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  • Additional defensive credits +++

    There seems to be some mumbling once in a while by media personnel mentioning that the RAMS defense has improved.

    It is obvious to me that the statistics, yardage, points allowed etc. reveal a remarkable turnaround. What seems to be ignored by the talking heads is:

    The defense produced these results in the face of the "most turnovers allowed" stat

    The defense produced these results in the face of "a pass-oriented offense that usually doesn't hold the ball that long"

    The defense produced these results in the face of the "an inconsistent special teams play that often gave up field position"

    If these points are not proof enough to the RAMS defensive character then add this: the RAMS defense produced these statistics in the face of repeated blow-outs where their team had already scored 30 or more points"

    Hey, media-types, talking heads and the rest, why isn't this in the news......???

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    This has been a hot topic all year and while the media has given us the shaft (and so has the league with the Pro Bowl), we have continued to win. Everything you posted about the Defense is correct, but like i've said in previous posts we're no longer the feel good story of the year....a.k.a. hyped up.

    Everyone knows the defense is better and we'll prove it in Feb, will they give us credit then, probably not.


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      NO doubt the D is using this lack of respect as a motivation to be even better still, long may it continue, well at least until Super Bowl


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      • Curly Horns
        Defending the defense while offending the pessimists
        by Curly Horns

        Defending the defense might seem like a tough task to a lot of Rams fans these days. Why I choose to take on such a low, down, dirty task is beyond me. Maybe I'm the consummate Rams fan. The type that has always been in love with a bit of an underdog. Hey, if you have been a Rams fan for very long, you know what I'm talking about.

        So where does one begin to defend this defense amongst all the pessimism? Since we can not predict the future, I say history is the best option.

        Most of us remember what it was like to be a perennial basement dweller only to rise to the top after the '99 season with a shiny new Lombardi and high hopes for a repeat the following season.

        And why not a repeat? We had the GSOT and a pretty good defense. Granted the defense was not the best, but it was no slouch. The majority of defensive starters returned, the defensive coordinator returned, the same scheme returned, and yet we all know that the bottom fell out in 2000.

        Hmmm. Just goes to show how easily a group of players can rise and fall from season to season. Scheme, coaching, talent level are certainly factors, but ultimately it comes from within the group of players. They can rise. History has proven it.

        So how good does this defense really need to be to win a championship? Our own Rams history and very recent history has proven they do not need to be the best defense in the league. They simply need to be good enough when it matters most.

        Let's look a little deeper into that magical season of '99. There are those who claim that your best defense is a potent offense. I'm quite sure this is not entirely true. However, we have seen it work to our advantage. The potent offense of the '99 squad certainly helped the defense. The offense was able to score quickly and often. This put the defense in a good position against opposing offenses as they were forced to play catch-up. Our 2007 offense has the ability to be quite potent. This can help the 2007 defense. History has proven it.

        Now Let's look at recent history. Most of us know that Baltimore had the #1 defense last season and where that got them. Did most of you also know that the Raiders had the number #3 defense in the league? I'm sure we all know where that got them. Our Rams of course came in at #23. Not good enough, some might say. Okay let's look further. Remember the Colts of last season? They finished at #21. Well, the Rams have no pass rush, some say. True, to some extent, however they were #8 in pass defense and #3 against receiving. Ah, but the Rams run defense is crap, some might add. Well that is correct. The Rams run defense finished just ahead of the last place Colts run defense.

        Hmmm. How good does the defense need to be to win a championship? Certainly not the best. History has proven it.

        Ultimately the best way to defend our...
        -03-12-2007, 09:43 PM
      • AvengerRam_old
        A Stat That Suggests The Ram Should Draft Offensive Players
        by AvengerRam_old
        Last year, as I suffered through the Rams many blowout losses, I usually felt like it was the ineptitude of the offense, far more so than the problems with the defense, that lead to the huge deficits.

        So, I decided to crunch some numbers to see if my observation was accurate. Here's what I found.

        In the 9 games last year that the Rams lost by 10 or more points, the Rams' defense held the opposition without an offensive TD for an average of 22:21. That means that, even in blowout losses, the Rams kept the other team out of the endzone for an average nearly one and one-half quarters.

        What this tells me is that the defense often failed because it wore down due to an offense that couldn't stay on the field, didn't score points, and gave the defense bad field position.

        All of this makes me wonder if the best way to fix the defense might be to improve the offense. If the Rams could add some real firepower to the offense, maybe the defense - even with the current players - would fare better occasionally playing with a lead.

        I'm not saying the defense wouldn't benefit from an influx of talent. But I think an argument can be made that the offense needs it more.
        -04-16-2010, 08:17 AM
      • AvengerRam
        Is the Rams' defense its "secret weapon" in 2017?
        by AvengerRam
        Most preview analyses focus on the Rams' need to improve their offense... and with good reason. The 2016 Rams' offense was historically inept, both in terms of efficiency and scoring. With an offensive line that will feature 4 new starters (two new players, one elevated player, and one changing position), an influx of talent in the receiving corps, and a new offensive coaching staff and system, things will hopefully improve on that side of the ball.

        There is less talk about the defense. Most comments focus on the hiring of Wade Phillips, who will install his aggressive 3-4 based system (one that has worked well with several other teams). Lost in these discussions, though, is the fact that, all things considered, the 2016 was actually not that bad.

        Despite having an offense that rarely sustained drives and caused the Rams to fall behind early in most games (and the loss of its second best player, Robert Quinn, for half the season), the defense was ranked 9th in the NFL in yards/game allowed, yards/play allowed and 3rd down conversion % allowed. The Rams' worst defensive stat may have been its poor showing in total sacks (31). That is the most likely area to improve under Phillips.

        While most of the offseason moves went toward improving the offense, the Rams made some key defensive acquisitions, including Connor Barwin, Kayvon Webster, Nickell Robey-Coleman. They also drafted some interesting prospects in John Johnson, Samson Ebukam, Tanzel Smart and Ejuan Price.

        I think the Rams have the potential to not only be good on defense, but to be great. The talent is there, and should fit Phillips' system very well.

        Nothing wrong with winning games by a score of 13-3.
        -07-26-2017, 09:00 AM
      • jjigga3000
        by jjigga3000
        Is it me or did last years defense look better. I'm not sure about this new D Coordinator
        -08-17-2013, 06:47 PM
      • r8rh8rmike
        Rams Tied For 7th in NFL Scoring Defense
        by r8rh8rmike
        For a new defense still finding it's way, I couldn't have asked for more at this point. We've given up some big plays here and there, but to be holding opponents to 14.7 points per game is impressive IMO.

        "Bend but don't break" has been the style so far, but I expect less bending as the defense as a whole improves and continues to be aggresive and opportunistic.
        -09-28-2006, 05:43 PM