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  • Players and Coaches Quotes from Sept. 15

    Thursday, September 15, 2005

    Head Coach Mike Martz

    (On whether CB Chris Johnson will be ready after a rough opening game)
    “Yeah. He just got here. We just have to work with him a little bit. If we didn’t feel confident with Chris [Johnson], obviously we wouldn’t leave him out there, which we are. We’re going to stay with him.”

    (On what he likes about Chris Johnson)
    “He’s had to make a transition in different philosophies between football teams and how we do things. There’s a learning curve for him that has had to be sped up for him. I like his competitiveness, and of course his speed and athleticism is really outstanding. His issues haven’t been any of those things. He was injured. They just couldn’t wait for him. They had already replaced him. He fits in for us real well. He has a lot to bring to the table for us. He’s a veteran who hasn’t played a lot, who has great ability.”

    (On how WRs Kevin Curtis and Shaun McDonald’s roles benefit the offense)
    “Both of these guys can start just about anywhere. We’re fortunate, in that respect, to have those kinds of receivers. Those guys are really playing at a high level. I’m very pleased with them. The biggest issue would be the emergence of the running game and the offensive line. We just have to play better everywhere. We just didn’t play well last week, but they are a terrific, terrific addition to what we do offensively.”

    (On whether he has any secrets on fighting the heat gained while coaching at Arizona State)
    “No. Not really. I was there for 10 years, and I promise you it was a lot worse here last week than it ever was down there when it was 113 [degrees] during the day. My challenge to them is to come back when it’s 98 [degrees] in this humidity. If you want to make it a distraction, you can. It is what it is. It’s still 98 [degrees] on that other sideline. It just is. What we are concerned about is when we practiced in it, it beat us down. [At the] beginning of the year we really played particularly well because we worn down by the heat. Team would come in fresh and the heat didn’t seem to bother them. It’s kind of an odd thing.”

    (On how Arizona’s changes to their defensive front complicate the Rams’ offensive approach)
    “It’s what we saw in the opener. We knew what they were doing. I’m sure they will have something specific for us. They have had the offseason to prepare. We are in a little bit of a different situation, and I think we should be able to adjust and focus in on what we are trying to accomplish. Every week you play, there is a potential of doing that, and everybody does that to you.”

    (On if there is an advantage to knowing how QB Kurt Warner plays)
    “I don’t think so. That could be a distraction, because you start to guess, oh he’s about to do this, and it never works out that way. The best thing to do is just to prepare the game plan and go play. You aren’t playing that guy. You are playing that football team. It is too easy to get wrapped up in that. It’s the same for anybody, really. You have to be careful of that.”

    (On what he sees when he watches tape of QB Kurt Warner)
    “He’s really playing at a high level right now. He’s much further along than he was in New York. I think this is a much more familiar offense for him. He looks more comfortable with it. He’s taking the ball down the field. He’s quick with the ball. He’s got some real leadership that you can see on that team. I’m proud of him and where he is right now, and, other than two weeks out of the season, I hope he’s spectacular.”

    (On the differences between the Cardinals and Rams offensively)
    “Joe Gibbs runs the same offense. Norv Turner runs the same offense. Kansas City does. Actually, Cincinnati does. Everybody has their own twist to it. The three-digit system is that way. It is kind of like an erector set. Here are the pieces to it and you just kind of go with what your personnel allows you to go with, so to speak. That’s what makes the system itself such a terrific system. You don’t run the same plays as everybody else. You kind of bend it to what you have, and that’s why I like it so much, and I’m sure [Head Coach Dennis Green] will do the same thing.”

    (On if he targeted a couple of return guys in the draft)
    “Not punt return. DeJuan [Groce] is an outstanding. On the returns, you have to block them. I think [Chris Johnson] brings a unique element with his rare speed. So, if he hits a crease, he’s like Tony Horn in that respect, and that’s what I think we have there now. We have so many other areas to deal with in the draft other than getting a specialist just for returns. As much as you’d like to do that, it’s pretty hard to do.”

    (On CB Terry Fair’s progression)
    “He’s progressing well. Who knows? He’s running, right now, at full speed. As long as he doesn’t have any neck soreness, and he feels good, it’s really kind of based on him and then we’re ready to go with him. But, it will all be based on what he has to say. We’d love to have him back as soon as possible, but not a minute before he’s ready to play. Anything that has to do with the spinal column or the head, you just want to give them every opportunity that you can and go past what you think is safe. These are people’s lives that you are dealing with. It’s way more important than a football game. The running kind of got him tight in the shoulders. He’s been through that before, and that stuff just doesn’t go away in a week. They say I’ll be back next week, but it never works out that way.”

