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  • Rams Downfall

    IF the Rams lose this weekend it will be because of one thing....and its the one thing that scares the hell out of me.

    The Pack and their return man Rossum scare the buggers out of this fan. We need not to give the Pack field position and not allow any big runs. MARK MY WORDS if we loose its because of this....

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    As I have posted before, this too scares me. I have had nightmares because of our kick-off coverage. Combine a great run back late in the game with zero timeouts left and my nightmare brings me to the verge of therapy.

    Go rams.



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      Oh HUSH! Both of you!:mad: I'm feeling no anxiety about Sunday and I'd like to keep it that way, if you don't mind. :p


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        [DISCLAIMER: packer fan speaking}

        You should not be worried about our kickoff returns. We are last in the league, or close to it. (Rossum doesn't return kicks, Levens does; he'll get yardage but not TD's.)

        YOU SHOULD, HOWEVER, worry about Allen Rossum on punt returns; he's dangerous and can take it to the house any time. When he first got back from an injury only recently he returned one, and he almost broke one against the *****.


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          We are a healthy united Packers team.

          We are going to kick the thistles out of your milk!

          And make some mighty fine cheese from your lams


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            Originally posted by xochi74
            We are a healthy united Packers team.

            We are going to kick the thistles out of your milk!

            And make some mighty fine cheese from your lams
            xochi, we appreciate you posting. However, please limit your smack to the smack zone.

            Ok, hold out your hand.....SLAP.....ok, now go out and play. :o


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              someone should tell him the correct spelling of lambs :shield: :evilram:

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                Someone should also find out where his loyalties are! A poster with the same name was running 49er smack against Packer fans last week on


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                  MOVE FORUMS

                  You all need to move this into the Smack Talk Forum. Please save this area for intelligent conversation. THANKS!:angryram:


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                  • LA Rammer
                    Kickoff and Punt Return
                    by LA Rammer
                    We used to have a dangerous kickoff and punt return threat in Joe Horne and Hakim. Looking at what we have done since doesn't really bode well. Dane Looker and Brad Pyatt? Are we really concerned about starting field position? Unless these guys have some background that makes them "special" I feel that this should be addressed with some real style and speed.

                    I guess with an offense like ours this position might be overlooked. I hate to see us start every possession deep in their territory.
                    -05-29-2006, 07:31 PM
                  • duke
                    Poor Kick Return Play
                    by duke
                    Anyone out there besides me, wondering why the Rams haven't pursued Tony Horne after KC cut him? Is he still available?
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                  • PTHOR
                    Would it kill the RAMS to hire some special teams?
                    by PTHOR
                    It seems like ever since the loss of Tony Horne the Rams have tried everyone short of Warner and Bulger on the (not so) special teams, this got even worse with the loss of Hakim-not that he was all that (Fumble master) but, he could run with it and actually change direction when the defense ran at him. (huge concept)
                    What I'm saying is is it possible to find someone else (not already on the RAMS team) to do the job.
                    There has got to be a few hundred speedsters out there dying for the job, I wonder have they even looked?
                    I fear this will be another year of runbacks against our special teams followed by 10-15 yard average kick/punt returns by our recycled receivers or RB's.

                    This has to be fixed to win! remember the Special teams in the 99 season (First rate).
                    -04-25-2005, 11:10 AM
                  • jjigga3000
                    For Those...........
                    by jjigga3000
                    Who didn't think Dante would pay off or the Special teams wouldn't be special. I know you all just saw that kick return. Yeah baby. He'll get a few more of those this year. The only thing was it me or did he run out of gas.
                    -09-09-2007, 12:59 PM
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                    WHo can you see as our return man
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                    One thing that has really been gone from the mix was a home run threat on punt retrurns and kicks. Do we have anyone on the roster that could be that person?
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