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    With our week off this week, I challenged myself with the following:

    Write down the numbers 1-99, and then next to each number, write down as many Rams players as you can think of (without looking at any reference material - rely ONLY on your memory) who wore that number.

    I give myself 1 point for active roster players, 2 points if they played in the previous decade, 3 points if they played in the decade before that, etc., etc., etc. But heck, that's just me!

    Do it just for fun. By the way, can anyone think of a Ram who wore #2? I can't. That is the ONLY number for which I can't recall a player.

    Have fun with it!


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    Oh, jeez... I won't be good with that, I'm a youngster. I'll start studying. :nerd:



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      No 2 = John Drake RB from Purdue, played 1937 to 1941 (also wore the number 14)

      No 2 = Mike Horan Punter 1997 to 1999

      No 2 = Patt Maurice End, 1939 to 1942

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Johnny Drake #2

        I read somewhere that Johnny Drake, a fullback, was the Cleveland Rams first ever No1 draft pick in the NFL. (Although he was selected by the NFL as were all the Rams draft choices that year). Think he signed for $275 a game and won Rookie of the Year.


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          Should The NFL Change It's Player Number System?
          by r8rh8rmike
          There has been a lot of discussion lately about Reggie Bush wanting to keep his college number 5, which is not allowed for running back's in the NFL. Edgerrin James petitioned the NFL to wear number 5, but was denied. Charles Woodson is apparently trying to get permission to wear number 2, and Keyshawn Johnson was given permission to wear number 19 as a reciever. Seems like the NFL has a conflicted history and probably has to seriously address the issue.

          Should the system be changed?
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        • RamWraith
          Trivia questions
          by RamWraith
          Here are all the submitted questions to the "Clan/Herd challenge". These are for your enjoyment. (answered posted some day)

          1) What former Ram was busted in a sting operation when he tried to sell the rams playbook? (Ramtime)

          2) Who was the last person to see Carroll Rosenbllom alive? (Ramtime)

          3) What NFL record does former Ram DE Fred Dryer hold? (avenger?)

          4) When the Rams held the Seahawks to -7 yards total offense in a game in 1979, what was the Seahawks longest play? (avenger)

          5) Who made a cameo appearance on the old HBO football comedy "1st and 10"? (molkerman)

          6) What two Ram players won Olympic medals? (Avenger)

          7) Who was the original "Voice of the Rams"?(RamWraith)

          8) Each year the Rams draft several players. What year yielded the most draft picks in one season??(RamWraith)

          9) Who were the three members of the Rams "Bull Elephant" backfield?(RamWraith)

          10) Who drafted Fred Dreyer in 1969? (RamWraith)

          12) Who was the first full time Rams special teams coach?(RamWraith)

          13) What Rams nickname in High School was "Hot Dog"?(RamWraith)

          14) What player had a mother that had a drug addiction for over 10 years, and sister that died after being raped and beaten??(RamWraith)

          15) Which player's father played for the Chicago Bears?(RamWraith)

          16) What was the name of the clothing store owned by Jack Youngblood and Larry Brooks in the 70's? (RamWraith)

          17) What Ram's middle name is Zubinski, in which his father just pulled out of a phone book?(RamWraith)

          18)Name the first sportscard featuring a rams player or coach. (general counsel)

          19) Name the former Rams kicker who was born without toes on his right kicking foot? (ferter)

          20) What is the the all-time series record between the Rams and forty niners and which team holds the advantage in wins?(ferter)

          21) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for most seasons played? (ferter)

          22) Which season did the Rams become the first team in NFL history to finish undefeated in division play, one season after being winless within their division? (ferter)

          23) Which former Rams LB is the "Spirit of the Game" team award named in honor of? (ferter)

          24) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for most sacks? A: (ferter)

          25) Name the player who holds the Rams record for rushing yards in a single season? (ferter)

          26) Name the player who holds the Rams career record for most punts blocked? (ferter)

          27) Name the four defensive lineman of the Rams famed Fearsome Foursome?(ferter)

          25)Name the Rams first rookie QB to start a playoff game? (ferter)...
          -07-14-2004, 05:50 PM
        • Rampage39
          Should the Rams retire Holt's number?
          by Rampage39
          After Holt retires in a couple of years, do you think the Rams should retire his number 81. Even though it has been rough the past 2 years he did give us 10 amazing seasons and played a huge part during the GSOT years. Whats your take?
          -03-15-2009, 09:58 PM
        • RamWraith
          We are Ram Fans...right?
          by RamWraith
          WOW...where to start.

          I know I love this team and when the chips get down I try to remember the magical season of 1999. I try to remember what it means to be a good fan and how I would I feel if I was in the players position under hostile attacks by "fans". I try to remember what is truly important in life and how so much of my being a fan is out of my control.

          We all want this team so badly to be perfect. We all start the year with so many hopes and dreams, and it hurts like hell when them dreams get crushed. For me, each week is a new dream and when things like this happen in a season it is then I have to look ahead and hope for the best each week and not look so much at the past. For me win or lose I will always bleed Blue and Gold. No one will ever take that away from me. And no ones opinions will ever change that love.

          There is always just is a different kind of hope as the season changes. It may no longer be that of the Super Bowl for that year, but maybe it is seeing a player break a record, or maybe it is a player growing into their position on the team. Or maybe it is a draft pick, or maybe it is knowing you have an opportunity to see the team you love in person. No matter what it is, you have to hang on to it. You must remember what exactly makes you a fan of this team. Is it purely based on a winning percentage or does it go deeper than that. True fans know the answer and they feel it deep inside. The reason we get so mad and look to blame anyone and point fingers across the street is because we truly love this team. We care so much it really hurts to fail. Our expectations coming into every season is to win them all. Truth be team wins the game we all are hoping for. There will always be disappointments when you are a true fan. You will always have to face tests and adversity. We as fans will survive, even though it is painful we need to stand tall and be proud. We are Ram fanatics, win or lose. I haven't lost hope. Have you?
          -09-23-2007, 04:21 PM
        • Nick
          This is the first time since 1978 that...
          by Nick
          ...the Rams have held their first four opponents to 17 points or fewer.

          Trivia tidbit courtesy of the Twitter account for NFL Vice President of Football Communications Michael Signora.

          GO RAMS!! :ram:
          -10-03-2010, 07:36 PM