was typically substituted out around the goal line, struggled in short yardage situations because he always tries to make the big play.

                    Wes Bunting

                    Looks a lot thicker on tape than his frame would suggest. Possesses good overall muscle tone through his upper half and is pretty well put together through his legs. Displays an explosive first step when asked to press the hole. Is able to instantly accelerate out of his stance and gets up to top-end speed quickly.
                    -03-19-2011, 03:04 PM
                  • Guest's Avatar
                    my wish list 7rds
                    by Guest
                    First off I realy like most of the moves they have done sofar!

                    The way they have got guys in so at least there is compation at most spots all except dt wich I thougt we should have got nolga last yr. With the problem we had stoping the run last 3 yrs we need to get bigger up frount!!! We all know the game is won or lost in the trenches!! it dose't matter you if have 3 brain urlackres lbs if there geting hit by 330lbs Ol men. lets face it nfl linemen arn't getting smaller!! so lets try to fix some of the week spots on the rams.

                    The safest pic to me rd(1) is ADAM CARRIKER De 6'6" 295 4.9 40
                    he is going to be the most verstel D lineman in the draft they might put him at DT on 3 rd down and be a run stuffing DE 1&2 downs. now Ive herd that he diden't do that great last yr BUT HE WAS IN MORE OF A READ AND REACT DEFENCE LAST YEAR ! and when they turned him loose at the seior bowl he had the chance to domanate and he did!! WE ALL KNOW HOW MARMRIES READ & REACT DEFENCE KILLED US FOR 2YRS!!

                    RD(2) ARE OTHER NEED is KR&PR AND CB (JOSH WILSON) cb 5'9" 189 4.39 40 He is not that big but nether is ty hill!! But he is one of the top return men in the draft. and would be good deth at cb Pros: Josh is a burner, with the elite speed NFL teams covet. He's an excellent natural athlete, with the athletic tools to make his teammates green with envy. Plays larger than his size, a tough guy. Son of a former NFL pro. One of the best kick returners in the draft. Shows a good feel for the game.
                    Cons: Hasnt shown the hands to make many interceptions. Rather small for a DB, and can struggle to bring down larger players. His size is a definite negative, and many teams will downgrade him, but similar things were said about many great CB's, most notably Darrell Green, who had a marvelous career despite his detractors...
                    Draft Exchange Analysis:

                    (3) WE need another linebacker how about (QUINCY BLACK)6'2" 240 4.42 40 YOU have to like this guys speed and you cant teach that!!Pros: Quincy is a solid all around LB with all the tools he needs to be a starting player in the NFL. He tackles well, wrapping up his man and taking him to the turf. He shows great athletic ability to cover recievers in space, and intelligently reads plays and adjusts his coverage appropriately. He is the Lobos current version of Brian Urlacher (SS/OLB). He is a definite sleeper pick in this years draft but is rapidly rising after his combine performance.
                    Cons: Hasn't played against the top competition, but that hasn't stopped Brian in the pros. Can have trouble with blockers and despite having a solid build, doesn't show great strength in his game. Might go higher than he would have otherwise if not for his great workout.
                    Draft Exchange

                    rd(4)NOW 4 THE BIG GUYS (PAUL SOLIAI)6'4" 334 5.11 40
                    From the clips I have seen on this guy he's...
                    -03-25-2007, 05:57 PM
                  • Nick
                    2017 NFL Draft Round 4 #117: Rams select Josh Reynolds, WR, Texas A&M
                    by Nick
                    JOSH REYNOLDS
                    TEXAS A&M SEC

                    COMBINE RESULTS
                    4.52 SEC
                    37.0 INCH
                    124.0 INCH
                    6.83 SEC
                    4.13 SEC
                    11.32 SEC

                    31 1/2"
                    ARM LENGTH
                    9 3/8"

                    Reynolds couldn't get a scholarship offer for football from a FBS school despite his manifold talents; in fact, Oregon State pulled their interest after other receivers ate up roster spots late in the process. So off to Tyler Junior College he went, receiving second-team all-conference recognition. Reynolds didn't waste any time making an impact when moving to College Station, where he was offered a partial scholarship as a hurdler coming out of high school. He led the team with 842 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns on 52 catches in 2014, the latter being a school record. Reynolds caught 51 passes for 907 yards and five scores as a junior, serving a one-game suspension for unspecified reasons. His best season came in 2016, when SEC media named him second-team all-conference because he finished the year with 61 catches for 1,039 yards and 12 scores.

