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    :ram: :king: If anyone wins superbowl tickets in the PSL lottery, I am going to New Orleans (when the Rams Go) and dont have tickets. Email me I am willing to pay up to $500.00 each. I have two PSL's so I could possibly win, but just in case.
    [email protected]


    Rams all the way
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    Hey, see you there :shield: :shield:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Super Bowl Tickets

      When is the PSL SB ticket lottery?


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        No offense, but just $500? Good luck!


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          I was thinking the same thing......If I had SB tickets I wouldn't sell them to my Mom for $500/ea!

          I saw an ad for a ticket broker selling upper deck EZ seats for $1,400 each. My guess is if the game is Steelers vs Rams that price will probably go up.


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            2 Grand

            If the Steelers vs Rams becomes the Super Bowl, $2,000 gets you into the worst seat in the Superdome.


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              Not to be sarcastic, but you're dreaming if you think you can pick up SB XXXVI tickets for $500. In reality, you will have to pay many times that amount. Here's what brokers are asking for tix today: $2,000 range. At SB XXXV, they were going for $2,500 and buyers outnumbered sellers by 10 to 1. (I was there, I saw).

              If you are really serious about going, contact me, [email protected] , this week. I am a Ravens fan in mourning with a pair of SuperBowl tickets in hand, having anticipated a repeat.

              I have a pair pair of Plaza level tix to SB XXXVI, here's the view:

              I will sell these to another fan directly (no ticket brokers, please!) at $1,500 apiece, well below market value. I went to SB XXXV last year, and can tell you from personal experience that, if you aren't one of the very few lucky ones to get tix as a Rams season ticket holder, you will be in for major sticker shock to attend this game. I am a fan, not a broker. I have the tickets in my possession already (unlike many brokers, who deal in "futures"). I would like to make arrangements this week, short of doing the transaction, for next Sunday or Monday. If Rams lose, you lose nothing.

              I hope this is OK to post under your board rules!
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                Hmmm, SB tix sound SO nice.. I've been to all the Rams home games but I don't have SB tix.. :upset: so I MAY look into that.. If I do then I'll contact you..



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                  superbowl tickets

                  There are people out there willing to pay $1500 to $7500 for superbowl tickets. I'm not one of them, I am going to New Orleans to enjoy the Superbowl atmosphere. I will check with the brokers and scalpers around the dome right before game time and they can sell me a ticket for $500 or eat the ticket. Either way I will be down there enjoying myself.



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                    Superbowl tickets

                    I got lucky, someone bought me a ticket in the lower endzone thirty rows from the field.

                    See everyone down there




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                      Re: Superbowl tickets

                      Originally posted by DBLD34
                      I got lucky, someone bought me a ticket in the lower endzone thirty rows from the field.

                      See everyone down there