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  • Overconfident?

    I was just wondering if anyone here perceives the Rams as being overconfident.I personally dont think that they are.From everything that I have read the Rams have had a lot of praise for Brett Favre and the Packers,but the media has all but given the game to the Rams.I really dont like the fact that the media constantly fuels Green Bays fire by saying that they cant beat the Rams.I dont know,I may be paranoid,but I still feel that the media does its best to work against the Rams.Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

    :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:

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    You know, no one is really recognizing this defense. All the focus is on Favre and Warner. This D shuts down a slow Packers offense. Anything can happen, but this would be a MAJOR upset if the Packers win.


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      Good point txramsfan.Our defense is hungry to earn respect and that could be the difference in this game.I've just been reading too many damn press clippings.Sunday cant come soon enough for me.:rolleyes:

      :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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          It doesn't seem as though the rams are overconfident. Torry Holt's article at was very respectful of favre and the packers in general. Martz hasn't said anything that would indicate overconfidence. Last year I thought Martz was prone to giving the other team locker room bulletin board material. This year we have been confident but not ****y.

          This wait is killing me. Sunday, why do you forsake me?

          Go Rams!!



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            I was just wondering if anyone here perceives the Rams as being overconfident
            I don't think it's overconfidence any more. There comes a time, when a team knows that they can compete with any other team in the league.

            At first I thought the Rams were over-confident in a couple of games they played. Yet, they continue to display that "I'm better than you and I just proved it", mentality.....

            It's the best thing they have going for them, right now......

            Confidence breeds success.

            It would be a big surprise to me, if the Rams don't make another run at the Lombardi.

            Winning it, that is.........


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            • laram0
              Brett Favre- Should I stay or should I go?
              by laram0
              Brett Favre is undecided about next season, again. The question I have is should the Packers want him back or move on?

              This seasons stats for Favre: 14 games
              Passing Yards= 3315
              TD Passes= 17
              Interceptions= 15
              Rushing Yards= 30
              TD's rushing=1
              Fumbles= 7
              Fumbles lost=5

              Green Bay Packers Stats: Record (6-8)

              Defense 19th overall
              Offense 9th overall
              Passing Offense 9th

              Favre will cost the Packers around 11,000,000 next season???

              If not who should they go after? Plummer, Schaub, Bledsoe, Warner who?
              -12-21-2006, 07:57 AM
            • RamsFanSam
              Didn't we all see this coming?
              by RamsFanSam
              Apr 8, 10:32 AM (ET)

              By JOEDY McCREARY
              TUNICA, Miss. (AP) - Brett Favre, one of the NFL's great quarterbacks, is still unsure if he will play another year with the Green Bay Packers.

              "No change. I don't know, once again," he said Saturday during a brief news conference from the site of his charity golf tournament. "I don't know why you guys wasted a trip down here. The Packers and I will make a decision at some point soon."

              Once again, Farve is doing his annual 'Idunno' speech.

              IMO, he needs to s*** or get off the pot!
              -04-08-2006, 08:08 AM
            • Nick
              Favre is likely to play in ’05
              by Nick
              Favre is likely to play in ’05
              By Pete Dougherty

              The Green Bay Packers are conducting business as if they think Brett Favre will be their quarterback in 2005.

              Favre hasn’t told the Packers whether he’s going to retire this offseason, but more signs are pointing to him playing in 2005 barring unforeseen circumstances.

              Both coach Mike Sherman and General Manager Ted Thompson have talked several times with Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, in recent weeks, and though neither has spoken directly with Favre since the Packers’ last game, Sherman said assistant coaches Tom Rossley and Darrell Bevell have been in regular contact with him.

              Favre’s retirement would trigger extensive changes in the team’s offseason planning and priorities, but all signs from the Packers are business as usual. Though free agency begins in only three weeks, both Sherman and Thompson said they haven’t asked Favre to decide before the free-agency signing period opens March 2 whether he’s going to retire.

              “I just said I’d like to know something at some point,” Sherman said. “We never set any specific dates.”

              When asked if he had any reason to think Favre won’t return, Thompson said: “I don’t have a specific reason to think he won’t be back. The only thing I know is the same thing he said after the (last) game, when he said he wanted to think about things. I think that was the gist of what he said. But I haven’t talked to Brett. I think he’s going through this time where he needs to think it out, and he’s earned that time.”

              Also, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Thursday that Favre has signed a contract to play in the pro-am and celebrity shootout at the U.S. Bank Championship PGA golf tournament in Milwaukee in July, and that Favre’s representatives checked with tournament officials to make sure the dates don’t conflict with the start of Packers training camp.
              -02-12-2005, 12:51 PM
            • RamWraith
              Rams still recognize Favre as among the best in the NFL
              by RamWraith
              BY STEVE KORTE

              Knight Ridder Newspapers

              ST. LOUIS - (KRT) - When Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre takes the field on Monday night against the St. Louis Rams, it`ll be a historic occasion.

