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  • Hey Dez

    what is the time difference over there?

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    Eastern is minus 5 hrs (or plus from USA)

    Central is minus 6 hrs (or plus from USA)

    Mountain is minus 7 hrs (or plus from USA)

    So normal game kickoffs are at 12 noon Central that would make it 6pm UK time

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      game times

      so u will be having a kick off of the raiders game at 1am? !!! wow and the rams game at 9pm?!!! wow!!! i would love to watch these games at night like that!


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        Not fun...

        I remember being stationed in Germany and getting up to watch the Dodger's in the World Series at 3 a.m. in the morning. Still had to go to work later that day. Kinda drug butt, but at least got to see that Kirk Gibson DH homer... It was either get up and watch it or record it and then walk around with my eyes closed and ears covered so I didn't find out the results until I got home...

        Did get to see the Rams play the Chief's in the American Bowl in Berlin. Got down on the field after the game (almost broke my neck getting there) and got my hat signed by Jim Everett and a pic with Georgina (not going to try and spell her last name). Wish I still had that pick...
        This space for rent...