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  • Team wonders about fans

    I posted this in the *articles* section but thought I'd post it here also for some who may not read the other sections....

    By Jeff Gordon
    Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist
    01/17/2002 01:22 PM

    Have Rams fans gotten spoiled? Are they coming into the Building Formerly Known As The Trans World Dome with a complacent attitude?

    Have they gotten soft with all this winning? Have they forgotten all the bad football they watched over the years, or that dark period when there was no pro football at all?

    The Rams are wondering. The fellas felt some disappointment when Rams fans failed to disrupt Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning back on Dec. 30. He was able to step to the line scrimmage and call plays after eyeballing the Rams defense.

    Rams coach Martz had made a point of asking fans to get loud when Manning got up to the line . . . but still there wasn't much of a roar. And come to think of it, there wasn't much electricity for the home-field clinching victory over Atlanta, either.

    Receiver Ricky Proehl hopes the atmosphere will change dramatically Sunday afternoon during the epic showdown against the Green Bay Packers. When fans scream their guts out inside a dome, they can energize the home team and rattle the visitor.

    "It's very important," Proehl said during a news conference Thursday. "I hope the fans are listening in St. Louis. I'm hoping they get loud again like they did in '99, because the last couple of weeks, Indianapolis and Atlanta, they weren't a factor at all.

    "As a player, that's disappointing, because I think they've gotten complacent. It's so hard to win in this league, even when you're playing the Colts, Falcons, when people expect that we can run through them. We did do that, but it helps when you get the fans behind you. I hope that this playoff game Sunday they'll be like they were in '99."

    Dexter McCleon said Proehl's assessment was widely shared on the team. The 'C' word has been uttered in the locker room. "We expected it to be a little louder, especially the Indy game because Mike (Martz) sort of asked the crowd if they could be a little louder because Peyton likes to do a lot of checking off and everything.

    "But it's playoff time now. You don't have to ask them to be loud. We expect them to be loud.

    We expect the place to be rocking. But we need it. We need every little bit of advantage we can get right now. It's do or die now. We need them. I hope they realize that."

    If Rams fans don't throw themselves into this game, then the Packers fans that are buying up tickets for this game will have some impact. Many of the yuppies among us have capitulated and either sold tickets to their Cheesehead friends or peddled the ducats to the brokers.

    We'll see lots of green in the Dome. Wisconsin is planning an invasion. "One thing I will say, when I was in Chicago, Green Bay has great fans," Proehl said. "Even when we were the opposing team, they treat you with respect. It's not like going to New York or Philadelphia or Oakland.

    "You know they'll be there. They love their team, they love the Packers. I will expect there to be some Packers fans there.

    "Like I said, I hope our crowd pumps it up and we can hear it."

    So does this bureau. This region has a once-in-a-lifetime NFL team representing it. This once-in-a-lifetime team is about to play a Game For The Ages against the very exciting Packers. If the Rams didn't exist, the Packers would be the heavy favorite to win it all this winter.

    This could be one of the most exciting games ever staged in this city. We hope this expectation will fire up the populace.

    Maybe St. Louisans should follow Kurt Warner's lead this week and save their voices. Perhaps they should stick to hand signals. Ticket holders should let their significant others do the jabbering for them for a few days.

    Sunday will bring an opportunity for each ticket holder to join the championship quest. This will be their chance to join "The Greatest Show on Turf."

    The Rams believe they are ready to meet the very stiff Packers challenge. But they have to wonder: Are the fans ready to do the same?***

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    I am a rams fan living in Canada and I have never been to the dome. Games on tv don't always relay the true volume of the crowd. I thought the rams fams were loud, so I was a little surprised by this article.

    What are st.louis fans like in general? I know that the city has a reptuation as a baseball town, but are the cardinals fans fickle? Or, are they there through thick and thin? From watching Hockey games it seems that Blues fans are pretty devoted and loud. Am I wrong about that? Does anyone care to answer my questions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Go rams!!!



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      Okay I think we have got a little spoilt over the last few years but this is PLAYOFF TIME BABY AND THE DOME IS GOING TO BE ROCKING COME SUNDAY

      I can hardly wait and it's only thursday YOU'LL HEAR ME SHOUTING FROM ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      :lid: GO RAMS
      "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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        Get it ON!!!

