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  • In case you're worried...

    What do all of these #s mean?

    Baltimore 2-3
    Miami 2-5
    New England 2-3
    New York 3-4
    Oakland 1-2
    Pittsburgh 3-1

    Chicago 3-3
    Green Bay 4-1
    Philadelphia 1-3
    SF 3-3
    St. Louis 6-1
    Tampa 3-5

    If you haven't figured it out yet, these are all the playoff teams' records against OTHER playoff teams this season.

    To ME they mean everyone but Tampa, Miami, NYJ, and WE played relatively soft schedules, and of the Tampa, Miami, NYJ and US, only WE were dominant against playoff teams. I fear NONE of the remaining teams, but have concerns with SF (because we've beaten them twice this season and they may be extra pumped), GB (because they're fairly balanced on offense), and Pittsburgh because they're so schoolyard.

    If we turn it over fewer than 3 times in ANY game against ANY of the remaining teams, we'll be celebrating in February. I would LOVE to get Chicago in the championship so they can be exposed for the phonies they are. Wimpy-a** schedule and only 3-3 against playoff teams - and needed a ton of luck to get THAT!

    As long as KW stays patient, we don't get careless with the ball, and April's fools (a.k.a. special teams - or should I say NOT-so special teams?) give even a slightly-better-than average performance...

    Regardless of what happens, there is no doubt in my mind we ARE the best team in football, and the only team capable of beating us, is us.

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    Great post, djccon. That tells a lot about the Rams, especially compared to the other teams. Thanks for the info!:king:



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    • Goldenfleece
      Any Given Sunday?
      by Goldenfleece
      As of week 7, we have 11 teams at 2-4 or worse. What's worse is that collectively, these 11 teams have only managed to beat Buffalo (twice), NY Jets, and Philadelphia. The rest of their wins have come against each other. If bad teams hadn't gotten to play each other in match-ups like Carolina vs. Washington, we'd have 8 winless teams at this point.

      I think it's fair to say that Tennessee, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Cleveland, Detroit, Washington, Cleveland, Seattle, and Carolina are all still in the running for the title of "Worst Team in the League". Miami is the only team on the 2-4 (or less) list that still looks like it might be able to turn the season around. These days, bad teams only beat other bad teams.

      Is it just me or is there an unusually high number of really awful teams this year?
      -10-30-2009, 08:41 PM
    • Atlas
      Good Analysis, DJRamFan
      by Atlas
      Power Rankings - week 12

      Here are my thoughts on the teams, thus far... :nerd:

      Power Rankings - week 12

      1.) St. Louis- The result of many years of human gene splicing from the DNA of Dick Butkus and Johnny Unitas.

      2.) San Francisco- Crimson Elite returns to dynasty form with Garcia at helm.

      3.) Pittsburgh- Playing better then they have since Bradshaw, Las Vegas odds increase each week on the likelihood of the return of Kordell Stewart after aliens kidnap him.

      4.) Chicago- Good defense+average offense= fan let down during playoffs. The Law of Nature states that the Ravens can only happen every ten years or so. No flukes this year for the "big game."

      5.) Oakland- This team would go to the Super bowl except for the defense allowing my grandmother to run on them. Expect the Bus to shut them down in the Championship.

      6.) Miami- Good defense... Where's Marino just when he would have a team that could win it all with him??!!

      7.) Green Bay- Favre returns to top form and basically carries his team to the playoffs. Green would not be doing as well as he has without the threat of "The Arm."

      8.) Baltimore- Defense is only above average, this year. Can't stop the passing game. Grbac=good passing game until the "red zone." Increased pressure there and compact passing lanes expose him to mediocrity.

      9.) New England- Brady will be great, but lack of real experience will hurt him in the playoffs as games get MEAN. Maybe next year, huh?

      10.) Philadelphia- McNabb needs to run more in the pocket. They need another quality receiver to compliment Thrash. Because of that, they won't go far in the post season.

      11.) NY Jets- Curtis Martin is THE MAN and can anyone honestly say they DON'T like Edwards??... Other then that, this team really does suck. I love Vinny, but they need a new quarterback.

      12.) Tampa Bay- Green Bay getting in the way of the post season. I always knew Brad Johnson was overrated. Thanks, Brad, for proving me right. It's a real shame that Tony will get blamed for the underachieving of his players.

      13.) Cleveland- I really feel that Baltimore can't run the table. Baltimore WILL lose to the Steelers. Tough games up ahead will knock the Ravens out, while a weak schedule pushes the Browns in.

      14.) Seattle- Another year of lost post season hopes for Holmgren. But, look out for them next year.