    (On preparing for LB Karlos Dansby)
    “The mark of an outstanding defensive linebacker is the fact that wherever the ball ends up, that’s where that linebacker is, and that’s what he is. He’s a spectacular player. I think he is absolutely going to be one of the premiere defensive players in the league.”

    G Adam Timmerman

    (On the difficulties of having a new starting right tackle this week)
    “It is, because you’d like to be next to the same guy all the time. You get used to working those stunts together, that’s who you’ve practiced with, and the communication, you get used to where he’s going to be. He knows what a one word call is, rather than something that is going to take an explanation on the way to the line. But Blaine [Saipaia] has played there before, and that should be a pretty easy transition.”

    (On the importance of winning this week after last week’s loss)
    “You can’t get too shook up about it, really. It’s just one of those things where we have to focus in on the task at hand, playing the Cardinals this week, and really not put too much pressure on ourselves. Although at the same time it is big. It’s a division game. There are a lot of repercussions down the road, but we just have to focus on really playing our best football, putting the whole thing together on all three phases, offense, defense and special teams, and I think we will be fine.”

    (On the causes for the difficulty in the redzone at San Francisco)

    “Not really. I’m sure tomorrow we’ll work more on redzone and stuff like that, but it’s sometimes hard to put your finger on exactly what is going on. It may be something they are doing on defense too. I’m sure we’re going to put in our redzone plays and analyze that a little more than we have in the past just because we had trouble the first week.”

    WR Kevin Curtis

    (On whether the mood has changed at Rams Park after a loss)
    “I think so. Anytime you come off a loss you’re eager to get back out on the field. You have that bad taste in you mouth that you want to get out, and get the feeling of winning. I think everyone is just eager to get out there and get a win.”

    (On the frustration of being able to move the ball, but not get into the endzone)
    “It is frustrating to move the ball like we were at the start and come away with a field goal every time. Usually that’s alright once in a while, but we have to get in endzone. Three points instead of seven points, it adds up after four strikes in a row.”

    (On being in a game with as much passing as there was at San Francisco)
    “I like when we throw the ball a lot. It’s not always ideal when you have to throw it, but that usually means you’re behind and that. Yeah, especially if we go four receivers a lot toward the end of the game, we’re looking to score fast and we need people to make plays. Definitely in that situation you realize they are looking to you to make something happen.”

    CB/S Michael Hawthorne

    (On the Cardinals’ offense)
    "Of course everyone knows about the quarterback. The receivers: we faced the same thing playing in Detroit [in the] preseason. They’re big, physical receivers that are going to go get the ball. But, we just have to play our game. Tweak it a little bit, but play our game and not worry about the other stuff.”

    (On differences he sees in Kurt Warner since he played against the Rams while with New Orleans)
    “He seems to be a little bit more mobile now. I don’t know if that is because he has to be, but that is showing. He’s showing a little youth.”

    (On what he sees in their receiving corps)
    “They have youth with experience at quarterback. They have the youth at the receivers spot. However we can’t overlook the running backs. They have two pretty decent running backs that have a one-two punch, two different types of backs, so they have an all-around offense. They have to start clicking, but we on defense have to start clicking before they start clicking.”

    CB Chris Johnson

    (On being the starting kickoff returner)
    “I didn’t think I was actually going to be the starter, but I was just trying to get in there, contribute to the team and help the team out.”

    (On being nervous in his first NFL regular season game)
    “I was so nervous. You could see it on the first play. I should have let that ball go out of bounds, but my instincts told me I wanted to pick it up and try to run it. I kind of messed up on that one. After I got settled in a little bit I started feeling the returns and getting comfortable back there.”

    (On not letting mistakes affect him)
    “Like the coaches always say, you have to let mistakes go, because if you hold on to them, you are going to keep making mistakes. The best thing I could do after that first one was say it was over with and done with. So, all I can do now is look forward and make everything else positive.”

    LB Chris Claiborne

    (On getting a victory in Arizona)
    “We need this victory. It’s a division game on the road. So, to me, that is the most important thing. I think this team is good enough that if we take care of our business, we’ll be ok. It’s not really about the other team. It’s about us doing what we need to do to be successful.”

    (On how effective the run defense has been)
    “We’re playing well on the run. I think that’s important, but the other thing is being consistent. We have to do that week in and week out. That allows Leonard [Little] and [the defensive line] to get off as far as the pass goes. Hopefully we will try and blitz a little more. Last week we kind of sat back. We’ll see how it goes. Every week is a new challenge, and we’re looking forward to it.”