                    STRENGTHS Very long, angular frame. Outstanding high school triple jumper and high jumper will dominate combine explosion drills. Vertical threat who can open his hips and out-stride a cornerback down the field. As good as it gets as a ball tracker with a center fielder's ability to judge trajectory and distance. Stacks cornerbacks on his hip and keeps them there. Has access to a second gear when the ball is in the air. Routes feature little wasted motion. Possesses superior ball skills. Plus hand-eye coordination and holds his ground in contested catches. Can climbs way up the ladder and use his length to turn 50/50 balls into 80/20 his way. Consistent red-zone threat. Wins up-and-over, with back shoulder fades and with inside release to slant. Thin but ultra-competitive and extremely tough. Will work the middle and does not fear incoming traffic. Gets after his blocks on the perimeter and meets aggression with aggression as blocker.

                    WEAKNESSES Has a thin frame with skinny legs. Body is unlikely to carry much more weight. Can be temporarily grounded in press coverage. Lack of play strength makes fighting past disruptive jams a challenge. Needs to improve initial footwork and vary his releases. Just average underneath. Long-strider with limitations in short-area quickness. Nothing special in hitch-and-run or wide receiver screens. Has some trouble dropping down and digging out the low throw.

                    DRAFT PROJECTION Round 3-4

                    NFL COMPARISON Marvin Jones

                    BOTTOM LINE Long and tall, Reynolds is a dangerous vertical threat thanks to his ball tracking and ball skills over eye-popping deep speed. Reynolds is a menace in the red-zone and can mismatch smaller cornerbacks in the air. He lacks play strength which could cause problems...
                    -04-29-2017, 10:41 AM
                  • Rambos
                    Only have my eye on two players
                    by Rambos
                    Think both these guys will be there in the second I'd take either one really don't have a favorite.

                    Evan Engram TE

                    Juju Smith WR...
                    -03-18-2017, 05:46 PM
                  • Nick
                    #4b 2008 NFL DRAFT RAMS PICK (Round 4, 128th overall): Keenan Burton, WR, Kentucky
                    by Nick

                    When Keenan Burton was out of the lineup with assorted injuries -- knee, foot and ankle -- during his career, the Wildcats were a different team.

                    Back from injury, Burton had a banner junior season. Burton became just the third player in school history to gain over 1,000 yards receiving in a season (1,036) in 2006 and is also the third Wildcat to ever amass over 2,000 receiving yards in a career. His 12 touchdown receptions in 2006 rank second on the school's single-season record list. He also set another Kentucky record by catching at least two touchdown passes in four consecutive games (Mississippi State, Georgia, Vanderbilt and Louisiana-Monroe).

                    At DuPont Manual High School, Burton excelled as a quarterback and safety. He earned first-team All-State from the Associated Press and the Louisville Courier-Journal and was named to the Lexington Herald-Leader "Class of the Commonwealth" listing of the top-22 seniors in the state during his senior year. He was the sixth-ranked prospect in Kentucky by Super Prep, ranking fifth in the state and among the nation's top fifty defensive backs, according to and Prep Star. He also added All-County and All-District honors as a junior and senior.

                    The MVP of the Kentucky/Tennessee HS All-Star Game in the summer of 2003, Burton helped his school reach the Class AAAA state playoffs four consecutive seasons. He started the last three of his four seasons with the team, lining up mostly at quarterback on offense, although he did see some action as a receiver, running back, and kick returner.

                    Burton carried the ball 274 times for 1,634 yards (6.0-yard average) and 25 touchdowns during his career. He completed 81 of 226 passes (35.8%) for 1,605 yards and 17 scores. He also recorded 98 tackles, along with 30 pass deflections and 10 interceptions, returning two of those picks for touchdowns, adding another score on a punt return. "Keenan has the quickest first step I've seen in a long time," said Manual High coach Joe Nichols. "He has really deceptive speed and great hands."

                    Burton also lettered in track, competing in the 400- and 800-meter dashes, 4x200-, 4x400-, and 4x800-meter relays, the long jump, and the triple-jump. He competed in the state meet in all three relays and both jumps. He was a member of the school's student council and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

                    Burton enrolled at Kentucky in 2003, turning down scholarship offers from Northwestern, Indiana, Marshall, Louisville, Miami (Ohio) and Boston College. The son of former Morehead State football and track participant, Ed Burton, Keenan Burton earned Knoxville News-Sentinel Freshman All-Southeastern Conference honors that season. In 12 games, he made five starts at split end. He ranked fifth on the team with 20 receptions for 221 yards (11.1-yard average) and a pair of touchdowns, with 11 catches...
                    -04-27-2008, 12:19 PM