        From what I've heard, St. Louis has great and true fans in all of their sports teams. But you're right Majorram, now is the time to rock the house and make some real noise!

        Let's get it on!! GO RAAAAMS!!! :angryram:


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          Come on St.Louis!Make some noise!The team is asking for the attending fans help so give it to them.Look at what this team has done for us.They have played their a$$es off.I wish I had the money to go to a game,but unfortunately I dont.If the crowd isnt in to the game Sunday I will be very shocked.So for all who are in attendance:YELL,YELL,AND YELL SOMEMORE!IT'S THE PLAYOFFS!

          :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
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            Our team is worried about the noise? not to worried about the Packers D I see. Hmmmm. C'mon guys, just concentrate on the game. The fans will be there. Yes they are a little spoiled right now, but they have the right to be. They suffered through several losings seasons prior to the Days of Deliverance of 1999. They are behind you, it was just a little tough maybe for games against the Colts and Falcons even though it meant quite a bit. You have your own success to thank Rams, your undefeated road record has given us comfort. We love you at home guys, but you have our trust also on the road. Thats huge for a team also to know that your fans GUARANTEE a road win every week. This game means alot, and its the Packers. You won't be able to hear yourself think, trust me.



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              In all seriousness,I think the team is just making a rallying cry.I get the feeling that the Rams are psyched for this game and they want the dome to be rockin.I cant see the fans being laid back during this game.There is too much at stake.In all honesty,the only game where I thought the crowd was way too silent was the Monday night game against the Bucs.But then again I was drinking a bit.;)

              :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
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                Section 402 Row PP will be rocking, Now if we can just get the lower bowl to get up and get rowdy:mad: :mad:


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                • RamWraith
                  Gordo Live 6/23/08
                  by RamWraith
                  Gordo Live

                  Monday, June 23, 2008

                  Fresno Ram Fan: Hey Gordo, Do you know if and how much Saunders uses the no huddle? and wz curious to see if you know how are offensive line coach did during the OTA's? Once again, thanx for keeping us Ram fans in CA updated.

                  Jeff Gordon: Saunders did get to use some quicker tempo stuff with the Redskins later last season, which seemed to help their stagnant offense. Jason Campbell did pretty well with it. Of course, Saunders was really limited by Joe Gibbs' preference for a power-running offense. With veteran QBs here, I'm sure he will be feel free to use some of that keep defenses off-balance. Will he use a lot of it? We'll have to wait for the regular season.

                  Offensive line Steve Loney made a good impression on the returning linemen. It looks like the coaching change will do the unit some good.

                  Tackleberry: I guess Steven Jackson didn't consult the St. Louis Blues when composing his message to fans in an attempt to get them back in the stands for the upcoming season? Fact is, if the perennial playoff-present Blues "courted" fans prior to the 2007/08 season, the Rams should be begging this summer. Whether Jackson cares to believe it or not, the issue at hand goes back to a time when he was still suiting up for Pop Warner games. The 3-13 record in 2007 is just the most glaring of the errors that the ownership & organization has made since settling into the Dome. Maybe #39 should concentrate less on running his mouth and more on running the ball. If Jackson wants to start the season off on a positive note, try not to single-handedly cough up the lead in the season-opener this year. Oh, and while the wide receivers are working those blocking drills, feel free to hop in and grab a few reps.

                  Jeff Gordon: Snap!

                  Virginiatom: It seems the way of Issac Bruce when he was here and Torry Holt to go down immediately after catching the ball to avoid the hit. They are the only receivers in the league I see doing that as a matter of routine. It seems that this lends to the soft reputation that the Rams offense has. How do their team mates feel about this habit and will Saudners demand more after catching the ball?

                  Jeff Gordon: Saunders will stress yardage after catch. He could be heard screaming "don't step out of bounds!" at the kid receivers in drills. But in fairness to Bruce an Holt, Linehan used a horizontal passing game that didn't put his receivers in great position to break plays. Remember how Martz's scheme allowed Warner and Bulger to get receivers as they popped through defensive seams, heading upfield. That is a big part of this. As for the receivers being "soft," the productive of those two receivers speaks for itself. Both have played hurt. Both have made big plays in big games. And both were unimpressive by an '07 offense that got more and more conservative as the...
                  -06-23-2008, 07:25 PM
                • RamWraith
                  Rams need 'a big boot in the rear'
                  by RamWraith
                  BY JEFF GORDON
                  Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist

                  The Rams will need a bit of an offseason overhaul to get back in the Super Bowl chase. Fortunately, the faithful readers of are only too eager to offer suggestions.

