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    Hello moderator friends at Clanram!

    --Or may I say, "Hola amigos moderadores de Clanram"?...

    Found Clanram's newest member, Miguel, from Mexico City and was wondering what your discretion would be regarding the possibility of posted messages in other-than-English languages, e.g., Spanish, German, etc.

    As you know, for the past few years the NFL has been having an organized, yearly exhibition game in Mexico City which usually features the Dallas Cowboys and ??? (I believe this year it'll be the Pittsburgh Steelers --can't recall if the Rams have played there). These games have attracted huge crowds an have been nationally televised here in the U.S.

    With the NFL - Europe semi-expanssion teams gaining more popularity, do you expect possible messages in Spanish or German, perhaps from potential Clanram fans whose primary NFL team is the St. Louis Rams?

    Again, just curious. I feel fortunate to be bilingual [Eng.><Spanish] as I'm sure more and more Clanram fans will be in the near future. íVivan los Carneros! [Hooray fo the Rams!].

    You might eventually have a 'bilingual or even trilingual Clanram site', 'ey? Please let me know what you think. Everyone's opinion is important, of course, especially that of my senior moderators RamDez, DodRam and colleagues.


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    Hi Jorge,

    I had a talk with the rest of the Moderators about this (one is Italian(living in Italy), two are Scots(living in Scotland) and 2 Americans)

    We decided that athough it is a great idea, it would be better to stay as one board for the time being. If we were to have a Spanish area, what if there was a good going discusion in it? us english speakers would be sitting twidiling our thumbs
    we would rather have ALL RAM FANS talking together, for now anyway.

    Thanks for the sugestion

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Okay, I'll bone up on my spanish, just in case. Hola, me llamo es MsWistRAM. What is RAMS RULE in espanol?

      I believe that game in Mexico is the one on Thanksgiving Day. One of the things I'm thankful for, pro football on that day. Too bad it is the Cowboys.
      Last edited by MsWistRAM; -06-26-2001, 06:07 AM.


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