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  • Dont Sell Out!!

    Please tell one and all not to give into the dark side. PACKER fans will be coming in full force to St. Louis. You will NEVER see as many out of town fans as you will Packer fans. Don't give into them...don't sell you tickets. Be weary if someone offers you to much money for that ticket cause you might selling it to the dark side. These people are CRAZY they would sell the children to attend a game.


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    Cheese factory...

    Hee-hee-hee, ha-ha, LOL!

    :evil: No doubt there will be quite a few cheese-heads at this game. Local fans must make sure to take their graters and support the Rams effectively ...while defeating the dark side too.

    :angryram: Let's GO RAMS!!!


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      It's okay. We're gonna melt those cheeseheads down and serve them with the nachos.:o


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        Don't worry about me on Sunday . . .

        it would take more than money to keep me out of that stadium this Sunday. Now if a Packer fan offerd me a $1000 and an evening with Halle Berry, then I might think about it . . . . . naaaaah!


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          The Packers have very loyal fans so they go everywhere for their team. Their home games are always sold out so sometimes it's better for the fans to just hit the road and see the game that way. In this case they have no choice since it's a playoff game on the road. Both Rams & Packers fans are football loving fans so the more of their fans the merrier, should be an exciting time at the Dome but with our Rams coming out on top! :helmet:


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            GB INFO.

            As a former Wisconsin native here is little info that will knock you off your seats.

            If you are interested in becoming a season ticket holder for the Packers, it will take about 18 years to process your request. Many people in the state put their newly born child on the waiting list hoping they might some day be choosen in a lottery for thats being a fanatic


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            • RamsInfiniti
              What is wrong with the fans?
              by RamsInfiniti
              I would assume that most of the posters on this board are truly diehard and would go to the game at whatever cost, if at all possible ...

              With that said ...

              What is wrong with the fans in St. Louis?

              1300 tickets still left? We are only 1 game into the season and the "fans" are giving up? I realize that for the majority of the third quarter and all of the first quarter, we play like horsecrap against the Panthers. Problem was, I saw fans leaving in the third quarter!!

              I don't live in St. Louis. I live way down in Alabama and I got a chance to finally come to the game last year against the *****. I was amazed at how QUIET the dome was. Where is the passion? Where is the fight?

              I don't understand how there could possibly still be tickets available! Nothing would stop me from going to the game, especially if I could get tickets for cheap. I wish I was able to drive to St. Louis this weekend, but it's just not possible ...

              WE NEED SOME NOISE IN THE DOME THIS WEEK! The morale is this team is seemingly low, and we need a 12th man. Come on!

              I might be the biggest homer ever, but I am sitting down, jumping around, screaming, and yelling at my TV every week, whether we are 6-2 or 1-7. I feel that I am a real fan, and I will support this team, every week, until I die. As a matter of fact, I haven't missed a single game in 6 years now, and sometimes it's hard to find a way to get them out of market. Now I have DirecTV, so I see em all, but I can't tell you how many crackshack bars I've been to in an effort to support my Rams ....

              REMEMBER!!! We were 4-1 last year and lost several in a row. It's still early, and we can turn this around just as well: I have no doubt we'll rebound against the ***** ...

              Rams 20, ***** 17 ...
              -09-12-2007, 09:26 AM
            • RamWraith
              Article on Fan support
              by RamWraith
              Ignore the results, just give the Rams your $$
              By Josh Bacott December 20, 2007
              Email Link Printer Friendly
              Donít blame Steven Jackson.

              As much as you wanted to blame him when you read his comments in Bryan Burwellís Monday column, the Rams running backís angry rant on the lack of support at Sundayís game was to be expected. It appeared a little rash and not all that well thought out but, considering the league he plays in and the team that employs him, it was expected nonetheless.

              Even if Jacksonís intent was to demonstrate his equal frustration in the team, the front office, the coaches and the fans, his comments hit squarely on only one of those groups. And criticizing the fan support after your team just got pummelled 33-14 to fall to 3-11 overall is not something people tend to react well to. I wasnít on hand to hear the comments by Jackson so I canít say for sure if his venom was aimed at the fans that indirectly pay his salary, but the general topic brings to light two larger points:

              1.) Attendance at the Dome isnít as bad as people might have you think
              Despite the blackouts, that diatribes by team members and the general lack of interest in the team this year, 96% of tickets to Rams home games have been sold this year - That number is better than football powerhouses such as Pittsburgh (95.5%), Indianapolis (95.1%), Chicago (92.8%) and Buffalo (88.7%) amongst others. Those claiming that St. Louis isnít a football town would also have to argue the same about each of these cities. An average of 62,664 people have come out to watch the Rams go 1-6 at home this season. With performances like that, itís not a surprise that some of those tickets find their way into the hands of the opposing fans. The people of St. Louis still support this franchise, theyíre just waiting for it to become mutual.

              2.) The NFL is just like every other entertainment product even though they think theyíre not
              It doesnít take many upper level business courses to figure out that if a low-quality product is being sold to the public at a high price, sales will eventually suffer. The Rams suck. Letís just get that out there right now. They play a boring style of football that has produced the second worst record in the league, continuing their ugly free fall into the depths of the NFL. Itís not a shock that fans are beginning to find better ways to spend their money and their Sunday afternoons, nor is it unique to St. Louis. As KC Star columnist Joe Posnanski wrote yesterday, the same thing is happening in Kansas City, by all accounts one of the best football cities in the nation.

              Steven Jacksonís attitude is symptomatic of a growing issue within the league. As the NFL has risen to prominence throughout the country, front office folks and league officials have come to assume that fans will continue to come to NFL games in droves regardless of the product on the field....
              -12-20-2007, 12:28 PM
            • Guest's Avatar
              you call yourself rams fans????
              by Guest
              have you guys seen the stadium lately???? its a joke.... i know for a fact that all these so cal rams fans would give an arm and leg for the rams to come back to anaheim!!!!! i go to every game that i can out here: the seattle, san fran, and arizona games!!!!!!! if i had to a chance to go to every rams game i would!!!!!!! the fans in the midwest, come one its a joke, the stadium is hardly full this year!!!!!! you never see the browns stadium not packed because their fans our die hards!!!!! simple as this folks, some midwest fans are band wagoners and soft!!!!!!!!!
              -12-10-2005, 12:05 PM
            • bruce4life
              Attention All Wannabe Stl Fans...
              by bruce4life
              I Already Sure That You Guys Have Sold Your Tickets To Some Devout Steeler Fan Already, But Just Take This Into Perspective A Little Bit...

              When The Rams Are Doing Bad, You Guys Dont Show Up To The Games, Which Just Builds Lower Moral For A Team That Needs A Good Fanbase...

              But When The Cards Lose And Trust Me They Will Suck This Year, You Guys Will Be Out To Every Ball Game...

              Give Me Some Reasons For This... I Know For A Fact That No Matter What Us So Cal Fans Support Any Of Their Teams Through Thick And Then
              -12-20-2007, 01:10 PM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Rams-Colts Sell Out
              by r8rh8rmike
              10.21.2009 4:22 pm
              Rams-Colts sell out; Channel 4 will air game locally
              By Bill Coats
              St. Louis Post-Dispatch

              Although several hundred tickets remain, the St. Louis Rams have fulfilled NFL sellout requirements for Sundayís home game against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts. That means that the game can be televised locally. KMOV, Channel 4, has the telecast, with kickoff set for noon.
              -10-21-2009, 08:25 PM