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  • Power Rankings-Saint Louis Rams #31

    Time To Panic, This Is The Worst Case Scenerio.
    No Respect From The Powers That Be, For A Team That Has No Respect For Themselves.

    Face It Ramsfans This Team Has Gotten Old.
    I Know It's Early In The Season, But It's The Same Old Bull$#!+ From These Old Goats!!!

    A 31 Power Ranking Is Well Deserved, The Rams Can Only Go Up From Here Or Dwell In Cellar Hell.

    Will Somebody Please Light A Fire Under These Motherf**kers!!!!!

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    Re: Power Rankings-Saint Louis Rams #31

    Yes we should hit the panic button, for it is well known that without a good Power Ranking a team is going nowhere.


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      Re: Power Rankings-Saint Louis Rams #31

      Originally posted by UtterBlitz
      Yes we should hit the panic button, for it is well known that without a good Power Ranking a team is going nowhere.
      Well said, Utter. In week 1, we made half a dozen mistakes, the correction of any one of them would have resulted in a different ballgame:

      1. Johnson stepping out at the one
      2. The brain fart by the front line on the on-side kick
      3. Someone tackle Amey on his return
      4. Curtis dropped two in the endzone
      5. Bulger missed a wide open Holt in the back of the endzone

      Any of those would have changed the game. Just like I said after the Chargers game when the sky was falling like the price tag on a Jose Canseco rookie was just a couple of mistakes that made the difference. They corrected those mistakes and came out to donkey stomp Detroit the next time out. Nine times out of ten we beat the niners....Sunday just happened to be that one out of ten.

      I checked the weather report and regardless of what CBSsportsline says, the sky is most certainly still in place.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: Power Rankings-Saint Louis Rams #31

        shoddy post and stop the hyperbole. Not only that but you're wrong. The Rams aren't in the top half of oldest teams in the league if you look at starters. And if you drop to full roster it gets even younger.

        Lot's wrong with the Rams but dumb post

        Originally posted by dgr828
        Time To Panic, This Is The Worst Case

        Face It Ramsfans This Team Has Gotten Old.
        I Know It's Early In The Season, But It's The Same Old Bull$#!+ From These Old Goats!!!


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          Re: Power Rankings-Saint Louis Rams #31

          The Hype with these rankings is unfounded..The fact is...Columnists like the one over at CBS Sportsline lost lots of Money on their "Suicide Pools" so they are pissed off!

          Im sure we eliminated Lots of people...and people get mad when they lose money. LOL

          Anyway, San Fran will be better the 2-14 this year...First game of the year, with nothing to game plan for...Poor special teams...and a good steady performance from the 9ers resulted in a loss...Not the end of the world..Nor does it warrent a 31st ranking...

          How can we be ranked 3rd overall on O and 7th overall on D..and be ranked 31 in the power rankings..its ridiculous.

          Oh and by the way, It wouldnt suprise me in the least, if San Fran beats the heard it here first.

 thats good stuff....
          Last edited by StRams; -09-15-2005, 07:45 AM.


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            Re: Power Rankings-Saint Louis Rams #31

            Of course the Rams' stats look good, they played a crappy team. It's a great reminder that stats do in fact often lie. All the offensive and defensive rankings mean nothing after one game. Ignore the inflated stats and look at the fact: they lost to last year's worst team in the NFL. As of now, that's the only real information that matters to any "power ranking". It's not a "power ranking of how they are going to eventually be", it's based on the now. The Rams actually should be ranked #32 for that garbage. But bottom line, who really cares about power rankings anyway, it's just somebody's biased opinion that's no better than anyone else's.


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              Re: Power Rankings-Saint Louis Rams #31

              It's nice to be respected and recognized as a good team, but at the moment, we don't deserve it. These rankings mean as much as a Sean Salisbury comment, especially after week one. I'll bet a few games before the end of last season, we weren't exactly lighting up any power rankings, yet we made the playoffs and advanced, something the vast majority of the NFL did not do.


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                Re: Power Rankings-Saint Louis Rams #31


                Here's the link to it. To Prisco's defense, he did say all of this was based on week 1 on who really could fault anyone for ranking us that low after last Sunday.

                You gotta find a way to win.


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                  Rams #8 in BR Power Rankings
                  by sosa39rams
                  The Rams are ranked #8 in the entire NFL! When was the last time that we have seen something like this?

                  8. St. Louis Rams

                  Ask yourself this: Would you want your favorite team playing the St. Louis Rams in a one-game playoff to the postseason?
                  Jeff Fisher's Rams are for real, and that was on national display in Week 5's Thursday night game against the Arizona Cardinals. The Rams did what the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles could not: They beat the Cardinals, and they beat them soundly.
                  St. Louis' chances of finishing the season as a wild-card team may be remote, but at 3-2, they're very much in it at this point. If we're talking about teams you'd least like to play, well, the Rams are very high on that list.

                  -10-08-2012, 02:42 PM
                • LA Rammer
                  Power Ranking Are Out!
                  by LA Rammer
                  Week 1 NFL power rankings
                  Peter Schrager /Fox Sports

                  (16) Rams-No crazy double reverse plays; No going for it on 4th and 10; No inexplicable onside kicks the Mike Martz era is officially over in St. Louis

                  Looks like we're on the rise! We started out at 23!
                  -09-12-2006, 05:49 PM
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                  Rams Drop To Bottom Of Power Rankings
                  by r8rh8rmike
                  Rams drop to bottom of Power Rankings

                  September, 9, 2014
                  By Nick Wagoner |

                  EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The real first edition of the ESPN Power Rankings dropped earlier today but they didn't drop as hard as the St. Louis Rams did after an embarrassing 34-6 loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the regular-season opener.

                  The Rams tumbled six spots to No. 24 in last week's opening rankings after losing quarterback Sam Bradford for the season with a torn ACL, but that paled in comparison to the drop that has them bringing up the rear this week. They fell eight more spots this week to 32nd after the home debacle.

                  Since this is the first week in which we have any real evidence of who these teams are, it's hard to argue with the Rams' spot on the list. Arguments could probably be made for a team like Kansas City (which also had a blowout loss at home), but the Chiefs apparently got the benefit of the doubt from last season's performance.

                  No, I don't believe the Rams are the worst team in the league but with only one week's worth of actually football played, it's fair to say they had the worst Week 1 performance. And that's really all we have to go on at this point.
                  -09-09-2014, 02:30 PM
                • RamFan_Til_I_Die
                  Rams #13 in SI's first Power Rankings
                  by RamFan_Til_I_Die

                  Peter King also picked us to win the division at 9-7!

                  Good to see some respect handed out to the Rams. I feel like it's been forever since we got any. I know it's just a meaningless ranking, but it feels good to read it anyway.

                  As for the rest of the division, it got pretty ugly:



                  -09-07-2011, 03:07 PM
                • fearsome foursome
                  Still no respect
                  by fearsome foursome
                  I just checked some power rankings where the Rams at 3-3 were at #23 while the Pack was #6, Pats were#9 and the Skins were #11 with 3-3 records.Heck, we even beat the Skins! The only bad loss was to the Bears who are #3. The other losses were close games that could have gone either way. I'm ready for some R E S P E C T !!!
                  -10-17-2012, 07:19 AM