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  • A Formation To Start With

    I thought about this the other day and even more yesterday. I came up with a great formation to start the game off with. As far as I know this formation has not been used and I think it would really screw Green Bay up. It's a single back formation with a 4 WR set. But here is the beauty of it. Trung is the RB with Marshall has the 4th receiver. Trung has proven himself as a running back and everyone in the league knows that Marshall would be one of the top WR's in the game. I really think this would throw a wrench in the Pack's game plan. I'm not saying to use this a lot; but it would be a great way to start off the game. Not to mention it would throw the D-coordinaters for the other teams for a loop. So what do you guys think?

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    I thought about that earlier this year, but the way Ricky Proehl has played, I can't sit him for Canidate. Proehl is money on any down.
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      True. But I'm not suggesting to sit Ricky. Plus I don't think we would see a 3rd down with this formation off the bat.


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        It'd be fun

        Could you imagine being an LB defending that formation?


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          I like it because it will spread out the GB defense since they have amassed so many sacks this year. Before long, Gilbert Brown will be sucking oxygen on the sidelines. It will force a linebacker onto a receiver, so it will be easier to identify where the blitz is coming from. I DO predict we will see more blitzes than we have all year. Decisions will have to be quick and accurate (see the Philadelphia game). It also forces a defense into a decision - blitz and try to get to the QB in a hurry so they don't have the chance to get up field, or rush 4 (or only 3 and drop a lineman back into a short zone) and flood all the zones. Both NO and TB had success with that against us.

          The down side for us is, it leaves the protection awfully thin. If there's a blitz, and coverage is good (which Green Bay has the athletes to be capable of), it could force some bad throws or get KW beaten up. Also, if we run out of that formation, we'd likely have receivers/backs blocking DBs, who are quick enough to avoid a good block and can flock to the ball better - like NO and TB did.

          One minute I'm confident, the next I'm concerned...I don't know what to think!

          Okay, I think Rams 35-21.

          GO RAMS!!!!!!!!


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            Martz Maddness - Candidate

            It would not surprise me to see Candidate used this week. There have been plays drawn up using both Faulk and Candidate out of the backfield.

            I don't think you'll see it on the first set of downs. But, I got a sneaky feeling we will see Candidate. :ram:


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              We all know that Martz is a madman,so I wouldnt be surprised if Mike has some plays designed just for the playoffs.No defense in the league can fully prepare for what the Rams offense may have in store.Thats one of the things I love about this team.You never know what we might see during the course of a game.

              :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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                I think it would be a great formation to use 4 WR SET, and I'm sure Martz will use it, but with Ricky involved,all he does is get 1st DOWNS and there is no way their 3rd and 4th CB's will keep up with him or AZ. I'm sure Ricky is going to have a big day I can feel it!!!

                Also old Gilbert Brown will be less effective if they spread the field,

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                  I think you're right majorram, GB have talked up their starting corners, but we haven't heard so much about their nickel and dime guys. I reckon we will see a lot ot 4 wideouts and either Ricky or Az will have a BIG game.

                  Reckon Canidate must be in the dog house , we have seen so little of him the last few weeks. BUT that's just the time to put him in for a few plays that the D haven't practiced for