              Favre will be starting his 200th consecutive game when the Packers (6-4) host the Rams (5-5) at 8 p.m. CST on Monday night at Lambeau Field.

              No other quarterback in NFL history has managed to start more than 118 (Ron Jaworski from 1977-84) consecutive games.

              "It`s just hard to imagine any quarterback being able to accomplish that," Rams coach Mike Martz said. "The toughness to play through all the things that he has played through, and still play at such a high level, I think we can all take our hats off to Brett and the career that he is having."

              As a quarterback, Favre is the consummate gunslinger. He`ll throw off his back foot, he`ll throw underhand or he`ll throw as he`s being dragged to the turf.

              "I respect him because he has courage," Rams defensive captain Tyoka Jackson said. "A lot of quarterbacks when you get around them, they are looking to go down. When you get around him, he is looking to make a play. You have to respect a guy like that.

              "Everybody on defense has to stay alert until the whistle is blown because he is going to make a play if there is a play to be made."

              Favre plays the game like a kid going against his buddies on the sandlot.

              "He just looks like he is having fun playing this game, and he`d be playing it anywhere, in the street, in the park or in the stadium," Martz said. "The passion for what he does is evident when you watch him play."

              Favre likes to talk a lot during games, but it`s not what you`d call trash-talking.

              "Every time I have played against him, and it`s got to be close to double-digits now, he`s always having fun," Jackson said. "He`ll talk to you. If you engage him in conversation, he`ll have fun with it.

              "One time in Tampa, he had like four fumbles in the first half, and I`m like, `What`s going on?` Most guys when you say, `What`s going on?` to them, they are going to get mad. I was trying to get in his head. He was like, `Man, I don`t know, I have to get this fixed.""

              Rams quarterback Marc Bulger admits being a big fan of Favre.

              "It`s always fun to watch his games," Bulger said. "It`s how he plays the game in general. He doesn`t sit there and overanalyze things. He just goes out and plays and has fun.

              "I remember one interview where he was asked why he threw the ball and he said, `The guy was open.` That`s been my approach. I have to respect that."

              The Rams have great respect for Favre, who has engineered 32 come-from-behind wins in the...
              -11-27-2004, 04:46 AM
            • Nick
              Favre ponders retirement after early playoff exit
              by Nick
              Favre ponders retirement after early playoff exit

              GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) -- Brett Favre doesn't want to go out like this -- although he just might.

              Favre was in a reflective mood after throwing four interceptions in Green Bay's 31-17 loss to the hated Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field on Sunday.

              He said he didn't want his poor playoff performance to play a role in his decision whether to retire or return to Green Bay for a 15th NFL season.

              "It would be easy to walk off the field after that game and say, 'I've had enough,"' Favre said. "But I'm going to try to be as fair to myself and to this team as possible. I've had a lot of great games. This obviously was not one of them. But I can't base my decision on this game."

              Favre met with coach-general manager Mike Sherman for about 45 minutes after the loss to discuss his future.

              "He just had a long talk, a good talk and he just wanted me to know that: don't make any decisions off of this one game, as tough as that may be. And he's right," Favre said. "I still feel like I can play."

              Favre is still on top of his game -- he threw for more than 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns again this season -- and he's guided Green Bay to the playoffs 10 times, tops in the league during the salary cap era.

              "There's no fine line here. I love to play the game, I don't think it's passed me by yet. It's a good thing to still have juice to play and still physically be able to play," Favre said. "But in some ways you almost want that decision to be made for you."

              Favre suggested he give Sherman an answer by the draft in April but Sherman can't wait that long. He said before he flies home to Mississippi this week he expects to have a deadline from Sherman.

              At 35, Favre feels the tug of family, not just football.

              He's lost his father and his brother-in-law in the last 13 months. His oldest daughter attends high school in Mississippi and his wife, Deanna, is fighting breast cancer.

              "It's not about me anymore," Favre said. "My wife has gone through some difficult times and continues to and so that is going to play into my decision-making. I know if my family was up here right now, they would say, 'He's coming back.' But I also have to be fair to them, too, and they're going to be involved."

              Favre, scheduled to make $6.5 million in 2005, said he's never played for the money and won't start now.

              "If I come back, I want to come back for the right reasons and that's to lead this team to the Super Bowl," Favre said.

              He's pretty certain he has the offense to do that, but the dismal defense needs an overhaul so he's not always having to try to win shootouts like on Sunday.

              Still, Favre said he didn't seek assurances...
              -01-10-2005, 05:53 PM