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Bruce Closing In On Irvin

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  • Bruce Closing In On Irvin

    Isaac Bruce needs 27 yards to pass Michael Irvin on the career receiving yards list. Bruce already has more receptions and TDs than Irvin.

    Makes you wonder... why is is that we so often hear people saying that Irvin should be in the Hall of Fame while few say this about Bruce? After this Sunday, the only indiviual categories that Bruce will likely trail Irvin in will be stupid TV quotes and felony charges.

    Let me hear it Ram fans...


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    Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

    Issac Bruce is rapidly closing in on bigger fish than Michael Irvin and will soon be top 10, then top 5 in numerous all-time receiving categories. When all is said and done, Bruce will be a lock for the HOF.


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      Super Bowl Wins

      Well, while I applaud your spirit. The main reason that Michael Irvin is placed above Bruce is that:

      1. He was on 3 winning Superbowl Teams to Bruce's 1
      2. He was always the #1 receiver for the team, while Bruce, in the run where the Rams have been dominant is the #2 receiver to Holt.
      3. 5 Pro Bowl selections to (3 or 4 for Bruce I forget)
      4. Was on a running team his entire career, so people consider his catch total more 'pure' than Martz' air show.
      5. Irvin considered a physical WR, while Bruce's tendency for self-preservation after catching the ball sometimes hurts the perception of him.

      I think Bruce belongs in the HofF but Irvin does have a argument for more impact. I love Bruce but Irvin goes in ahead of him on almost any ballot right now.


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        Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

        The fact that Irvin was the number 1 guy means his stats would be inflated, as compared to Bruce's.

        Remember, before Bruce had Holt as a running mate, he had the second highest single season yardage total for a receiver - with TONY BANKS at QB!


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          Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

          we should not worry, bruce will get his due... he a hall of famer.. he will confident in that.


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            Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

            yahoo i hit 100 posts! yay me!


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              Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

              Congrats, RF1975! Keep 'em coming.

              Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!!!!!!!!!! :1:

              PS: no one deserves to be below M. Irvin.


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                226 and no rep

                Man, I got 226 posts and still have no rep power.. tough crowd!


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                  Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

                  I know Bruce will go to the HOF, just a mater of time.


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                    Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

                    ..........Shows how mmuch people really know about the game!...........Ike will be in the HOF!


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                      Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

                      Remember, before Bruce had Holt as a running mate, he had the second highest single season yardage total for a receiver - with TONY BANKS at QB!
                      wasn't it Chris Miller when Bruce was second to Rice in 95 (I think)?


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                        Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

                        I stand corrected.

                        In fact, it was Chris Miller and Mark Rypien who threw to Bruce in 1995 when he had 119 receptions, 1,781 yards and 13 TDs.


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                          Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

                          Bruce should and will be in the HOF. Guys like him who are not self-promoters don’t get all the attention drawn to them and their stats. People tend to overlook the guys that just go about their business because they are not in the headlines every day good or bad and their stats are not talked about as often.

                          Irvin probably deserves to be there also based on his on the field contributions. He had his career cut short do to a neck injury. He always came up big in the playoffs and was still playing at a high level at the time of his retirement. He had 1000 yards in 7 of his last 8 years 91-98 the only year he did not get a 1000 yards during that span was 96 when he was suspended for 5 games for substance abuse he had 962 yards in 11 games. In 1999 in their fourth game of the season against Philly he landed on his head and injured his neck after catching a pass from Aikman and had to retire.
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                            Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

                            Bruce will be there,but I dont know if it will be a given after 5 years maybe 7.

                            I think Irvin should go just because of the arse whoopins they gave the *******.


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                              Re: Bruce Closing In On Irvin

                              Bruce Will Be In, No Question


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                              • AvengerRam_old
                                If Andre Reed is a HOFer, Isaac Bruce Clearly is Too
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                The numbers simply do not lie.

                                Isaac Bruce has a better HOF resume than newly-inducted member Andre Reed:

                                Career Totals (Receptions, Yards, TDS)

                                Bruce 1,024---15,208---91
                                Reed 951---13,198---87

                                Best 5 Seasons

                                119 Bruce
                                90 Reed
                                89 Bruce
                                88 Reed
                                87 Bruce

                                1,781 Bruce
                                1,471 Bruce
                                1,338 Bruce
                                1,312 Reed
                                1,303 Reed

                                13 Bruce
                                12 Bruce
                                10 Reed
                                9 (tie) Bruce, Reed

                                1,000 Yard Seasons

                                Bruce 8
                                Reed 4

                                While Reed did play in 4 Super Bowls, Bruce played in two and scored the winning TD against the Titans.