                  Here are some more ideas we’ve received at the “Letters to Gordo” bin:

                  * * *

                  “This team is SOFT and UNMOTIVATED. They don't appear to realize that they get paid very, very well to play, hit and win. With the exception of a few individuals (Marc Bulger, Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, Kevin Curtis) the team was sleepwalking through the Atlanta game. I am embarrassed to be a Rams fan for the first time in my life. This team needs a big boot in the rear this offseason and a few senior leader-type players on defense.”

                  -- Bryan Zeigler

                  GORDO: Yeah, this defense needs some hard-hitting men to play at linebacker and safety. Defensive end could be a concern, too, with Leonard Little’s status up in the air. The Rams will draft some more kids for this unit, but they must find the dollars to add some tempo-setting veterans.

                  * * *

                  “Well, at least Mike Martz has plenty of time to fix all the stuff he promised us every week that he was fixing. I hope he will give a candid explanation sometime soon that explains in some detail what went wrong with the shockingly brutal special teams. How do the special teams get worse after Bobby April leaves, while April excels at Buffalo? The only conclusion is that the blame is Martz’s and Martz’s alone, for failing to stock his roster with NFL–caliber special-teams performers.”

                  -- Mike Korte

                  GORDO: Martz always talks about special teams as if they are a priority. Each year, he insists many of the selected players are good special-teams candidates. But after firing three special-teams coaches in five years, the inability to cover kicks comes back on Martz. Let’s see if he goes about things differently when training camp opens this summer.

                  * * *

                  “If history is doomed to repeat itself, then Larry ‘The Lambie’ Marmie has got to go before we turn into the daunted Arizona Cardinals defense under Larry's ‘grand’ design. And no more of Mad Mike's compliments about Lambie's abilities. We don't need anymore lipstick on that pig.”

                  -- Darren Monaghan, Apple Valley, Minn.

                  GORDO: It appears Marmie is safe for another year, with veteran coach Kurt Schottenheimer taking over as the secondary coach in the only defensive staffing change. Larry will have some input on free-agent signings and the draft, so let’s see if he can get some guys capable of playing whatever scheme he is trying to install.

                  * * *

                  “The only way the Rams improve is if Martz gives up the GM title and sticks to coaching. That still might...
                  -01-26-2005, 02:56 PM
                • RamWraith
                  Warner-Martz divorce is just one of Week 2's delicious story lines
                  by RamWraith
                  BY JEFF GORDON
                  Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist
                  Tuesday, Sep. 13 2005

                  We have but one regret about Week 2 of the NFL season: The Rams are visiting
                  Kurt Warner and Co., not the other way around.

                  Imagine if King Kurt was coming home to St. Louis with the Gridbirds on Sunday.
                  Imagine what the atmosphere inside the Edward Jones Dome would be like.

                  Imagine what the atmosphere at Rams Park would be like this week as the home
                  team prepared for the tilt. Wow!

                  Even though this spectacle will take place on the road, we’ll still have plenty
                  of fun this week. The Rams, coming off that maddening loss at San Francisco on
                  Sunday, will take that much more urgency into this game at Arizona.

                  Let us consider all the factors:

                  * Reporters get another chance to probe the Warner-Martz divorce. We’re
                  guessing Mad Mike will keep the lowest possible profile on this topic, but we
                  fully expect Kurt to talk it up.

                  * Bill Bidwill’s Gridbirds were a trendy pick to win the NFC Worst, er, West
                  this season, which must aggravate the Rams (and greater St. Louis) to no end.
                  If the football Cardinals ever pass the Rams in the standings, there will be
                  much angst in Mound City.

                  * The Giants absolutely flogged the Gridbirds in their season opener. So
                  Arizona coach Dennis Green will spend this week trying to build a strong
                  response to that fiasco. And Green is an awfully good coach. Don’t be surprised
                  if he whips his guys into a frenzy after their first-game embarrassment.

