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    Did anyone see that article by Len Pasquarelli at He suggested that one of the options for the rams next year would be to move Lewis to defensive end.
    Thoughts anyone?


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    I like Lewis, he reminds me alittle of Farr, of what I,ve seen he's got good explosion of the line of scrimage and may be not a bad idea to try him at DE, espcially since we have Zgonina and Young( I think Young is a good player, great motor and in the mold of Wistrom NEVER STOPS!!!) and lets see what MR. Pickett can do!!!!

    It would be good to get both 1st round picks onto the field at the same time .....

    ROLL ON NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      In line with majorram's thinking, I thought Brian Young could make a nice switch to DE opposite Wistrom. They play with the same heart and determination. Lewis could work too, but I'd rather it was Young.


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        My question is why? I see nothing wrong with resigning Little and putting him there.


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          Yes, but if Little is not resigned, then I think Bryan Young would make an excellent defensive end. We came into this year worrying about our defensive line, and came out worrying how we can use all the talent we have in the line. We should be very grateful.



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            I think Lewis would make an excellent DE. Maybe in the mold of Reggie White. I know that's saying a lot, but you never know. I think that this would be a good experiment. As for Brian Young; I really like the guy. And your right, he does have a non-stop motor. For that reason, I think we should keep him at tackle. It would be great to have a guy like that in the middle, which right now we do. Another thing to consider, if Lewis does work out at DE; he could be an every down player.


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              I like Young too, but Little HAS to be resigned. Just look at today, i believe he was pressuring constantly when he was in there and almost had 2 sacks. The guy has it, i really like him. Wistrom, Young, Little, Zgonina. Lewis has not impressed me this year. (not saying he wouldn't Ever), but right now Leonard Little is the better player.


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                Your right Mr.Blond LITTLE has to be resigned!! He must be top priority this off season. PASSRUSHERS in this league are RARE!! and boy hell are we lucky to have a good ONE.

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