                                In my mind, this is pretty clear cut. Bruce deserves to be in the HOF. Its not even a close call.
                                -08-04-2014, 04:59 PM
                              • NJ Ramsfan1
                                Isaac Bruce Snubbed Again
                                by NJ Ramsfan1
                                These HOF voters should be ashamed of themselves. What a joke.
                                -02-02-2019, 05:59 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Irvin's HOF Induction Should Make Bruce Automatic
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Michael Irvin is a Hall of Famer. Can there be any question now that Isaac Bruce should be one too when he becomes eligible?

                                Let's look at the numbers:

                                Career Totals (Bruce, of course, still active):

                                Irvin: 750 receptions/11,904 yards/65 TDs
                                Bruce: 887 receptions/13,376 yards/80 TDs

                                Career Single-Season Bests:

                                Irvin: 111 receptions (1995)/1,603 yards (1995)/10 TDs (1995)
                                Bruce: 119 receptions (1995)/1,781 yards (1995)/13 TDs (1995)

                                Number of 1,000 yard seasons:

                                Irvin: 7
                                Bruce: 8

                                Playoffs (per game avgs.):

                                Irvin: 5.4 receptions/82.1 yards/.50 TDs (16 games total)
                                Bruce: 4.9 receptions/84.3 yards/.44 TDs (9 games total)

                                Add to those stats the fact that Irvin had several run-ins with the law while Bruce is one of the best character guys around, how could anyone argue that Bruce is not a sure-fire HOFer?
                                -02-03-2007, 04:51 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Bruce Continues Climb
                                by RamWraith
                                Monday, December 17, 2007
                                By Nick Wagoner
                                Senior Writer

                                Marshall Faulk will make history Thursday night when he is the first St. Louis Ram to have his number retired.

                                Someday, Isaac Bruce will almost certainly join him in the rafters. But as fans show their appreciation for Faulk, it might be a good idea to do the same for Bruce, who is on a collision course with history in his own right.

                                Bruce continued his climb up the charts of the league’s greatest receivers last week, passing Marvin Harrison for fourth place on the all-time receiving yards list. When all is said and done, Bruce hopes to see his No. 80 rise toward the heavens.

                                “As soon as I’m done, go ahead and retire that number, and put Henry Ellard’s name right on top of it,” Bruce said.

                                The catch that moved him past Harrison was patented Bruce. He deked Green Bay cornerback Charles Woodson downfield and hauled in a 37-yard pass. That gain nudged him past Harrison. He went on to finish with 72 receiving yards, pushing him within striking distance of the next name on the list.

                                Entering Thursday’s game against Pittsburgh at the Edward Jones Dome, Bruce needs just 22 yards to pass James Lofton for third place on said list.

                                The always humble Bruce is enjoying his rise up the ranks and says he’s honored to be mentioned with the likes of Lofton and Harrison.

                                “It’s big when you sit back and look at the numbers,” Bruce said. “Like I say, I am very grateful. I give praise to God daily for the numbers that are being surpassed. When you look at the guys and the names, it’s amazing that your name can be in the same group with the Tim Browns, the Jerry Rices, guys like James Lofton. It’s amazing and humbling.”

                                Bruce’s 13,983 receiving yards make him the most productive receiver among active players. In other words, no player in the league right now has accounted for more yards than Bruce.

                                The only players sitting ahead of Bruce after he surpasses Lofton are Rice and Brown. Rice has set the bar extremely high, accumulating about 8,000 more yards than No. 2 Brown, but Bruce is certainly in striking distance of Brown.

                                “I will enjoy being No. 3, but I’m looking forward to No. 2,” Bruce said. “It’s still going so it’s not my time to sit back and look at the entire body of work.”

                                In 2007, Bruce has 46 catches for 607 yards and three touchdowns. Although he won’t reach the 1,000-yard mark like he did in 2006, Bruce remains productive even now in his 14th season.

                                Of course, Bruce’s continued precise route running and ability to perform comes as no surprise to those who have been around him.

                                “I’m not amazed at all,” Faulk said. “I watched him. I understand. He takes it serious. He works out as hard as anyone. It all makes sense to me why he is still in the league competing. If...
                                -12-19-2007, 06:03 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Avoiding Bruce talk
                                by RamWraith
                                Why is everyone dancing around the topic of Bruce?? I love this guy to death but we have some serious problems and with him being able to hang on to the rock!!:frown:

                                If you are going to rip Bulger...Bruce better be in the same sentence (Mokler )
                                -08-30-2005, 04:52 PM