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  • Nick
    Well, our game against New Orleans might have just become easier
    by Nick
    A COSTLY WIN: The Saints win the game but lose their mainstay running back for weeks
    Ugly victory hints at long road ahead
    Monday, September 20, 2004
    Peter Finney

    No, this was not a Super Bowl preview.

    As you watched the Saints and ***** ebb and flow, hem and haw, move up and down the Superdome carpet, as you watched flags fly, watched both teams try to give the game away, you were left with the impression you were witnessing the NFL's version of the Cellar Bowl.

    It was fitting that the Saints somehow won it 30-27 on Sunday, fitting because no Saints player deserved this one more than Aaron Brooks, a quarterback who wound up digging himself, and his team, out of a deep, dark hole large enough to bury head coach Jim Haslett.

    Shakespeare could not have come up with a more compelling tragedy than the one unfolding along Poydras Street.

    Think about it. The defense allowed the *****, with first-time starter Ken Dorsey at quarterback, to travel 94 yards to take a 27-23 lead with seven minutes left, a drive kept alive by a 5-yard flag for running into the punter on fourth-and-four.

    Talk about charity.

    Next thing you know Brooks is sacked, and he's chasing a fumble back to his 5-yard-line.

    Next thing you know the ***** fumble it away and in steps Brooks, moving the team 59 yards. He finished with his third touchdown pass of the afternoon, this one a 16-yard strike to Donté Stallworth with 61 seconds left that, once the clock expired, went into the books as the 12th fourth-quarter comeback of Brooks' career.

    "I knew AB was coming to me when I saw Joe (Horn) draw a crowd," Stallworth said of Brooks' pass.

    "When I saw them squat on Joe," Brooks said, "I made sure I threw him a softball he could catch and keep his feet in."

    Just like that.

    But Brooks' afternoon of anxiety was not over. Not yet anyway.

    He had to stand and watch his defense one more time, watch Dorsey move the ***** downfield from their 29, watch Terry Jackson catch a pass and run to the Saints' 1-yard line in the final 21 seconds, only to have a flag for offensive interference float down, let's say, as manna from heaven for the guys in the fleur-de-lis hats.

    It's difficult to imagine what a home loss to the ***** would have meant to Haslett's psyche.

    Be honest. San Francisco is nothing close to an NFL contender. Though the Saints like to think they are, what they've shown so far suggests they're living in some kind of fantasy paradise.

    Now they've got to live, perhaps for as many as the next five weeks, without the services of running back Deuce McAllister, their most consistent performer for the past two seasons.

    In the first quarter McAllister suffered a "high ankle sprain,"
    -09-20-2004, 11:00 AM
  • macrammer
    I am not going to fall for the new regime based on hope alone........
    by macrammer
    I am not going to fall for this new Ram regime based on hope alone. I fell for Linehan, I fell for Spags. i wholeheartedly fell for Fisher. This time around I say prove it on the field. I love all of the feel good articles that have bandied about on this site this off season. Guess what? Virtually all NFL teams are thinking they are the one to beat at this time of the year

    Some folks here are eternal optimists and god bless them. Best I can offer is I am HOPEFUL we have meaningful Ram football After mid October. And yes, that would mean we WIN more then we LOSE. Novel concept but one that has escaped this beleaguered franchise for far too long........

    -06-24-2017, 05:40 PM
  • RamDez
    5 More New Wallpapers
    by RamDez
    yet a further 5 more new Ram wallpapers.
    -10-07-2001, 08:48 AM
  • ZiaRam
    Ram Playoff Picture
    by ZiaRam
    I know we have to win out the remainder two games to secure our playoff hopes but I couldnt help but think, which teams would I want us to face if we do make it in the playoffs and who am I going to be rooting to lose and win in the NFC these final two weeks. Here are a few teams I think we match up well against:

    This is probably the more obvious one but if we can eliminate some of the mistakes that were made the previous game and have a little more consistant running game and with the favorable home field advantage would be favorable towards us.

    It appears that the Packers are inconsistant at times on both offense and defense and to my memory it seems as tho they dont play very well football in the EJD for whatever reason.

    Just as long as all of our CB's are healthy and good to go I think this could be favorable especially with how the Giants ST's has been playing as of late.

    Im so looking foward to see how things play out but what more could we ask for? Win our final 2 games against 2 division foes and crash their and their fans dreams to finalize the year! I'd love that if it happened and it would put us back on the map as a NFC West contender not to mention the huge playoff experience and future resolve our younger guys on the team will get from playing in a big game.

    BtW Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you in ClanRam I didn't ask for anything this year but I do ask our team to rip the Whiners tomorrow!

    :ram:GO RAMS!!!:helmet:
    -12-25-2010, 02:03 PM
  • MauiRam
    Which new Ram had the most benchpress reps ..
    by MauiRam
    Which new Ram had the most bench-press reps of anyone at the combine at his particular position ?? Hint: It wasn't Jason Smith .. Reps to the first poster who gets it right.
    -04-26-2009, 04:12 PM