    (On the effect QB Kurt Warner had on St. Louis)
    “He’s got stats and that’s what it is all about. He was a two-time MVP, so that speaks for itself. But I think most of the things that he used when he was here are still here. I would be worried if some of those weapons weren’t here. If Marshall Faulk wasn’t here or if some of those guys on the line weren’t here. I’m happy to be playing here with the guys that are here. We have a great quarterback here in [Marc] Bulger, and we’re going to go to war with him.”

    DE Anthony Hargrove

    (On the loss of momentum after giving up a punt return touchdown)
    “It is always deflating anytime anybody scores on you, period. It hurts a little more on special teams because there are only a few times you get a chance to get on the field and if one of those times they score, you don’t know if you are going to get another chance to go back out there and fix that.”

    (On the Rams’ problems with special teams)
    “We are aware of the problem with special teams. That’s why we come out here everyday, you know, Coach [Bob] Ligashesky has a good system, and once everybody adapts to it and gets it, we will be fine on special teams. We are not nearly as bad as we were last year, but there are still a couple guys running out of gas and not squeezing them right, but we’re getting to where we need to be.”

    (On going after QB Kurt Warner against Arizona)
    “Anytime you get a chance to get after someone who was here, you always try to get back at them. He’s a quarterback, and that’s what I get paid to do, is get quarterbacks. So, yeah, I’m going to get it. I’m just going to line up and play some ball. It’s just another conference game, and we just want to go out and get a win.

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  • RamWraith
    Coach / players--Sept. 20
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan
    September 20

    (Opening Statement and Injury Report) “Pisa’s (Tinoisamoa) elbow is getting better. He’s still going to be listed as questionable. He worked some things on a limited basis in a red jersey on the field. We’re obviously keeping Orlando (Pace) out. He’s doubtful at this point. He didn’t get any practice today. We’ll evaluate him and due a psych test on him tomorrow and make the evaluation then, exactly whether he’ll be ready for this weekend.”

    (On T Orlando Pace’s recovery) “I asked him how he felt and he said he felt better. He’s feeling better everyday. I think he’s still feeling it a little bit. That’s got to be a good thing that he says he’s feeling better.”

    (On not being surprised if LB Pisa Tinoisamoa is ready to play on Sunday) “That would be standard for Pisa. That’s just the way he thinks and that’s why he has a good chance of playing this weekend.”

    (On players taking time off to recover from injury) “It helps, but I prefer that guys practice. If he can get something done Friday, we won’t do anything tomorrow. If he could get something done Friday, that would make us feel better. I’m more concerned with the fact that he is 100 percent. The plan is secondary to making sure he’s okay.”

    (On the idea of putting T Alex Barron on the left side of the offensive line) “That’s because he’s been on the right side here. We’ve had to move enough and we want to try to keep things as stable as we can with (Todd) Steussie at left (Tackle). Adam (Goldberg) has played a lot of guard. He started quite a few games at Minnesota last year at guard. That would be our contingency plan right now.”

    (On Barron’s progression) “I think he’s playing pretty good. I think he’s doing the things you want to improve on from your first year to your second. His run-blocking is better. I think he’s a very good pass protector. When we have both him and Orlando (Pace) healthy I think that’s going to be very positive for us. He’s progressing very well. He’s made a lot of improvement from his rookie year.”

    (On G Adam Goldberg’s performance) “I think he did fine. With very limited time here, I think he’s very familiar with a lot of the things we’re doing, terminology wise. He worked our offense two years ago and was basically working a new system. Just getting the reps up a little bit was some of it. Just like everybody, he had a couple of errors in the game, but he’s a good player and I’m glad we have him.”

    (On determining Pace’s status) “I’m optimistic. They are guys that have played a lot. Those two guys on the left side have played a lot more football in the NFL than Richie (Incognito). Anytime you have to re-shuffle things it’s not easy, but these guys are pros and having a week to prepare will certainly give us a better chance to have more success.”

    (On C Richie Incognito’s...
    -09-21-2006, 04:30 AM
  • RamWraith
    The Quote Sheet - Wednesday
    by RamWraith
    Wednesday, November 1, 2006

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    (Opening statement and injury report) “Our injury report doesn’t look too bad. Pisa (Tinoisamoa) is still going to be questionable this week, but it looks like he has a better chance. Last week we thought he did too, but with the swelling he wasn’t able to play with that hand. He was able to get in a certain amount of plays today, but didn’t have any contact. The swelling is down, we’ve got some things we’re doing as far as the brace that’s put around it, and there’s even a possibility of not having him in a cast, but he doesn’t seem to have the pain he had last week. Other than that, everybody’s pretty good to go and nobody was limited in practice to day.”