                  Reporters asked him where the Cardinals can go after losing.

                  “Play again,” Green said Sunday. "You guys keep talking about the running game.
                  The running game was one phase of the game and it wasn't a very good one.
                  Special-teams coverage was another phase of the game that was not a good one.
                  Pass defense was another phase of the game, particularly on third down, that
                  was not a good one.”

                  * The Rams certainly don’t want to start the season 0-2, even in this woeful
                  division. The schedule WILL get tougher as the season progresses. All along I
                  figured them for 1-1 after two weeks, although I did NOT expect the Niners to
                  beat them.

                  * After squandering a golden opportunity to win at San Francisco -- giving
                  away the game with horrible special teams play and feckless red-zone offense -–
                  the Rams’ margin for error is gone. They simply MUST respond with a clean,
                  hard-fought, smart performance.

                  They simply must finish off their drives with seven points instead of three.
                  What’s the point of battling all the way down the field if you’re not going to
                  score TDs?

                  -09-14-2005, 04:59 AM
                • RamWraith
                  Gordo Post Game Chat
                  by RamWraith
                  Sunday, September 7, 2008 03:15 PM CDT


                  Francisco Prado: Gordo, Finally the regular season is here! Last season was one of the worst and I couldn't stand seeing this team weekly underachieve and getting their tail whipped. The only other worst season that topped last year was in 1991,(3-13) where the talent was not there thanks to those bad draft picks (remember there was no free agency yet), as a result of the Eric Dickerson trade. Gordo, in my opinion the best move the Rams made in the offseason was hiring Billy Devaney! Finally we have a true football executive instead of Jay Zygmunt or John Shaw. Look at the draft pool of this year.They can be contributors this year or in the near future.
                  Jeff Gordon: This optimistic post arrived before the game started, obviously. We'll see if Devaney can make a difference. There is much to do.
                  BillBored: Atogwe?
                  Jeff Gordon: MIA
                  Random_Access_Me: This is a team that has had half of July and all of August, 4 pre-season games, countless mini-camps, and an entire off-season to prepare.

                  What did they prepare for?

                  The Rams are totally unprepared to be playing and yes the Eagles are a good team but if you are really watching then you can see that the O-Line is not only out-of-sync but out-manned and unwilling to put forth much effort. The defense is totally inferior with skill or physical ability to stop the Eagles, the Eagles stopped themselves once and I attribute this to early season woes even a college team faces when you know you are so much better that the game will be easy and you let up too soon.

                  Linehan has made it clear beyond clear that he he is incapable of fielding a team that is willing to play for him and everything just degenerates down from this part - this is the Scrambled Eggs crew and what an incompetent head coach achieves through a total lack of ability to produce some kind recipe that a menu advertises. It's embarrassing, ridiculous, and it points a finger directly at the organization in regards to their thoughts that this man is a capable head coach.
                  Jeff Gordon: Can't argue. This sort of loss -- so one-sided, right from the start - reflects poorly on the head coach. It just does. Can he rally the operation after something this bad? Few believe he can, but I expect him to get that chance.
                  RWC: This team is lost. Linehan is over his head. Responsibility is with the head coach. every phase of the game; offense, defense and special teams are playing way below their potential.
                  Sign Bill Cowher now
                  Jeff Gordon: Nice sentiment, but I don't see Cowher leaving the good life for this challenge. Something better will come up for him.
                  Sick in Texas: Week 1 Extra: 'We're not going to be 3-13'

                  Looks more like 0 - 16 this year. Do you know how long I waited to see the Rams on TV in Dallas, TX? Why is Philly treating my team's quarterback...
                  -09-08-2008, 04:27 AM
                • ramsbruce
                  Jeff Gordon From St Louis Post Dispatch Grades The Rams
                  by ramsbruce

                  QB = A-

                  RB = A

                  WR = A-

                  TE = B

                  O-Line = A-

                  D-Line = D

                  LB = C

                  Sec = C-

                  ST = C

                  Coaching = D

                  I'm in agreement with these grades.

                  It's a picture slideshow over at the PD with commentary, sorry they won't seem to upload here and I'm not screen capturing them all to upload, so if you want to read it you know where to look since there is a no link policy here....
                  -09-22-2014, 11:24 AM