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    I got to thinking about this when I was watching the Shrine game this weekend; a possible late round draft choice. Several times we have talked about QB's for the Rams. Well, how about Fasani out of Stanford. The guy has a great arm and he is a smart QB(playing at Stanford will do that for you). The only worry is that he has been hurt about 3 times the last 3 years. So what do you all think about this guy? I think he will slide down and could be worth a late pick.

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    I think you're right on all accounts. He would be great in this offense because he can make all the throws, he's smart, but the injuries ARE hard to overcome. I have a feeling he'll be gone before we pick a second time in the draft, though. And I don't know that he's what we'd need with our first. But that's just MY opinion. I'll be eager to hear others'.



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      I'll wait 'til after the Super Bowl to start worrying about our draft picks.



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        I wouldn't pick him until later rounds, but he probably will be gone. What we'll need in the draft will depend HEAVILY on how the FA market turns out. We got the Big 3 (Little, Fletcher, and Az) looking to hit it big.

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