    (On the possibility of LB Pisa Tinoisamoa’s injury requiring surgery) “At this point there is not going to be surgery. I think the only benefit of the surgery is that it stabilizes that had a little more. I don’t know if it heels it faster, it just keeps it stable. The semi-cast you put on there is a form-fitted protection guard that keeps his fingers stable. He was working with that yesterday. It looks a little funny, but he felt much more comfortable with that.”

    (On CB Travis Fisher’s productivity this season) “It’s like any other player. Because you’ve asked about him, it’s hard to single out players individually at this point. We are deep enough into the season where we’ve had some good days and not so good days. One of the things I think in recent weeks that probably hampered him in playing as consistent as he played earlier in the year was that he wasn’t healthy and did try to play through that groin injury he had. Actually, before he came out against Green Bay, he had played pretty well up until that point. Anytime you don’t win a football game or you get beat on a long pass, that’s the last thing that sticks in your mind. Even last week I think other than them completing a corner route on him in the two minute drill before half, he was actually pretty solid in that game. He hasn’t done anything to disappoint us at all this season.”

    (On Michigan State Head Coach John L. Smith being fired) “I’m really sorry to hear about that. I heard about that this morning as well. I know that these things happen in this business, and we all know that it certainly can happen and has happened to a number of coaches that have been in this business for a long time. He’s a great coach, a great person, and he was a great mentor to me. He hired me three times when I really needed a boost to get started in coaching and get out of a bad situation when I had left and went to Las Vegas. When the head coach was not retained at Washington I was looking for a job, and back in 1999 he hired me again. He’s always been there for me. I feel bad about it and I have a couple of friends on that staff as well. There is a little uncertainty there, but he will...
    -11-02-2006, 05:03 AM
  • RamWraith
    Lots of good team quotes for the week
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    September 19, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)

    “Drew (Bennett), he got all of practice in so there shouldn’t be any issue with him playing this week. He was limited some, but just because we kept him out of things. Marc (Bulger) had full participation in practice. He was limited a little bit in his throwing, but he should be fine. Tye Hill did not practice. Richie Incognito did not practice. Claude Terrell had full practice and Pisa (Tinoisamoa) was limited. We’re headed in the right direction as far as getting guys back on the field. There shouldn’t be any surprises, hopefully we don’t have another Thursday like we had last week. Tomorrow we should be okay.”

    (On G Milford Brown)

    “He’s fine. There was no problem with him recovering from post game. He was a lot better yesterday and he went full today.”

    (On T Alex Barron’s attributes)

    “His athleticism. He’s ability to match up against speed. He has enough size to anchor. The ends aren’t getting any smaller these days. You go against some pretty incredible athletes over there. He’s been going against some pretty good ones on the other side. It’s kind of 50-50. He’s at the blind side of a right-handed quarterback. That’s very important for your quarterback knowing he’s going to see things to his right and to his left. He has to count on that guy and Alex’s No. 1 ability is to pass protect. He’s become a lot better run blocker as he’s progressed in his career. His overall talent. He’s really improved since he’s played for us in the last two years, and certainly since he came in the league.”

    (On how to reduce the number of hits on the quarterback)

    “You have to do it. The No. 1 best way to protect your quarterback is the run game. We have to get our run game going. It has not been satisfactory in the first two games. That has to be our strength – for our football team to run the ball offensively and to stop the run defensively. If you get your run game going there is a certain amount of respect that the defense gives the run game and it definitely helps your pass protection and puts you in better third-down position which is critical when you get in third-and-long or extra long. It gets the defensive ends; I know our defense is much, much better, when we get in those long-area situations because we’re equipped that way as far as our speed and all that. Until we do that it’s going to be a concern. There are other ways, protection schemes. It’s not always match protecting or keeping lots of people in. There is timing of routes. Everyone knows we have a deeper design to a number of our plays, but we have to pick and chose when we do those as well.”

    (On averaging 5-6 yards a carry for a short period of time in each of the first two games)

    “We’ve managed...
    -09-19-2007, 03:56 PM
  • RamWraith
    Coach Scott Linehan Wednesday, November 29, 2006
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    (Opening statement)
    “The injury report is quite a bit more extensive this week than any other week. You all know Victor’s (Adeyanju) out probably the next two to three games, at the soonest, the second to last game he might have a chance to be up. Isaiah’s (Kacyvenski) out. We’ll evaluate him at the end of the week, and see his status for the next games coming up. Richie Incognito’s foot is actually nothing that showed up on the MRI, so it’s kind of a pain tolerance thing. He should be fine. Had actually very little problem with it in practice today. Marc Bulger’s got some ribs, but once he gets loosened up he’s fine. Paul Smith looked pretty good today with his hamstring, so he looks like he has a real good chance to be up. We’re a little more banged up than we’ve been. Had to limit a number of players today in practice at times so we can get the good guys through the game on Sunday. Got to manage that. That time of year.”

