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Wistrom ..... the HAIRY MONSTER

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  • Wistrom ..... the HAIRY MONSTER

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Ok, 10 of you guys hold him down while I trim some off the top.:o


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      Samson's strength...

      Nooo, I'm afraid "10 of us" won't be enough MsWistRAM! :confused:

      Besides, perhaps the secret to Wistrom's strength resides in this very virtue -- his magnificent and serious locks of gold. Yet only HE may exercise the privilige of cutting that set of hair, lest he lose his gift of power by the hand of a woman.
      Hee-hee... I know your name is not Delilah so, no problem! In fact, maybe your styling will make him even faster, meaner and...,

      ...SMACK! Another Grant Sack!! GO RAMS!!! :angryram:


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        Personally, I think he needs to shave it all off. He would look mean as hell as a bald guy.


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          Stormy Wistrom...

          The game --or the slaughter-- on the Packers, I've got it on video. Just finished reviewing it this afternoon and, man!... No. 98 really did have a great D-day!

          Apart from the evidently terrific tackles on Ahman Green, etc. right from the get-go, he also made some great-hussle blocking plays on two or three of the six INT's -- not to mention his deflection of a pass which resulted in one of Polley's picks.

          That's why I call this guy "Grant the Great." :ram:


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            Monster Man 98...

            Hey! Found this just now in ESPN, a 'Quote of the Day' from Mark Malone on Grant Wistrom:

            [Quoted 01/23/02] "I love to watch this guy play. The Eagles are all about running the ball, and Grant Wistrom is The Man when it comes to gang tackling and making plays. It's a travesty he wasn't voted into the Pro Bowl. He plays the run and pass better than any other defensive end in the league, and has the best motor of any defensive end in the league. The guy doesn't stop. He makes plays on pure hustle and he never quits." [end quote]



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              Don't even go there, RAMSWIN! Leave that hair where it is. Jorge might have something. BTW, are you sure my name isn't Delilah?;)


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                Sorry. I say BUZZ it Grant.;)


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                  This week's matchup:

                  Wistrom vs. Tra Thomas

                  ADVANTAGE BIG TRA. The most underrated Eagle will dominate this battle.


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                    Class always shows.


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                      Was weraring my number 98 jersey through both these playoff games, and boy did the Man-Monster and his pals come through!!

                      The best revenge is the last laugh. How SWEET it is!!! Wasn't easy, but those
                      b******d Eagles (not McNabb, but their cheap-shot Defense) are choking on
                      humble pie right now. They were taking low-class shots at Marshall all day, and
                      he just rolled with the flow and rolled them into the grave. Oh, and where was
                      Hugh Douglas? I believe that Orlando "out-Paced" him all through the game! That
                      was one NICE result.

                      On to the Show - gonna be another tough game. I can't see a cakewalk ( I was at the NE game and know the Pats are no pushovers), but I have the utmost faith in our Boys. GO RAMS!:king:


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                        A memorable sack...

                        That super-sack in the 4th quarter where Grant Wistrom fights his way into the pocket and ends up puting Dove #5 in the bag...

                        This reminiscing may sound bias, but believe me, it's not. It's just that... that sack reminded me of one great play made by David Jones --yes, the Deacon-- circa December of 1967 on Johnny Unitas of the then divisional rivals, the Baltimore Colts.

                        It was a critical, must game for both teams meeting in L.A. The winner would determine divisional Champs. On this particular play, Unitas stepped back to pass. Fearsome Foursome rush ferociously; Deacon breaks through a la Wistrom --from the other end-- and crashes into Unitas who slips and turns --a la McNabb-- leaving our DE hanging on by the QB's ankle.

                        "I remember I was twisting it good" --said Jones after the game. Unitas desperately decided to avoid the sack and passed with difficulty, a ball picked off by safety Rams safety, Eddie Meador. Rams went on to ride the Colts 34-10 and won the Coastal Division.

                        Grant Wistrom came up with some fired-up, HUGE plays yesterday. This sack and the other one on 3rd and long, where he chases Donovan at high speed and trips him on a spectacular shoestring tackle avoiding an Eagle 1st and 10.

                        Grant the Great! One more to go! Ram's D: Super Sacktime!!
                        LET'S GO RAMS!!! :ram:
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