      15.) New Orleans- Potential Kryptonite for the "Super Rams". The Rams don't have to worry though... With both San Francisco AND St. Louis both doing great, they don't have a prayer.

      16.) Tennessee- At the beginning of the year, I predicted that the Titans' passing game would break out... A little too late, don't you think guys??

      -12-06-2001, 04:48 PM
    • RamsSB99
      Here is what it takes to wrap up the #2 seed.
      by RamsSB99
      This was spurred on per General Counsels thread I just wanted to lay it out and attempt to clarify it after having done some homework.

      Both KC and the Rams have the exact same strength of schedule going into week 17.

      Opponents won - loss - ties
      KC 128-111-1
      Rams 128-111-1

      Rams need teams they played to lose which says they had an easier schedule and giving them the tiebreaker and higher pick.

      The teams that both KC and the Rams played the same amount of times can be thrown out. Because each will receive either a win or a loss based on that team outcome.

      That leaves these not-common opponents for each:
      Oakland (2 games)
      Denver (2 games)
      SD (2 games)
      Tampa Bay
      New Orleans

      Seattle (2 games)
      Arizona (2 games)
      San Francisco (2 games)
      New York Giants

      Since Denver plays SD both teams that KC played twice KC will receive two wins and two losses for the outcome of that game. Since Seattle plays AZ both teams that the Rams played twice the Rams will receive two wins and two losses for the outcome of that game. Therefore those games cancel each other and we don't care about those 4 teams.

      Since Carolina plays NO both teams that KC played once KC will receive 1 win and 1 loss for the outcome of that game. Since Dallas plays Phily both teams that the Rams played once the Rams will receive 1 win and 1 loss for the outcome of that game. Therefore those games cancel each other and we don't care about those 4 teams.

      That leaves us with these teams that make a difference in our pursuit of the 2nd Draft Pick:

      Oakland (2 games)
      Tampa Bay

      San Francisco (2 games)
      New York Giants

      The above games are the only game we care about and we want to see the teams under the Rams lose and the teams under KC win. Since KC played Oakland twice and the Rams played SF twice then each would either receive two wins or two losses depending on whether the team they played won or lost.

      The following are record of the teams we are concerned with and who they play:

      Oakland (2 games) 4-11 @ Tampa Bay 9-6
      Tennessee 13-2 @ Indy 11-4
      Tampa Bay 9-6 vs. Oakland 4-11
      Cincinnati 3-11 vs. KC 2-13

      San Francisco (2 games) 6-9 vs. Washington 8-7
      New York Giants 12-3 @ Minnesota 9-6
      Washington 8-7 @ San Francisco 6-9
      Chicago 9-6 @ Houston 7-8

      If KC loses then that benefits the Rams strength of schedule because it gives their opponent an extra win. Since KC and Rams had identical strength of schedule going in that gives the Rams a slight...
      -12-26-2008, 10:03 AM
    • sbramfan
      7 playoff teams lost to non-playoff teams from last year
      by sbramfan
      Not sure if it's any consolation to anyone, but on the NFL channel they were just showing that 7 teams that made the playoffs last year lost to teams that didn't make the playoffs (basically all teams with winning records last year losing game 1 to teams with losing records last year).

      Seahawks lost to Jags. Vikes to Bucs. Rams to niiners. Denver lost to Miami. Detroit beat Green Bay. Chiefs beat the Jets.. and I guess one other that I can't remember..

      Plus the Eagles are 0-1.

      There is a lot of parity in the League.
      -09-12-2005, 10:37 PM
    • Rambos
      The sky is not falling
      by Rambos
      First week 50% of the teams are going to lose.

      We ended up number 4 offense in NFL

      We ended up number 4 defense in NFL

      *Two teams still to play.

      *Whiners ended up 22nd on O and D 24th

      Marc is the leader in passing yards 362

      Martz coach a very patience game did not panic

      We did not get lit up, we were in the game until the last play; we showed a lot of heart. The D is much improved they kept us in it all day long. We moved the ball we just need to get it in from the red zone. Not a bad problem to have.

      Still ST are a big problem, it shows that you can dominated on both sides of the ball and ST can kill you and they did.

      Notables that also lost.
      Green Bay

      Teams that won still not worried about these teams at the end of the season.
      San Francisco
      New Orleans
      Tampa Bay
      N.Y. Giants

      Dallas won could be a factor.

      Next weeks game is going to be big game for us, not a must win but big.

      We all could not wait for football season. This why we love it, because it hurts so bad and can feel so good.
      -09-12-2005, 09:28 AM