    (On CB Tye Hill’s condition)

    “Tye felt better today than he felt last Wednesday. We rotated his reps a little bit more than we did last Wednesday too, but he felt better than he did last Wednesday. It was never to a point where he couldn’t practice last week, he just never really got any better, and by Friday, it actually was starting to feel worse. Hopefully we can get through the week with a modified workload this week.”

    (On where LB Jamal Brooks fits in)

    “Right now he’s factored right in with the loss of Isaiah at this point. It made all the sense in the world to have him in special teams, and plus, he’s our backup “mike” linebacker now.”

    (On how Kacyvenski will be evaluated)

    “There’s just a psych testing, just to see that it’s all normal.”

    (On what’s considered “normal”)

    “I think there’s just normal levels, and there’s levels of concern. Not being a neurologist or any of that, I think it’s just if there’s anything abnormal, they want to make sure that it shows up more than just a couple days after the injury. He’s had a couple now, so we’re going to take it pretty slow.”

    (On how long Kacyvenski will be out)

    “It’s hard to predict when someone’s able to come back from having more than one concussion. We’ll take it very slow. There’s really no way to predict how soon he’ll be back to 100 percent.”

    (On testing Kacyvenski)

    “When you have one, you just have to keep track of it. If you don’t have a repeat, then it seems to be the best way to keep an eye on those. If you have another incident, now you start doing these testing…with Orlando’s (Pace) case, his was so severe, his symptoms were so severe afterwards, with the headaches and sleeplessness and all...
    -11-29-2006, 05:11 PM
  • RamWraith
    Head Coach Jim Haslett December 3
    by RamWraith
    Rams Head Coach Jim Haslett

    December 3, 2008

    (Opening Remarks)

    “Injury wise, (DE) Victory Adeyanju has a neck (injury) and he was limited today. He’ll be day-to-day. We’ll see how he goes. (LB) Chris Draft practiced today with his broken foot, I thought he did ok, we’ll see how he is tomorrow. (CB) Tye Hill was running on the side, but he still…we’ll have to make a decision on him pretty soon. I think that’s the three major ones.”

    (On if G Richie Incognito is ok and if he had to take a psyche test)

    “Yeah (he’s ok). No, he didn’t have to take one, he’s fine, he practiced today, he did fine.”

    (On if they will have to keep WR Donnie Avery out to rest)

    “He sat, he did all the walk-throughs, he did individual walk-through and then we took him out of all the team stuff. Him and (WR) (Keenan) Burton and (WR) Torry (Holt) was limited. We tried to give the receivers a break today; they’ve been running a lot.”

    (On CB Tye Hill’s injury)

    “Well, we have to make a decision. Him sitting around doing nothing, this is week six and sooner or later you have to get back on the field. He’s been hurt for, this is what, he missed eight games last year and he’s going to miss 10 games this year and another 12 games this year, that’s a lot of games.”

    (On if he thinks RB Steven Jackson is full-go)

    “I think you have to have to ask him, so we don’t have a conflict here, but he looked fine to me today. I thought he was fine.”

    (On if he plans on giving RB Steven Jackson more touches this Sunday)

    “Yeah, I think they’ll be more. We’ll sit down, based on how he feels this week, we’ll try to give him…he looked good to me today, so we’ll add some of the reps based off how he feels. But he’ll get back in the swing of things full-go here. I thought he looked pretty good today.”

    (On how much it means to the team to have RB Steven Jackson on the field)

    “He’s a great football player. Any time you lose a player, he’s probably the best player on our football team, if you lose a guy like that and it means a lot to you. It means a lot to your offense obviously, and it means a lot to your defense because it keeps them off the field. You saw the results last week; I thought the defense played better, obviously, when you play less time. And it helps special teams because the field position. We said it from day one that for us to win games Steven has to do a great job of running the football along with ‘Pitt’ (RB Antonio Pittman) and (RB) (Ken) Darby as a compliment and (QB) Marc (Bulger) has to manage the game well.”

    (On if he talked to RB Steven Jackson about the comment he made in the locker room last Sunday)

    -12-03-2008, 03:10 PM