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  • Warner vs. Marino

    Yesterday i had a discussion with a friend who is a huge Dan Marino's fan. He said that Dan's records will never nbe broken and that our Kurt Warner should be renamed Kurt "one-year-wonder" Warner, because he'll not be able to repeat 1999 and 2000 numbers.
    I think Kurt has all the skills to reach and surpass most of the Marino achievements, and i'm realy convinced that without the injury, a lot of Marino's record would have already be broken last season.

    And... Kurt has one thing marino will never have: a ring :cool: :cool: :cool:
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    As long as Kurt continues to win games, I dont care.
    But of course we all know Kurt is better ;)


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      Mmm, Marino has not been as fragile as Warner so that might end up a factor. Then you have to say that Marino never had the surrounding cast that Warner has. Marino had the stronger arm, I think.

      remember that Warner has only been a starter for 2 years and look what he has done. I would say this is because he has the warner brothers surrounding him.

      then, Marino had those three wr's as well, mmmmmm

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        Marino has a stronger arm but i have never seen a quarterback with the combination of quickness on the ball release and the accuracy like Warner.
        I remember seeing Warner throws the first games of 1999 season and thinking "this video of the game has been edited and speed increased".
        Marino was more durable, even though the last couple of years he was an "average" qb, and this was his best weapon to put up numbers, but speaking of "performance" i think Warner is more affordable and continuous.
        Then we *do have* a rushing game, so Warner should have less pressure on him.
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          It's an interesting question, however with my love for warner and the Rams aside, i'd like to take an outsider look at this...

          1. No one should be compared to Marino, Elway, Montana, etc.-they're untouchables.

          2. Marino was fresh out of college when he became productive while Warner spent some time in Iowa and Amsterdam before he hit Rams Park.

          3. Marino's records will fall, maybe not in any of our lifetimes, but records were meant to be broken.

          and lastly...
          4. Warner is definitely not a one year wonder. If you look at his numbers in the games he did play in last year, he had a stellar performance. Tell your friend to look at Kurt's ring finger, then Marino's ring finger, he might see something different.

          Warner and Green combined broked the record for passing yards combined in a season.

          Warner unfortunately will not break Marino's records, but if you asked Dan, he'd tell you he'd give up each record for what Kurt wears around his finger.

          Warner and Marino are like apples and oranges, both will get the job done, but look entirely different.

          They do have similar QB-ing styles though in that they are not runners, but have a killer arm.

          Warner's here to stay, that's for sure.


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            Warner also didnt get his break until his late 20's so his career Numbers will never match Dans


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              Yes, i agree that Kurt will never reach Dan's career numbers, but i'm ready to bet something he will beat a lot of single season records.
              Just because "IN THE SINGLE SEASON" Warner is more reliable than Marino, and Kurt will have more standout single seasons than Dan had. (He's currently 2 on 2 in seasons started vs. outstanding seasons)

              There's one thing i don't agree with, though: Marino, M*****a and Elway are NOT untouchables. Or better... Warner will become untouchable as well ;)
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                I still think, like Marino .... Warners success will depend on his

                1) coach ..... can you honestly say he would have flurished under any other coach ????

                2) his supporting cast

                3) his fragilness (word??)

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                  By untouchables I just meant, they are good in their own right and will go down in history as all time greats. It's tough to compare those guys because they all were outstanding in their own way...

                  Single Season...some records are all ready broken...others are beginning to tip a bit too...He will definitely be more reliable and productive in the regular season than Dan.

                  Warner's definitely been blessed with a great Offense. MF provides stability at RB that Marino rarely, if ever had. Coach-wise, Martz will let Warner flourish, unlike JJ in DM's final days.


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                    Warner's the man, at least to Warner
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                    Warner's the man, at least to Warner

                    First published: Thursday, August 19, 2004

                    ALBANY -- He's still the quarterback who takes teams to Olympus. Still the quarterback whose passing statistics are a fantasy of flight. Still the quarterback whose grocery-bags-to-NFL-MVP story felt as good as a kiss.
                    Kurt Warner is convinced of this.

                    He's gone from superstar to waiver wire. Untouchable to unwanted. At the end in St. Louis, the Rams were as eager to show Warner the door as he was to pass through it. He was signed by the Giants to be a mentor and stopgap, until Eli Manning is ready. Everything in Warner's career has changed -- but him, he insists.

                    In nearly every player's career there comes a time when his skills, as Bill Belichick once said of Bernie Kosar's, diminish. Age and injuries make mortals of all. The player knows when he enters the winter of his career, but he won't publicly admit it.

                    Warner, now 33, says he's the same quarterback, and because he's friendly, and gracious with his time, you want to believe him.

                    But you don't.

                    Once, Warner led the Greatest Show on Turf. Now, he's trying to hold Manning at bay long enough to audition for a starting job with another team next season. That's not the same at all.

                    There has never been an NFL player like Kurt Warner. From stock boy to wonder boy to oh boy, what happened. It would be as if Greg Maddux had gone from video store clerk to Cy Young control artist to a pitcher who stopped throwing strikes, though Warner doesn't see it that way. The Rams' 0-8 record in his last eight games as a starter didn't change Warner's opinion of himself.

                    "You have to say, 'Did Kurt Warner lose those eight games because Kurt Warner didn't play well, or did the Rams lose those last eight games because the team didn't play well?' " Warner said. "I think that's where people sometimes get skewed in their opinion."

                    Warner doesn't mention that the Rams were 18-4 the past two seasons when Marc Bulger started at quarterback. Granted, win-loss percentage isn't everything. But it's something. And playing on the same team, with the same players, Bulger enjoyed success while Warner flopped. But if Warner's fumbling 14 times and throwing 11 interceptions with only four touchdowns in those eight games have cracked his confidence, he conceals it behind his disarming smile.

                    "I feel like I can play as well as anybody in this league," Warner said. "I can still play this game. I don't plan on being average."

                    Thing is, average would be an improvement.

                    One trait players like in their quarterback: accountability. They respect a guy who accepts criticism when warranted and shares praise when deserved. But in a recent conversation, this is as close as Warner came to acknowledging he performed...
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                    Warner lighting it up!
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                    For everyone who thought Warner was washed up needs to watch KW just having a hay day against the ****** He looks great! can't help it I have always believed that MM should have been canned instead of KW! I love MB but, he is NO KW!
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                    Kurt Warner
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                    Super happy to know that he began his career as a Ram and brought them to the SB twice with a 1-1 record (would've been 2-0 if the cheats were'nt cheats) And who knows, if Mad Mike didnt pull the plug too soon we could've probably gotten more. All Warner was missing yesterday was some DBs and STEVEN JACKSON!!!
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                    Kurt Warner sticks in the dagger and twist.
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                    Kurt Warner
                    by ShaneFalco
                    "Im not sure what the Rams are doing dropping down and taking linemen. If I was Bradford I would be wanting weapons, you know, go out and get me some weapons!"

                    Warner on NFL network right now.
                    -04-26-2012, 09:08 PM